Monday, December 17, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

I hope you found some great reads last week. In addition to those reads, tell us what your comfort reads are. The ones you go to when you need to get away and just forget reality for a while. For me, I usually go to Linda Howard's Sarah's Child or Mackenzie's Mountain, Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Ain't She Sweet or It Had To Be You, Julie Garwood's The Bride or The Secret, Judith McNaught's Almost Heaven, Something Wonderful or Someone To Watch Over Me. They always give me ease when things get to be too much.

As you might guess, I'm a little blue today, so no real news from me. Though several personal issues last week made it one of the most difficult in recent history, compared to what happened on Friday, my issues are miniscule.

Next week, I hope to be back full force with good news, updates, and lots of holiday cheer. Until then, I hope you'll continue to keep the families of Newtown, Connecticut in your thoughts and prayers. And be sure to hug and appreciate your loved ones.

Looking forward to hearing your recommendations.

Blessings to all!


Ronlyn said...

I'm sorry it was a rough week Christy. Those can be the most draining both mentally and physically.
Comfort reads: I love a good historical. Sabrina Jefferies, Julie Garwood or Johanna Lindsey tend to top my go to for comfort. But sometimes, even comfort reads need to give me a kick, which is when I turn to KMM's Highlanders. ~swoon~. Trouble there is I'll start with book one and read them all. ;-)
The kids kept me focused this past weekend and I just couldn't stop hugging them and talking to them about anything and everything. I'm so blessed to have them and they certainly put my woes into proper perspective.
New recs...I haven't read much, but I finally had some time to read Donna Grant's newest. I loved it. :-)

OH, and we've been approved by a local dog rescue, so I'm going to be meeting our potential new pup tomorrow night. I'm so excited.

Christy Reece said...

Ronlyn, thanks for the recs. And I can definitely understand your need to hug your kiddos extra tight. Such precious gifts.

Congrats on being approved to be a fur-kid parent. Hope it's love at first sight for the fur-baby and your family!

Na said...

I was so sad and disheartedned to hearing about the shooting. So many lives lost and so many lives affected :(

It's definitely a time for comfort reads. It was a slow reading week. I spent time with my family. Some of my comfort reads are by Nora Roberts.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Na, you can never go wrong with a Nora Roberts, that's for sure.

Thanks for the recommend!

KC said...

I agree with Na, can't go wrong with NR. I did a re-read of Instant Attraction and Instant Gradification by Jill Shalvis. Also read Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas.

News of the shooting has saddened us all I thing. It just makes it a little worse that it is so close to Christmas. My prayers are with the families.

krisgils33 said...

I'm not typically outwardly emotional, but the tragic events of Friday have left me devastated. And to have my daughter not want to go to school and asking some really hard questions made it difficult for me to focus on the merriment of Christmas parties and preparations. I'm traveling this week and really didn't want to go.

I typically go for comfort reads that contain a lot of humor, but also take comfort from series where the characters become like family.

Sadly, no recommends from me. Hope everyone has a good week.

Tara said...


So sorry you had a difficult week, fingers crossed next week will be much better for you.

My little is only 5 so we have shielded her from the news of the events, but I don't think there was anyone that was not horrified by what happened in Newton. Keeping all those families in our thoughts and prayers. And looking forward to our littles school play tomorrow!

My comfort reads I love Elizabeth Lowell's Donovan Family series. Pearl Cove, Midnight in Ruby Bayou, Amber Beach, Jade Island. How I wish she would write more of this family.

No real recommends for this week, too busy with getting ready for the holidays, but I did just pick up Kate Brady's Where Angels Rest at the library and hope to read it this week.

Ronlyn, congrats on the puppy rescue! It was one year ago this Friday that we met and brought home our Squish. Have fun and enjoy!

Have a wonderful week everyone!

Christy Reece said...

KC, Jill Shalvis books are great for rereads, too. Always fun!

bn100 said...

reading Wicked nights by Gena Showalter

comfort read: Pride and prejudice

Crystal said...

It is 2:24 am right now.... Can I still consider this as Monday? lol

Christy I hope and pray the past week isn't repeated...EVER! The anxiety of dropping the little one off at school almost did me in this morning. Then to top it off I got a call from the school at 10:30 saying they had found a bomb threat. Needless to say my munchkin is staying home tomorrow...err today. My heart breaks for everyone that has been touched my the tragedy Friday. I don't think there is a person who has heard about it that hasn't been hurt.
I hope that Miss Blossom is doing better and you are able to rest.

I just finished reading Jennifer Ashley's A MacKenzie Family Christmas. I really enjoyed this story!! It was so nice catching up with the characters. Ian made up a large portion of the story and he is my absolute favorite!!

I hope everyone has a great week. Take the time this year to enjoy the simple things that Christmas brings. It isn't about the gifts, but the moments that are spent with the ones you love!!

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!
Yesterday was a long day and I totally spaced on RM…I missed the best part of Monday!

For comfort reads, I love a good contemp like Jill Shalvis, or Rachel Gibson especially if I need a giggle. I love a good historical too, since they are what got me hooked on romance…Johanna Lindsey, Stephanie Laurens, and after trying her books this year I’m adding Judith McNaught to my list.

I have two recs this week Baby Its Cold Outside by Addison Fox, cute fun read to get you in the winter spirit, especially if you live in a warm place like me and its 80 degrees outside. My second one is Coming Home by Marie Force…loved seeing Kate and Reid get their HEA.

I hope everyone has a good week!

Elke said...

I am so sad about what happened last Friday at Newport - my thoughts are with all the families who lost a loved one and I sincerely hope all your children will be safe.
Christy I am sorry you had a rough week , I hope the next week will be much better .

No recommends from me either - I had a tough week at work but one big problem got solved today so I am looking forward to the holidays and some great time with my familiy.

For comfort reeds I also go to N.R. and Jill Shalvis and if you need instant cheering up I recommend Jill´s dayly blog - it alsways makes me smile and sometimes laughing out loud .

Ronlyn- wow congratulatios for becoming a pup -"parent".I am sure your kids are excited - and there will never be a dull moment once you have a pup.

Merry Christmas to all of you from Germany