Monday, August 20, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Did you have a good week and a fun weekend? Do anything exciting? How about books? Did you read some great ones? I hope so. Over the last month, I think I've purchased at least half the books that's been recommended here. When I'm finally able to binge read, I'm going to have a blast.

Today is the first day of school for a lot of families. Do you remember how you felt those first days? Even decades later, I can remember a morass of emotions churning through me. Here's hoping that everyone, students, teachers and parents, have a fabulous first day!

MIDNIGHT LIES is coming along quite well. Samantha and Quinn had a very dark moment early in the book, are currently away from each other, but will soon be reunited. Well, not exactly reunited since there are some major issues to overcome. Have to say, once again, I am so in love with Quinn Braddock! Can't wait for you to meet him.

I took a break from CHANCES ARE for a few days to give Angela and Jake a chance to recover from a volatile scene. After checking in with them over the weekend, I think we're ready to resume. These two are smouldering! Staying undercover while dealing with these rampaging emotions won't be easy, especially considering the undercover role Angela has taken on. Expecting something explosive this week!

I have high hopes that my Ella Grace website will be up and running soon. Thanks to everyone who has clicked on to the site. Hopefully soon you'll see something besides a coming soon sign!

If you're on Facebook, be sure to check out my notes on the Last Chance Rescue page--Thoughts, observations and 'oh my gosh' moments of writing SECOND CHANCE. Feel free to ask questions of me or any of the characters. Hope you enjoy! Here's the link: SECOND CHANCE notes

No new recommends for me this week but as I mentioned above, I'm enjoying everyone's recommends and have been a busy buyer, if not reader. So recommend away! Can't wait to see what you've been reading.

Have a fabulous week everyone!


krisgils33 said...

I just landed in Charlotte on my way to Mobile and had to check-in with RM. I hate it when I miss it!! So glad things are moving along Christy on both fronts. We're still a bit away from school, actually leaving Thurs for 2 days at WDW before a week long Disney cruise. I need a vacation!! I'm reading Hell on Wheels right now and loving it and I recently read the latest Adrienne me some Billy Tripp!

Ella said...

Thanks for the start of term wishes from an English teacher!! haha I won't be reading much this week apart from paperwork sadly as I have to get the lesson plans finished before term starts again... luckily not just yet though.

Good luck with the next bit of writing, can't wait to meet Quinn too!

Alison said...

Hi everyone!

This was a long weekend, out A/C pooped out on us on Thursday, so my house was a balmy 90 degrees. Thankfully the A/C repair men are here and I should be cool by tonight.

I did read some great books this weekend...Ice and Chill by Stephanie Rowe, Unleashed and Rock Me by Cherrie Lynn. Really enjoyed all 4 books and they kept me thoroughly distracted from my hot house :)

Happy Reading Everyone!

KC said...

I'm so thankful that today the temp is only going to be 90! We may even get some rain.
So last week I read Big Sky Mountain by Linda Lael Miller. About last Night by Ruthie Knox-really fun book.
And I am currently reading Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker. I hope to get more reading done this week, we shall see.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone!

Only two more weeks before we start our vacation, yay.
I plan to read lots of books and - thanks to my kindle- I have not to negotiate with my hubby about the number of books I can take along.

Christy I wonder how you do it - writing two books simultanously - do you split the week like in three days for Midnight Lies and the rest for Chances are ? Isn´t it difficult to constantly change between two different stories ? I think its awesome that you can do it.

Only one recommend this week.
"Relentless Pusuit" by Adrienne Giordano. It was light on the suspense, but I really loved the interaction between Billy and Kristen - how they helped each other with their problems , Billy´s ADD and Kristens self esteem issues. It was especially refreshing to read about a heroine who wasn´t slim like some Hollywood starlet and the hero thought her sexy nevertheless.

Have a great week Everyone!

Anonymous said...

I am so glad school started. I think my children had schoolitus(that hyperness that comes on 2 weeks before school starts and lets out) they have had me on verge of nutting up. :) I haven't been here in awhile so let's see... Cherrie Lynn's "Rock Me"! Nov 6th her next book comes out and it is Ghost and Macy's.
Victoria Dahl's Trilogy Start Me Up, Loved all 3.
Gina L Maxwell's "Seducing Cinderella". And I am carrying around reading Sophie Kinsella's I've Got Your Number. Reading through somemore that are looking to turn out to be AWESOME reads.

Jackie P.

Linda said...

Hello Christy,
Still enjoying the cool weather here in IL. ( upper 70's during day and 50's at night- woohooo!)
As for book reading well there are only two that I read last week that I would recommend.. Kay Hooper's new Bishop series book Haven and Roxanne St. Claire's Don't You Wish. The Don't You Wish is a YA but the theme is one that will strike a chord in all who will read it. What if you could change your life and go from the unpopular to the popular crowd, especially in HS?
That is it for last week. It is Monday so I must be on call tonight so will see if I can finish Iris/Roy Johansen's Close Your Eyes. Then on call this weekend so hope to have time to read then as well.
Can't wait for the Midnight series books to come out!

Booktalk said...

I have been reading Linda Howard books this week. Open Season was great so I read Kill and Tell which was awesome and then read Mr. Perfect which I laughed, cried and had a few OMG be careful moments! I also read It's All In The Jeans by Tory Richards. It was a nice light hearted romance.
So you ask yourself, "how does she have time to read all those books." Well you start with a tickle in your thoart on Thursday and segue into the doctors office on Monday and put on Bed rest the rest of the week. Nothing to do but read and watch TV. I am up and about now thank Goodness!!!!

Booktalk said...

Oh and if your wondering who booktalk is remember me JeannieK?

Sam said...

I've been late reading the recommends each week but have still managed to purchase a few. Well, actually more than a few, maybe a bunch.

I've been reading more of the A-Tac series by Dee Davis, a good series. I also read Kristen Ashley's Breathe. So very good.

The temperatures have dropped and ninety is feeling lovely. Not really, but the mornings are nice.

After decades of being out of school, I'm going back and start the same day as my daughter. I'm as nervous as I was back in the day. It's scary actually. Personal enrichment, right?! That or complete insanity. :)

Happy writing, Christy!

Christy Reece said...

Hi All! The week went by at lightning speed. Sorry this is my first post! Thanks for the recommends. I added two to my list. Hope you added some too.

Kris, hope your travels were productive and safe last week and you made it home safely.

Ella, hope your first week back at school was a good one. Glad you're looking forward to meeting Quinn.

Alison, hope your air conditioning is fixed and working for you. This heat is miserable even with air conditioning! LOL I loved the name of the first 2 books you recommended--Ice and Chill. (:

KC, amazing how 90 degrees can feel so much cooler after temps in the 100's, isn't it? Hope you got the rain you needed!

Elke, now only 1 week till your vacation! How exciting. Hope you go somewhere fabulous.

Regarding writing two books. I've never done that before so it's been a different experience but kind of cool. When I get stuck on one story, I leave it to go to the other one. I just hope my LCR characters don't come to Midnight and my Midnight characters don't show up in London. (:

LOL Jackie P., you just gave me two new terms to use: schoolitis and nutting up. (: Hope the kids had a good first week.

Linda, oh the 70's and 50's temps sound delightful. Hope they continue for you. So glad you're looking forward to the Midnight series!

Hi BookTalk! (Love your new handle, Jeannie K.) So sorry you were sick; hope you're fully recovered now. Spending your downtime reading Linda Howard books is definitely a great way to keep yourself entertained. Love her books!

Sam, how exciting that you've gone back to school! I hope both yours and your daughter's first week was awesome.

Hope everyone comes over for Recommend Monday in a few minutes. Can't wait to hear how your week went and what you've been reading.