Monday, June 3, 2013

Recommend Monday and Lot's of 'Stay Tuned' News

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend and read lots of great books you can't wait to us about. Summertime has definitely arrived in the South in all its steamy glory. But the magnolias are blooming, along with the gardenia bushes and honeysuckle. There's such a lovely sweetness in the air, being a bit over warm is a small prize to pay.

Last week was a good week filled with changes, planning, scheming, plotting, and excitement. I'm loving RUNNING ON EMPTY, which is the story of LCR operative Sabrina Fox and a new, mysterious and tortured man named Declan Steele. Sabrina and Declan are set on a collision course and though I can see it coming, I can't warn them. It's going to happen and it's going to be explosive! Can't wait to tell you more as the story continues. Stay tuned!

Also, I'm so excited about a new series I'm working on. The first book, NOTHING TO LOSE, has been on the back burner of my mind for a long time. It's deeply emotional and full of delicious angst. The second book, A MATTER OF JUSTICE, might even be more so. When the characters, stories, and series theme solidifies a little more, I'll give you additional info. Stay tuned!

Also, don't forget that Sabrina Wilde of the Wildefire series under Ella Grace must have her story told. MIDNIGHT SHADOWS promises to be an emotional and thrilling rollercoaster. Sabrina has been whispering tidbits here and there and in between making me cry, I've burst out in laughter at her dry sense of humor. I think Bri Wilde might well be the most surprising of all the Wilde sisters. Hope to share more soon. Stay tuned!

In between meeting new characters and plotting new adventures, I've been preparing for my upcoming trip to Ohio. This next weekend, I'll be attending the Lori Foster Reader and Author Get Together. (RAGT) This is my first time attending and I'm so excited that I'll be getting to meet some readers I've been chatting with for years, including Kris, Alison, Shelly and Mary G. If you're going to be there, be sure to say hey!

Congratulations to Christina for winning a signed copy of CHANCES ARE from last week's Recommend Monday. Thursday, June 6, SECOND CHANCE will release in the UK. I'll hop on the blog and announce it, giving you a chance to win a signed copy of NO CHANCE or SECOND CHANCE with their gorgeous new covers. Be sure to stop in!

Okay, I'm headed to my writing cave for more angsty fun. Have a wonderful week all. And now, tell us what great books you loved last week!


Unknown said...

Happy Monday! I can't wait for Running on Empty! Tortured heroes are hard to resist :)

As for recommended reads, I'm going with the Hearts of the Anemoi series by Laura Kaye. i reviewed the third book last week and loved it so much, I went back and re-read the first book, and bought book #2 to devour. It's a mythical/paranormal romance series. Anyone who loved Showalter, Cole, Ione, and Ward will enjoy this series.

Nancy said...

I recommend Tangled, by Emma Chase. It's told strictly from the male point of view, which makes it quite unique.

Lisa Mastandrea said...

Can't wait for your new ones!

Try out Laurie Roma's IAD Agency series...
Book #1 Under Pressure
Book #2 One Shot

Lisa Mastandrea said...

Thanks for the recommendation! I've just downloaded samples of all 3 to my Kindle. They sound different & very interesting :-)

krisgils33 said...

Dude, I'm totally famous being mentioned in a Christy Reece blog!! I'm so excited to meet Christy for the first time, as well as Alison. Mary, Shelly and I are already old friends, but we'd love to meet anyone else at the RAGT event. If you're local to Cincy there is a public book signing on Saturday even if you don't attend the event, please come and hang out with us!!!

I totally loved Jill Shalvis' latest It Had to be You and Dee J Adams' newest Living Dangerously.

Thanks Michelle for the Laura Kaye recommend. I've been on the fence about the Anemoi series...I like Laura Kaye's other works, but my TBR is so huge I've been holding off. I really think I could use a good paranormal, so thanks!

Tasty Book Tours said...

Wow, Wow, Wow! I am SO SO SO excited to hear that you have ALL these amazing books coming to my greedy finger tips!!

I would recommend the Second Chances Series by Peggy Bird, it is a series of four books, the fouth released today, and I LOVED it! Marius the hero is, as they say, "A Latin Lover"....Whoa!

oklanannie said...

Good Monday Morning to one and all! It's sunny with not a cloud in the sky AND that's a good thing here in Oklahoma.

I recommend two books from Claire Contreras -- "There Is No Light In Darkness" and "Darkness Before Dawn." They are companion books and extremely well written. A perfect blend of sizzle and suspense.

Also, a very fun-to-read sassy and witty contemporary entitled "Girl With Guitar" by Caisey Quinn.

Wish I could say that I would see y'all in Cincy this weekend BUT it's not gonna happen. Maybe next year!! Have fun and enjoy all the delights.

Tara said...

Happy Monday! Christy, super excited about all the new stories you'll be bringing our way!

My recommend is Bare It All by Lori Foster. Second in her Men Who Walk the Edge series. Loved it!

I never made it off the wait list for RAGT, so bummed! Have fun, everyone! And next year I am signing up sooner so hopefully you'll all want to go back again. Travel safely and have a great event!

Have a great week everyone!

Alison said...

Christy, you are one busy lady! Can't wait to read all these new amazing stories!

So excited for RAGT this weekend! So excited to meet Christy, Kris, Shelly, and Mary for the first time!

I'm going to second Kris's rec of Jill Shalvis' latest It Had to be You, read it in one sitting and loved it!

Have a great week everyone!

Nicole said...

WOW, lots of good recomendations here today!! I've just added Claire Contreras, Laure Roma and Peggy Bird to my TBR list....they all sound like books I would enjoy alot!

OH, Christy, it sounds like you have so much good stuff coming our way!! I can't wait!

We are finally getting some nice weather here in Nova Scotia! We had a very wet, rainy May but it's looking up!!!

Last week I began reading Jaci Burton's Wild Riders series. I'm on book four right now. The first three book, Riding Wild, Riding Tempation and Riding on Instinct, are all full length novels. Riding the Edge, #4 is a novella. The next one, Riding the Night is another full length novel and the series ends with another novella, Riding to Sunset. This is a great series...excellant storytelling, steamy hot heros and strong intelligent woman who love them!!

Thanks for all the great recomendations!!!!

Marijane Diodati said...

Hi Christy,

Wow! You have a lot of exciting news. I can't wait for Running on Empty. Plus, there will be a new series.

I am doing a happy dance!

I have never read John Grisham before but a friend recommended The Litigator. It is very good and not to heavy on the legal terminology so anyone can follow it.

Good luck with all of your exciting endeavors!

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone
I read a little novella by Julie Miller in about 2 hours-was really good-part of a continuing series about a serial rapist.

Laura Glenn said...

Hello everyone!
There are a few good books I've read this week.
#1: Forever Alexa by Cate Beauman( The third in the series)
#2: Any of the Lori Foster's, Men who walk the edge of honor, series. (My favorite is arizona storm.)

Crystal said...

Oh Recommend Monday HOW I'VE MISSED YOU!!!

In between preparing to move and moving I haven't had any time to read. I'm hoping to rectify that soon. Then I'll be back with so many recommendations!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey All! Great recommendations last week and how I love that you're popping back on to tell us that you've purchased books based on the recommends. That's exactly what we're all about so keep it up!

Hope you'll come over to today's recommend. Got some updates and a recommend of my own!