Monday, February 11, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a good weekend and stayed safe from the massive snow in the Northeast and the torrential rain in the South. What a great weekend to stay inside and read! Do you have some fabulous recommends for us? Hope so!

Last week, I went far away from technology to finish CHANCES ARE. Unfortunately hubby was close to technology and saw several emails from my editor that I needed to address. So I had to cut my trip short and come home. Actually, it was fortunate he saw them because there were several issues to address--will get to that later. Bottom-line, I didn't get it finished before I came home. However, I did get a tremendous amount done and I'm pleased to say that with the exception of 1 1/2 scenes, CHANCES ARE is almost complete. And I'll also tell you that I love this novella! Jake and Angela really stepped up--beautiful, flawed, and definitely made for each other.

Since I didn't get to officially announce that CHANCES ARE is done, I'm going to give you the next best thing. This week I will unveil the super sexy cover. Though unlike any other LCR cover, it fits the storyline perfectly.

And if you're on Goodreads, I've added CHANCES ARE to my Goodreads list of books, so be sure to add it to your 'To Read' list.  CHANCES ARE Goodreads link

Oh, and speaking of covers, that was one of the issues my editor wanted to discuss. The cover for Ella Grace's second book, MIDNIGHT LIES, is almost ready. And let me just say, be prepared to do some major drooling. This guy is ripped to the max and gives the cover for MIDNIGHT SECRETS a definite run for its money in sexy and hot. Can't wait until I can show it to you.

I'm still in the midst of reading books for the Rita contest, so no new recommends for me. However, here's another question for you. In addition to your recommends, tell us a book that literally made you gasp it surprised you so much. I can think of two off the top of my head: Linda Howard's Death Angel and Pamela Clare's Naked Edge. There were events in both of these books I definitely didn't see coming. Love it when that happens!

As you know, Thursday, February 14 is Valentine's Day. Are you doing anything special for the loves in your life? That day is extra special for me because the UK edition of RETURN TO ME will be released. Take a look at the cover! 

Okay, Jake, Angela and I are headed back to Paris, with a side-trip to London. Speaking of surprises, I think this novella will have several for you. Be on the lookout for one of them (the cover reveal) this week.

Now, tell us what we should be reading!

Have a great week all! And Happy Valentine's Day!


Alison said...

Hi Christy! Hi Everyone!

LOVE the UK Return To Me cover!!

We added a new puppy to our household this weekend so I spent most of it chasing him around and cuddling with him. I forgot how much work a 7 wk old puppy is!

I've been doing some re-reading of Kristen Ashley's Rock Chick series. Love that series so fun! I have one new RS recommendation Truth and Humility by J. A. Dennam...SO GOOD! Thanks Jackie for recommending it to me!

Happy early Valentine's day to everyone!

krisgils33 said...

So happy to hear we're ever closer to Chances Are. Can't wait!!

I'm stuck at the airport. Boo!

Last week, I read the new Jaycee Clark, Deadly Secrets. Loved it!!! I also read the latest Carly Phillips, perect fit I think it was called. A really sweet story that I loved.

That's it for me. Have a great week.

Tasty Book Tours said...

I just finished a book that is touring with Tasty Book Tours, Falling for You, it's fun and sweet and a great read especially if you are a fan of the bachelor.

What else...I highly recommend the Whiskey Creek series by Brenda Novak, When Snow Falls is my favorite, but When Summer Comes is a close second, and a new release.

The Best Man, the upcoming Kristan Higgins release is a MUST READ!! I loved loved loved it!! The heroine is hysterical and the hero is quite adorable, if you want to laugh and cry, GET THIS BOOK!!

It's my first Valentines Day with the little bean, ms. Sofia, so it's extra special this year!

Can't wait for Chances Are and so excited to see the cover of Midnight Lies!! I'll be relaxing this weekend with Midnight Secrets!!

oklanannie said...

Before anything else, just let me express my excitement -- I can't wait for CHANCES ARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just finished Karen Rose's new thriller, "Did You Miss Me?" Definitely a hit with me.

Like Alison, I was thrilled to get Jackie P's recommendation for "Truth and Humility." Great read with a suspense and romance mix.

I'm off to do my exercises and enjoy some sunshine before the clouds roll back in and we drop to the low thirties tomorrow with chances of snow!

Wishing everyone a happy week of good reads!!

Elke said...

Hi Christy , hi Everyone!
I missed last weeks R.M. because I had to help my Mom to get my Dad settled into a assistent living facility - it is very sad, but as he needs care 24/7 now, he can´t live with my Mom any longer.

There was no time for reading,so no recommends from me this week.

Kris, I didn´t know Deadly Secrets was released already- thanks for recommending it. I loved the Kincaid brohters and I ordered Deadly Secrets right after reading your rec.

Christy - looking forward to the unveiling of that sexy cover you promised.
At the moment I can´t think of a book that made me gasp. I have to think about it.

Happy reading, Everyone

Carmen Cook said...

Hi Christy & all!
I can't wait to see the covers as well as finally get my grubby mits on Jake & Angela. What great fun.

This week I picked up the new Celeste Bradley, "When She Said I Do", which is the start of a new series for her, but the hero is Ren Porter, who played a big role in her previous series (one of my all time favorites) the Liars Club. I really enjoyed this book and catching peeks of previous characters. Great fun!

As for a book that made me gasp in surprise....hmmm....Karen Rose has managed that from me more than once. Pamela Clare, of course. I know there are more...

I hope everyone has a great week!

Tara said...

HI Christy, Hi All!

Sorry I missed last week, and I love the UK cover and am Super Duper excited about Chances Are!!!!

Alison, congrats on the puppy! Hide your shoes, they like to chew the most expensive pair, if I remember correctly.

And, I just finished the second Rock Chick also. LOVE this series! It makes me laugh out loud and the supporting cast is a laugh riot, can't wait to read them all!

Kris, sorry about the airport snafu. I travel the next two weeks in a row and was so grateful I did not have to go out in this mess. Good luck and safe travels!

I'll have to check out Truth and Humility, adding it to my TBR pile.

I have also been working my way through the Gansett Island series by Marie Force. Again, why do I wait to read these AMAZING books? Finished the first two and am knee deep in Luke and Sydney's story. Such great reads!

A Tasty Reader, enjoy Valentine's day with your Sophia. I remember the first with my little, so fun!

Elke, hang in there!

Everyone have a great week and a Happy Valentine's Day!

Linda said...

Hello Christy,

I have three books to recommend this week. I finished Jayne Ann Krentz Dream eyes... I love her psychic books. I read the trilogy by Erica Spindler/JT Ellison/ Alex Kava.. Storm Season. And the last one is by this new amazing author Ella Grace.. Midnight Secrets, a totally amazing book that I was lucky enough to get an ARC of to read. Definitely worth the money when it comes out.

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone (did you catch the sarcasm there? lol) I have been down with the flu bug for a few days, so not much reading done although I do have a few recommends...
Nicole Edwards...Kaleb - super hot and steamy
Linda Lael Miller - Big Sky series, love her cowboy books.

Now, when I was on my death bed and begging my hubby to take away the pain, I became addicted to a stupid show. The Walking is mindless and crazy and a little on the dumb side but man I love it.

Happy Valentines week everyone, I hope your valentine (or your Visa Card) gets you something really nice :)

Crystal said...

I'm nearly late, but not quite....

Christy, I know I've been saying this all over the place, but Oh my gosh I can not wait for Angela and Jake!!! Each time you give us an update and the word count goes up I get even more excited. Can't wait to see both covers!! I'm super excited for another reason.... I received the copy of Midnight Secrets that I won from Goodreads today!! I'll be sure to rub it in every chance I get to everyone else who has to wait until April to read it. :)

I several recommendations.
1. Celeste Bradley's When She Said I Do.
2. Sarah MacLean's A Rogue by any other Name and One Good Earl Deserves a Lover. Both were great reads.
3. (a reread) Linda Howard's Cover of Night.


KC said...

Love the new cover and can't wait for Chances Are.

Running (a lot) late today.
My recommends:
Did you miss me by Karen Rose. I really loved this book, I love all KR's books but this one was awesome.
Where Angels Rest by Kate Brady, first of a new series, can't wait for the next one.
Beach House No. 9 by Christie Ridgway and I only have eyes for you by Bella Andre.

Happy Reading!!!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Everyone! Hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day and a good week of reading! Thanks so much for the recommends. I'm particularly excited to read Karen Rose's new book. So glad to see another fabulous KR read in my future!

Alison, congrats on the new puppy! I saw his photo on Facebook. What a cutiepie!

Kris, so sorry about your airport adventures. Hope your trip finally came through and was successful.

Lisa, what a lovely little Valentine you had with Ms. Sofia. Such a special blessing.

Oklanannie, hope you enjoyed the sunshine. We've had plenty the last few days but very cool temps.

Elke, my heart goes out to you. When we moved my MIL to assisted living, it was an emotional time for everyone. I hope everything is working out for everyone.

Carmen, thank you! I can't wait until you get your "grubby mits" on CHANCES ARE either. And thanks for sharing the CHANCES ARE cover on your Facebook page. So happy you liked it.

Tara, hope your Valentine's Day turned out great.

Linda, thanks so much for recommending MIDNIGHT SECRETS. So happy you enjoyed Ella's first book!

Hope, good wishes for a full recovery! And The Walking Dead is one of my favorite shows. I love the group dynamics!

Crystal, yay! Glad you won a copy of MIDNIGHT SECRETS! Hope you enjoy!

KC, it's never too late to recommend good books!

Be sure to come over for another Recommend Monday today. See you soon!