Sunday, February 24, 2013

Recommend Monday (again on a Sunday)

Good Monday All!

Hope your weekend was filled with all sorts of good stuff, including great reads.

I'm in the midst of revisions for MIDNIGHT LIES. What fun it is to return to Midnight and catch up on everyone. Lots and lots of surprises, twists, and gut wrenching emotion in this book. And I adore Quinn and Samantha! Hope you will, too.

Once ML is finished, it's back to Jake and Angela and CHANCES ARE to wrap it up so I can get it edited and ready for you. I hope you enjoyed the back cover blurb. If you haven't read it yet, just look at the post before this one.

Since I'm immersed in revisions and writing, I'm headed back into seclusion, hence the early post. No Internet or phone--it's painful but definitely keeps me focused.

I'm on my last Rita book and while I've enjoyed reading all the entries, I'm looking forward to reading great books that I can actually talk about.

So with that in mind, what great books did you read last week?

Have a wonderful last week of February everyone!


Nancy said...

I've been reading the Spindle Cove series by Tessa Dare. I was lucky enough to receive an arc of the forthcoming Any Duchess Will Do. I think it was the best one yet.

KC said...

I finally read Killing Time by Cindy Gerard. It was pretty good. Also Sea Glass Winter by Joann Ross.

Happy reading!!

Elke said...

HI Christy and Everyone!
I missed last weeks R.M. again - our family seems to have a tough time in 2013 so far - my favorite uncle passed away last monday at the blessed age of 92.
After attending his funeral I really needed a distraction and in search of that I discovered a new to me author from New Zealand, Rosalind James and her Escape to New Zealand series: Just this once; Just good friends; Just for fun; Just for now.
I liked all four books very much , but my fav was the second one "Just good friends".

Christy I am glad the waiting is finally coming to an end -the blurb for Chances Are makes me want to start with it right away and I already preordered Midnight Secrets

Have a good week Everyone and Happy reading.

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

I have one rec this week...Karen Rose's No One Left to Tell. AMAZING! I'm reading the next book in her RS series right now, Did You Miss Me? and I'm loving it so far!

Happy reading everyone!

krisgils33 said...

Greetings all,
My last weekend of Feb was filled with dance, as always. Competition season is here, so it's busy, busy, busy. But I did manage to get a few books in last week. I had Baby It's Cold Outside by Addison Fox in my TBR forever and I finally read it. It was totally cute and I bought and read the next in the series...Come Fly with Me. The third in the series comes out this summer and I'm really looking forward to another installment from the wilds of Alaska! Have a good week!

krisgils33 said...

I forgot!!!....
I also had an RS in my TBR forever that I finally picked up. Toni Anderson's Edge of Survival. It took me by surprise how much I enjoyed this book!!! Hope you check it out.

Christy Reece said...

Hey All. Once again, great recommends! I can't wait until I can start reading some of these!

Special note to Elke. I'm so sorry 2013 has been such a tough year for you so far. I hope things improve greatly for you and your family very soon!

I just got back into town last night after a whole week away from the Internet. Hope you'll come over to Recommend Monday today and catch up with me!