Monday, July 16, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a good week and weekend! Can't wait to hear your recommended reads and/or movie recs. Oh, and did you know yesterday was national ice cream day? Did you celebrate with a scoop? I certainly did! Vanilla with chocolate sauce. Yum!

Last week was a busy one for me. My LCR novella, CHANCES ARE, is finally coming together. Jake and Angela decided to stay in Paris, France, for which I'm relieved. Now the story is taking off!

Also, got the go-ahead to share the cover for my Ella Grace title, MIDNIGHT SECRETS. Stay tuned because I'll pop back on this week and share it with you. Prepare yourself for some major hotness!

Since I need to spend most of my time in Paris, with a few side trips to Midnight, Alabama for the second book, MIDNIGHT LIES, I won't be online much. If you need to get in touch with me or ask me a question, email me at

Once I get more into both stories, I'll share some lines and excerpts with you. Also, stay tuned for some changes to my Christy Reece website and be on the lookout for the new Ella Grace website. Lots of exciting things coming up!

I'm in the midst of reading Joyce Lamb's Flash Heat and thoroughly enjoying it.

That's it for me. What about you? What are you recommending today?

Have a great week everyone!


Linda said...

I saw that it was National Ice Cream day yesterday but no ice cream for me. I am having to take steroids for an inner ear thing and it has my blood sugar way off kilter so no extra sugar for me.
It has been busy week at the clinic so did not have as much time to read (which is a good thing for business!) I read Stella Cameron's The Best Revenge- it is a very good book and leans more toward contemporary mystery romance. Then I read Debra Webb's Colby Round Up- this is the 50th book in that series and well it is as good as the previous 49. Then I was lucky enough to win an ARC copy of Catherine Mann's Guardian- when this comes out in September you wont want to miss Sophie and David's story.
Hopefully I will have a little more time this week and be able to stay awake to read.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone!
Never herard of Natural Ice Cream Day - we don´t have one here in Germany and frankly - at the moment the temperature here is far more for sipping hot beverages.This morning we had only 12 degrees Celsius and its raining cats and dogs all the time (the rain at Siebenschl√§fer Day was really a bad sign for the summer, grrr).
Last week I started Catherine Manns Dark Ops series with the first book "Defender" and liked it a lot and I am currently reading the second book " Hotshot". For those of you who like military romantic suspense you should give it a try.

Christy- I hope we will not have to wait too long for all those exciting things you promised us.

Happy reading, Everyone

oklanannie said...

Yes, indeed! I celebrated National Ice Cream Day with a scoop of chocolate and a scoop of strawberry. That was Sunday night's din-din!! I wanted fresh peach but they were out!

I just finished an Amazon freebie for the Kindle, "The Boots My Mother Gave Me" by Brooklyn James. It was an extremely well written coming of age and overcoming child abuse, drugs & alcohol, and suicide story. Sounds very depressing and dark -- but it was also a wonderful story about a young girl who was truly amazing and I just wanted to hug her from beginning to ending, along with the young man who stole her heart! I would highly recommend it.

I also read Susan Elizabeth Phillips's latest "The Great Escape." It isn't my favorite from SEP's vault of delights but I enjoyed the story and her usual witty and funny dialogues, along with the variety of quirky personalities among the cast of characters.

Hot and humid 100+ temps here -- a great day for reading or doing some laundry (which I must do!).

Happy Reading everyone!

Alison said...

Hi Christy! Hi Everyone!

I definitely celebrated National Ice Cream Day with Ben and Jerry's Half Baked. YUM!

I have one recommendation for this week...Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred, amazing story!!

Happy Reading everyone!

KC said...

Everyday is Ice Cream Day at my house. I celebrated with Chocolate Fudge Brownie, my fav.

So recommends: I read No Escape by Heather Lowell- Someone recommended this a long time ago and it has been on my shelf for months. Summer Nights by Susan Mallery, Willow Springs by Toni Blake, and Wait for me by Elisabeth Naughton. All really great books. I liked Wait for me the most.

krisgils33 said...

I'm currently residing in a beach house in Brigantine, NJ...a shout out away from Atlantic City where our dance nationals are being hosted at the Resorts Casino. An odd place for a national dance competition!! We got to spend yesterday at the beach, which was nice and relaxing. Today was solo's and duo's. My daughter won 3rd place overall for her solo and her duo took 4th. Everyone was very happy with the results. We have more competition most days this week, but they're all group numbers.

I've been catching up on my Lorelei James Rough Riders with Cowboy Casanova and I'm currently on Kissin' Tell.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hi All-

Sorry I was MIA last week. Concentrating on two books is taking much of my attention and time these days. I'm loving these characters though, especially the two heroes. So very sexy! More to come on that later.

Got some great recommendations from the comments. Hope you did too.

I'm headed over to Recommend Monday for today's recommends. Hope you'll join me over there!