Monday, August 6, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a productive week and a fun-filled weekend. Are you watching the Olympics? They're addictive, aren't they? What are your favorite events? I love just about everything but the water polo--just way too much splashing around for me. (:

Things are zipping right along for MIDNIGHT LIES. I'm already so in love with my hero, Quinn Braddock, I can hardly believe it. I'm not sure I've ever fallen so hard this quickly for a hero. However, he's about to do something soon that's going to break my heart, so we may be on the outs for a while. But I foresee a time when all will be forgiven. Samantha Wilde, the heroine, is nothing like what I thought she would be but I am loving her. She and Quinn are going to have a wild(e) time!

In CHANCES ARE, Angela and Jake are headed to London. Last week they had an encounter that turned a cold, chilly Paris day into a sultry, hot summer's night. Whew! These two have fabulous chemistry! Now they just have to make sure they stay alive to enjoy their new relationship.

Last week, I asked a question on Facebook and wanted to make sure I asked you here. CHANCES ARE will be my first self-published endeavor and I want to get the cover just right. I've never had total control like this before and while it's exciting, it's also a little scary. I would really appreciate your input. What kind of cover would you like to see for CHANCES ARE? Hero only? Hero with or without his shirt? Half a face? The entire face? Hero and heroine? Action scene? Almost kissing scene? Are there any particular covers you absolutely love? Let me know what they are and thank you in advance for your help. This is going to be so much fun!

Though I'm focusing totally on writing right now, I recently ordered several books for my Kindle that I'm looking forward to reading. That one click buying is way too easy! Here they are:

A Night To Remember by Tessa Dare (This one won the Rita award! And it was only 99 cents. What a deal!)

Because You Are Mine by Beth Kerry (This is a serial romance that I think will have 2 - 3 chapters released every week for 6 weeks or so. Interesting concept!)

Avenging Angel by Tara Janzen (I love Tara's books! I think this is an older one she's republished and I believe it was a Rita winner, too.)

Deadly Offerings by Alexa Grace (Thought this one sounded intriguing and the price was great!)

Dark Cravings by Donna Grant (This is a novella and looks fabulous. I love Donna Grant!)

Castles by Julie Garwood (This is an older historical by one of my favorite historical romance authors.)

Silenced by Allison Brennan (I adore Allison's books and this one was a steal at 2.99!)

So, as you see, that one click buying is dangerous!

What about you? What great books have you read? What books are you looking forward to reading? And since I haven't asked this in a while, seen any good movies lately?

Can't wait to see what you're recommending. And don't forget to weigh in on the CHANCES ARE cover.

Have a fantabulous week everyone!


Christi said...

Covers that I love....I love a good sexy hero with no shirt. Usually, I like them without a head so that nothing affects my internal visualization as I read the novel. I like the background to have something to do with the story...some element of it.

I have to share. I just finished reading for review Julie Ann Walker's HELL ON WHEELS. It releases tomorrow and is the start of a brand new rom. suspense series featuring a spec ops contracting group who work under the guise of a custom motorcycle shop. Book #1 was SO GOOD!!! I highly recommend this one!!!

Have a great week everyone! Christy, you're killing me with the snippets of what you are writing. I can't wait to read them. smiles...

Linda said...

Happy Monday! In 13 hours I am going to have 6 whole days off... not sure what I am going to do with them (other then read) but they are all mine and I won't feel guilty about not being at work. I won't really.
I read a couple of books over the last week:
Pamella Callow: Tattooed- this book moved much slower then her others that I have read and although it was okay I would say read only when there is nothing else to read.
Nancy Bush: No Where To Run- this is a great read! I been looking forward to this one and was not disappointed. I am looking forward to the next book in this series that comes out on Aug 28th No Where to Hide.
And I have started and most likely will finish today Allison Brennan's Murder in the River City. This is her first self published book and it is good.
What books am I looking forward to? Well Lisa Jackson's You Don't Want To Know is coming out tomorrow!
As for movies well the next Bourne movie is out this weekend and I think I will try to go to the opening!
Hope you have a great week, I know I plan on having one!

Alison said...

Hi Christy! Hi Everyone!

I'm totally hooked on the Olympics! I've been watching every chance I fav events are the swimming and gymnastics!

With all my Olympic watching I only managed to read one book last week...Jill Shalvis's Forever and a Day. SOOOO GOOD!!

Have a good week everyone!

Crystal said...

Hey Christy and gang. I agree with Christi Snow on the cover.
Christy I am so excited that Midnight Lies and Chances Are are both coming along so well. I'm not going to lie both heroes sound pretty interesting and we already know we love Angela. I'm sure Samantha will be as fabulous as all your other heroines.
I'm super excited because I actually have some recommends!!! It's been awhile.
I read The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred... WOW what a story!! I will admit to being reluctant to read it because it's wrote in first person which I'm not a fan of, but I didn't mind it in this book. I highly recommend it. It had me on an emotional roller coaster that's for sure. My other recommend is Julie Garwood's Ideal Man.It was a fun read.
Hope everyone has a great week!!

Crystal said...

Oh my Olympic watching!! I am hooked that is for sure. I was so excited for Gabby winning!! What a beautiful girl!! I'm closely watching the mens basketball. I'm a huge fan!!
I've not watched any great movies lately, but I am looking forward to a few. Taken 2 looks great along with the new Borne movie.

Michelle said...

Hi Christy,

I am completely addicted to the Olympics...nothing is getting done around my house! But I did manage to read one AWESOME book. This was also recommended by Christi. HELL ON WHEELS by Julie Ann Walker. Wow, was this a great read. I believe this is the authors first book and she did a fantastic job. There was a scene that I was bawling my eyes out. To me, that is a sign of a great author. She was able to convey such emotion through her writing and make you so invested in her characters. I Highly recommend this book! Have a great week everyone!

krisgils33 said...

I'm so into the Olympics, it's really killing my reading!! I finished Susan Mallery's latest and just this morning on the train finally finished Jill Shalvis' latest. Both were great additions to the Fools Gold and Lucky Harbor series. Simply fun books!

I'm heading to New Orleans tomorrow. I'm not going to AAD, but I'm staying at the same hotel and getting to hang out with one of my all time favorite peeps...Dakota Cassidy!

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone....that was dripping with sarcasm by the way. I am so tired and so busy between the karate schedule and the hubby's FFA schedule, I am just plane pooped.

As for the Olympics, I enjoy diving, gymnastics and archery. Although, I love the Olympics, I hate beach volleyball. They have showed every match of every game and it has taken away from things are actually interesting, in my opinion.

I told you on FB my thoughts on the cover. I really loved your first trilogy, bright colors with a watermark of the couple. That is actually what caught my eye in the first place and made me pick them up to read the back. I like classy but bold.

As for books, I read only one worth mentioning, Kill For Me by Karen Rose. Still on my KR kick, but they are sooooo good. I just downloaded Hell On Wheels that many people have recommended not only here but on FB too.

We are off to Vegas again this week, then we have a little karate break, a few weeks I think (thank goodness). Have a wonderful week everyone.

oklanannie said...

11 A little late to this party -- but I had babysitting duties today!

As for Angela and Jake -- it's about time our Angela finally gets some lovin'!! I CAN NOT WAIT for "Chances Are!" Or any other book by Christy Reece and Ella Grace!!

Have started an epic love trilogy which includes "The Bronze Horseman," "Tatiana and Alexander," and "The Summer Garden" by Paullina Simons. So far, it has been a great experience in reading.

I finished two books that I just had fun reading, "The Wild Ones" by M. Leighton and "While It Lasts" by Abi Blines. Lots of angst and romance!!

Have been addicted to the Olympics. I'm all over most of the events. I especially got caught oup in the swimming, both men and women, along with the beach volleyball -- those two women are amazing! Of course, the women's gymnastics had stolen my heart. Such adorable girls and they are all so good. I was so excited and proud for them on the gold for team!! Michael Phelps and his astonishing medal count -- almost hate to see him end his swimming career!

Happy Reading to all!

KC said...

So I finally read Fifty Shades of Grey. I was surprised but in a good way. Still have book 2 and 3 on my TBR list. I decided to get them from the library, I have read some conflicting reviews on the second one so I am a little hesitant. Also read Leaping Hearts by Jessica Bird a.k.a J.R. Ward. Also read my first book by Kristen Ashley: Knight. This one really surprised me, after I was a few chapters in I read somewhere that this book was a little different from her usual. I think I will read more from her. Started At Last by Jill Shalvis today. I really love her books.

Book Talk Romanc said...

Hi Christy,
Yep Olympics are addictive, whatever shall we watch when they are over?

I have enjoyed all the volleyball events and of course the gymnastics.

I did get some reading done. Jill Shalvis new book Now and forever. Awesome book I highly recommend it. I also read a book by Carey Baldwin "First do no Evil." It took place around a cure for a certain type of breast cancer. Great main couple and a really really evil villain. Great read!
I am currently reading Sable Hunters series "Hell Yeah" and also her "Texas Heat" series.

Christy I love seeing both main characters on the front of the book.

Christy Reece said...

Hey All! Thanks for the recommends (already bought a couple of them--they sounded so good!)and for your input on the cover for CHANCES ARE. I had some vague ideas of what I wanted and with your suggestions, they're firming up nicely. So appreciate the help!

Be sure to come over this morning to share this week's recommendations and learn about my emotional struggle last week!

See you soon!