Monday, May 28, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday Everyone and Happy Memorial Day!

How was your weekend? Are you planning any special Memorial Day fun? Picnics, parades or just a lovely quiet day with a good book?

Remember last week when I mentioned that I needed to cut some pages from MIDNIGHT SECRETS. And you guys were so kind to encourage me not to cut any? Well, I took that to heart and have now added about ten more pages. Heavens! This book is going to be a whopper. However, it's so fun and I'm really enjoying stretching my creative muscle in a different direction.

Though MIDNIGHT SECRETS is a definite change from Last Chance Rescue (More on this later), the hero, Zach Tanner, is every bit as tough and sexy as any LCR hero. He's a former Army Ranger who's now the sheriff of his hometown. He's turned into one of my very favorite heroes! And wow oh wow, my publisher sent me a sneak peak at the cover they're working on. You'll definitely sigh when you see it. Can't wait for the big cover reveal. That's always one of my favorite things about a new book.

And speaking of Last Chance Rescue, I was thrilled to learn that SWEET JUSTICE is a finalist in the RWA Kiss of Death Daphne de Maurier contest for Single Title Romantic Mystery/Suspense. What an honor! Winners will be announced at the RWA conference in July.
Since I've been hitting the revisions hard this week, no new recommends for me. However, I'm keeping a list of all your recommends so when I'm through I can dive into some great reads. And no movie recommends either. I thought we were going to see a movie for hubby's birthday but we ran out of time. I'm hoping we can see one soon...there are so many good ones out now. Snow White and the Huntsman starts here this weekend and looks awesome.

So that's it for me. Sorry I can't respond to all the comments right now. Thank you for your patience!

Can't wait to see your books and/or movie recommendations.

Have a fabulous holiday and a wonderful week!


Crystal said...

I FINALLY have a book recommendation!! It's been awhile geez. I read Pamela Clare's Skin Deep and it was fantastic!!! If you have read the I-team series (at least Unlawful Contact) this is a must read novella!!!

Christy I am getting more and more excited for Midnight Secrets!! I'm glad you decided to add instead of take away!! I can't wait to see the cover either. Have a great Memorial Day! I am spending the day with family an enjoying every minute.

oklanannie said...

Hope everyone is enjoying a wonderful holiday weekend!

I share Crystal's excitement for MIDNIGHT SECRETS! Every little tidbit Christy shares just revs up the need for more.

This week has been very busy with birthday parties for my grandson, an unexpected trip to the emergency room with a grandson who suffered his first asthmatic attack brought on by allergies! Scary stuff. And holiday company. Today is a nice backyard grill and playing in the water! Then I'm heading home, feet up and a good book on the Kindle!

Once again, agreeing with Crystal, if you haven't read Pamela Clare's SKIN DEEP, you're missing out! It's fabulous. I also read Jill Shalvis's LUCKY IN LOVE, another installment in her "Lucky Harbor" series which is just delightful and full of romance!

Happy Reading!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,

glad you decided not to cut "Midnight Secrets" Christy and congratulations for Sweet Justice making a finalist in the RWA contest - I keep my fingers crossed you will be the winner!!!!!!!!

Annie I am quite envious that you already read Lucky in Love. I ordered it a lifetime ago and instead of getting it as anounced on the 25 th of May ,I was told I have to wait till the end of June for it. I really hate it when that happens.

Hi Crystal, its nice to have you back with a recommend - Skin Deep was a great read for me too.

Last week I started my first book by Joyce Lamb "true vision" and this weekend I read "true color" and " true shot" and I highly recommend this trilogy .

Happy reading, Everyone!

Unknown said...

Hi all...I have been in reading land. Some books good...Some not so good ones:

The Boarding House by Sharon Sala...I think I would call this a chick lit book because there is no mystery or romance but it is about a deep topic, child molestation. Sala dealt with it very well and wrote a book with a lot of heart and some twist *promised on facebook not to share* that made the book a must read.

Children of the Fog...This book reminded my a lot of "These Lovely Bones" and the writing style of Jodi Picoult. It was not an excellent book but it was a good and enjoyable book that went fast.

Twisted by Laura Griffin...It was one of her Tracer books and for me it was not as good as some of her others but it was okay.

What Doesn't Kill You by Iris Johansen...One of the best books I have read so far this summer. I can't wait for more in this series about Ling and Gallo. I am hoping that they will be an even better pairing then Eve and her man (I am drawing a blank right now).

The Good Father by Diane Chamberlain...This book touched my heart and really made me cheer for the father. It was nice reading a book where the father was the one taking care of his child and stepping up to the plate. Excellent read.

She's Not There by Marla Madison...I hated this book. There was too much going on and too many loose ends for me.

Wow...I had a lot to say about books today. I feel better now..LOL

Oh and for the record...MIB3 was a great movie to see this weekend I had to get my Will Smith fix.

Happy Memorial Day all and be safe!

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!

This past week was a good reading week for me. I have 3 recommends...Thoughtless (book1) and Effortless (book2) by S.C. Stephens. Thoughtless is a wild ride and Effortless is the continuation and full of emotion. I also read Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley. MM is Kane "Tack" Allen's story it rocked, Tack is all I hoped he'd be.

Hope everyone enjoyed their long weekend! Happy Reading!

krisgils33 said...

10 more pages!! Yay!! That is the best news EVER!!!!

I cannot wait for this book!!

Sort of a relaxing weekend here. We've done alot of chores around the house, but we also went to the movies (The Avengers...really fun!) and we're headed to the pool again in a few minues.

My recommends are Kristen Ashley's Motorcycle Man (love Tack!!), Jill Shalvis Lucky in Love (totally awesome book) and Pamela Clare Skin Deep (love the I-Team guys!).

Have a great end to the Memorial Day weekend all!

KC said...

I only have two recommends:
Ride with me by Ruthie Knox and
The Edge of Courage by Elaine Levine.
Both were really good.

Book Talk Romanc said...

Hi Christy
Missed you Recommend Monday yesterday, we were at our Grandsugars 8th birthday and she said that 8 did feel different from 7. She is to cute for words.
I have done a lot of reading this week. I Animal Attraction and Animal Magnetism by Jill Shavlis... wonderful stories loved the interaction with the pets in the book. I also re-read Maya Banks KGI series. This series is different from some of her other writings. Love the family and the mother in these books. Don't know if I mentioned this last week but I have read Fragile and Broken by Shiloh Walker. These are stories that stay with you after you finish the books.
I am currently reading the series Men Who Walk on the Edge of Honor by Lori Foster.
I watched "One for the Money and the Vow" this week end. I fell in love with the Vow. The guy (don't know his name) who played the husband was so good, we actually could feel is desperation and love for his wife. Great movie!!!
Christy cannot wait to see the cover or read the new book.
Well guess that is it for this week. Don't know how much reading I can do during the month of June. I am director of our Women's Conference at church and will also be speaking at the conference on the 7th. Need good thought and prayers.
Have an awesome week

Christy Reece said...

Hi All! So sorry! Really really late in commenting. Deadline is upon me and Zach and Savannah are consuming my thoughts and time. Can't wait to send this book in and have time to chat with you all again.

Thanks for the recommends. I've added two to my mammoth list!

Don't forget to come over to Recommend Monday today. Despite deadline, I do have a recommend!