Monday, December 10, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a great weekend. Can't wait to hear what wonderful books you're recommending today.

Did anyone see the Hallmark movie, Christmas with Holly, last night? It was based on the Lisa Kleypas book, Christmas at Friday Harbor. What a sweet story! I've not read the book so didn't know how it differed from the original story. I think romances are incredibly hard to transfer over to film. There's so much emotion in them, which is sometimes difficult to translate for a visual audience. Don't you think?

I've finished up the page proofs for MIDNIGHT SECRETS and will be sending them off to NY either today or tomorrow. It was such fun visiting with Zach and Savannah again. Love this couple!

This week I'm concentrating on Jake and Angela. I'm halfway done with CHANCES ARE. The plan is still to release it early next year, possibly January. I love being immersed with the LCR gang again. Also, I'm delighted to have met a couple of new operatives. Can't wait for you to meet them, too. I think you'll recognize one of them from an earlier book. (:

Wednesday I'm going to be over at the awesome Norah Wilson's for Workspace Wednesday. I'll be sharing photos of my office along with little tidbits of my work day. I'll also have giveaways! As soon as I get a link, I'll come back and post it so you can come over and see the craziness and often extreme messiness of my office. Although I do plan to do some dusting and vacuuming before I snap the camera!

I'm headed back to Midnight for more brief visit and then it's on to London. Since I'll be traveling, would love something good to read on my journey. So tell me, what fabulous books are you recommending today?

UPDATED: My camera went on the blitz and I was unable to upload photos of my office for Workspace Wednesday. Norah was such a sweetheart for understanding my tech problems and has been kind and gracious enough to ask me to come back in March. As soon as we set this up, I'll let you know. On the positive side, I do have a clean office! (:


oklanannie said...

Good morning! Christy, hope the bad storms forecasted in your area are staying away from you.

Today I'm recommending two books, Jaci Burton's "The Best Thing," a Christmas romance that was fun to read.

Also, Courtney Milan's historical, "The Duchess War," the first in her Brothers Sinister series. As always, she writes a well-written, emotional romance that is cleverly enticing in so many ways.

Going to finish up decorating my Christmas tree today, try and make another batch of cookie dough, and wrap some presents. It's cold here today and I'm happy to stay in where it's warm.

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season and finding time for some good reading experiences.

krisgils33 said...

Good afternoon,
My boss surprised us and took us out for 5 Guys burgers. Yuuuummmm!
As I'm hardly in the office, it was a nice surprise.

This past week I read Wallbanger and it was hysterical. I also read More Than Words and enjoyed that very much. They were both new to me authors, but I highly recommend them!

Tara said...

Hi Christy,

Not much time to read with all the fun holiday stuff going on here!

I did read and enjoyed Julie Garwood's Sweet Talk, so that might be a good one for your trip.

Well off to some more work and trying to get some wrapping done while everyone is out and about.

Travel safely, Christy. Have a great week everyone.
Breakfast with Santa this weekend, can't wait!

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!

The weekend flew by! I got a little xmas shopping done and got to see some amazing Christmas lights. Its been hard getting in the holiday mood with it being 80 degrees out, but the lights really helped :)

I also read Wallbanger last week and loved it! So much I bought 2 more of Alice Clayton's books :) I'll second Anne's recommendation of The Best Thing, the whole Kent Brothers series is a fun holiday read. I also read Seducing Cinderella, by Gina Maxwell, a new to me author and I really enjoyed it. My last recommendation is Against the Wall by Julie Prestsater, it was a cute fun read and only $1!

Have a great week everyone!!

Elizabeth said...

Hi Everyone,

I read an 2003 book, Some Kind of Wonderful by Maureen Child. I really enjoyed it.

For a change of pace, I just started One Wrong Move by Shannon Mckenna. I like it so far.

With holidays fast approaching, I can't seem to find the time to read as much as I like. Have a TBR pile waiting for after the new year.

Happy reading to all. Have a great week.

bn100 said...

Christmas Eve at Friday Harbor by Lisa Kleypas

Na said...

I did watch Christmas with Holly last night. What a cute little girl! I am recomming A Wallflower Christmas by Lisa Kleypas. The family is wonderful.

KC said...

I din't get much reading done this week.
But I can recommend: Caden's Vow By Sarah McCarty.

I still have over half my Christmas shopping to get done, so I better get to it.

Happy Reading!!!

Jane said...

I read "Christmas at Friday Harbor," but didn't see the movie last night. I didn't do much reading last week. I mainly read a bunch of magazines, but I did pick up Lee Child's "One Shot" and looking forward to reading it.

Dr. Linda said...

No 'new' books were read by me this past week. I have been doing some re-reading. The books are part of the series by Robert Jordan in anticipation of the final book being released in January. If you like Sci/fantasy the series is The Wheel of Time and the final book is A Memory of Light.

This weekend I spent most of it baking and finishing wrapping gifts. So now I all I have to do is ship the last of it out this coming weekend.

Crystal said...

Hey Christy! I'm happy to hear that you are enjoying your visit with Zach and Savannah. I can't wait until Chances Are either!! So exciting!

Last week I read Midnight's Warrior. The latest Donna Grant book. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed this series!! It is wonderful.

I am reading Linda Howard's Running Wild now. So far I am enjoying it.

We went to DC this past weekend and got to see the White House, The National Monument and we also went to The Air and Space Museum. The kids loved the museum! I also got to meet Kris and her beautiful family. All in all it was a good weekend. My baby is not four. :(

Hope everyone has a great week!! I'm going to wrap presents and do some more baking. :)

Hope said...

Yep, I am late again. I did read a few books last week that I enjoyed and would recommend.

Scorched, the 6th Tracer's book by Laura Griffin, and I think my favorite of the series thus far.

Josh by RC Ryan, I think this newest series is getting better with each new book, I really liked it.

My Favorite Mistake by Chelsea M. Cameron, this was a YA book, and I didn't know that when I started, but I really enjoyed it.

I didn't watch the movie on Hallmark, the issue for me is the movie is never a good as the book and I didn't want to be disappointed.

Have a great week everyone.

CrystalGB said...

I wanted to see that movie. I will have to see when it is on again.
I recommend Tangle of Need by Nalini Singh. I love this series.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone, I am late again - too much to do and not enough time.
But I did manage to read one new book and I highly recommend it:"Shattered Valour" is the second book of Elaine Levines Red Team series , but one should read the first book "Edge of Courage" first because shattered valour picks up right where edge of courage ended. I am already looking forward to the third book which will be released in spring 2013.

Christy, how is Blossom doing - is her eyesight fully restored ? I am lookinf forwared to Chances are - it will be a great remedy against the winter blues.
Happy reading Everyone