Monday, October 14, 2013

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a good, restful weekend filled with great reading. Is the weather beautiful where you are? We're having an exceptionally warm fall but it's been absolutely beautiful. I think October has the most beautiful skies--such an intense, piercing blue. I haven't seen a lot of leaves changing yet. Are they changing where you are? The Maple tree in our front yard is showing a little color. In a few weeks the leaves should be a bright cinnamon.

Last week was busy work for me. Didn't get a lot of reading or writing done however I did get to do lots of planning. Oh, and I read the first draft of my welcome speech for the Southern Magic Readers luncheon to the hubby. I was pleased he laughed in almost all the appropriate places. :)

Thanks to everyone who commented for a chance to win a signed copy of SWEET REWARD with its gorgeous UK cover. The winners are: Lori and Karen Harvey! Ladies, please email me at so we can discuss prize delivery.

No recommends from me today but I do have a favor to ask. I'm wanting to do a big giveaway sometime in December and I want to get as many people to enter as possible. I know many of you visit other author blogs and enter giveaways. Are there any contests you've entered lately that you thought were fun, got lots of people involved, and worked really well? Since I need to devote most of my time on writing, I don't want it too complicated. However, my goal is to bring lots of new people over to my website and hopefully entice them to read my books. Yep, I have ulterior motives. :) So any suggestions? You can give the suggestions here or email me at And to entice you to give an opinion, I'll give away a $15 Amazon card, chosen from the people who gave a suggestion. Winner announced on next week's Recommend Monday. So you have a whole week to come up with some ideas.

Okay, that's it for me. I'm headed into the writing cave to see what kind of trouble Kennedy, Nick, and the Grey Justice gang have gotten themselves into.

Hope you have a lovely, productive week. Can't wait to see your contest suggestions and your great read recommendations!


Unknown said...

I just ordered Chances Are. I'm so happy that now I'll have all the LCR books.

Hope said...

Good Morning....I have sooo many recommends to offer this week, but first, my idea for the giveaways. I was just involved with a release day "party". What happens was there was an event created on FB, and several authors and the release day author gave away stuff from books and gift cards to lotions or favorite things. You just had to answer a single question on each thread to be entered (the questions the authors came up with were like....In my newest book so and so loved to go out for ice cream, what is your favorite flavor.) It was fun and a lot of people got involved.

As for recommends....
The Man Series by Jodi Malpas
Willow Quest by Karlene Blakemore-Mowle (love this series)
Tactical Strike and Lethal Pursuit by Kaylea Coss
Thunder Creek by Jill Gregory and finally
Fever and Burn by Maya Banks

Have an awesome week everyone!!

Unknown said...

I am reading You Belong to Me by Karen Rose. I am halfway through the book. I own all of her Baltimore books, but I have put off reading them until now. This one is very long, and it is driving me crazy trying to figure out who the villain is and how the heroine is involved in whatever happened to his sister. We don't actually know what happened to his sister yet; we can only guess. Good book.

KC said...

I Haven't stopped by in a few weeks, not getting much reading done. But here are a few recommends for me:
Kissing under the mistletoe and Summer In Napa by Marina Adair
Always on my mind by Jill Shalvis

Happy Reading!!!

Tara said...

Good Afternoon All!

Long time no post. Work and travel too much lately, but I did read Lori Fosters Getting Rowdy and really enjoyed it.

Sadly that is the only book I have had time for as of late.

Regarding contests, I'll think some more, and try to get back to you with some ideas.

Have a great week everyone!

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

I'm a big fan of easy contests. I like Hope's idea of answering little questions on each thread. Since your thinking of December, maybe you could do something with the 12 days of Christmas, with little prizes leading up to the big giveaway. People could enter their fav holiday recipe, fav holiday movie, or from your books... which LCR member they'd most like to spend the holidays with, etc.

If you like rough, gritty, motorcycle club books, I have one rec this week...Unattainable, but Madeline Sheehan.

Have a good week everyone!

Grammiel said...

This past week, I read Deadline by Sandra Brown, and I really enjoyed it. I had not read one of her books in a long time. I also read Getting Rowdy by Lori Foster. (I loved Rowdy...he was quite a character.) I am almost finished with Andrea Kane's The Stranger You Know, and I am really enjoying it. I have loved her Forensic Instinct series and cannot wait for the next novel in the series.

As far as a contest goes, I still enjoy reading the comments when readers list their favorite heroes and herroines from their favorite authors. I know that contest is
done often, but I love reading the comments and choices.

BTW, I LOVED the cover of the UK cover of Sweet Rewards. Great facial scruff and muscle defined by the t-shirt/sweater.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone!
Fall is here as well Christy. We had the first fall storm and the temperature dropped quite a bit (8 degree celcius ) - not funny as we got a new heating system installed last week. I nearly froze my Thank god for my next door neighbor, who let me use her shower. But now the new heating is working and I am warm and cozy, ready to get comfy on the couch with a good book.

Here are some recommends:
"Concrete Evidenc" and "Body of Evidence" by Rachel Grant and Karen Rose´s novella "Broken silence" . I am not normally into short stories - but I liked this one. It is a spin off of Karens latest book "Did you miss me" featuring Daphne Montgomery .I can hardly wait till her next book comes out in November.

Thinking about the giveaway thing Christy.

Happy Reading, Everyone!

Special note to Hope:
Missed you here and at your "bookshelf" ,nice to hear from you again.

Unknown said...

Hi all...I have few books I have read...

A Tainted Mind by Tamsen Schultz and her new book that is coming out at the end of the month is awesome. She is offering it as an ARC on Goodreads and it is called These Sorrows We See and I loved it but be sure to read A Tainted Mind first because they are a series and flow together nicely.

If you are into historical romance Brenda Novak has a really good book coming out tomorrow I got to read early called Through the Smoke that I really enjoyed and I can say that I did not like historical romantic suspense before I read this book.

Crimes of Redemption by Linda McDonald who is new author was very very good. I could not put it down.

I also read the new Forensic Instincts book by Andrea Kane The Stranger You Know and that was awesome. I can't wait until next year when hopefully next year she adds another book to this series.

It has been a busy book reading week for me with the ACR's I had to get done but well worth it because the three I had to get done where all very good. The third one was Take Me Home For Christmas by Brenda Novak but don't think that comes out until next month and that will be her next book in the Whiskey Creek series.

Happy reading all.

Ronlyn said...

HELLO!! *waving wildly*
Look at me, It's still Monday and I'm HERE! So proud of myself. LOL

I have no recs at the moment, but my TBR is teetering with the books I want to read and the books I'll be getting in the awesome goodie bags this weekend for ECWC (including Midnight Lies!)

I'll think about a contest idea. I know I have ideas, but my brain is swiss cheese at the moment.

*big hugs*

oklanannie said...

Finally made it! It's raining and very cool here -- perfect day for reading.

I mixed it up a little this past week in the reading genres. Spent some time this weekend with my grandson reading one of my all-time favorite childhood series -- THE BOXCAR CHILDREN by Gertrude Chandler Warner. Also, I read I AM MALALA: THE GIRL WHO STOOD UP FOR EDUCATION AND WAS SHOT BY THE TALIBAN. What an amazingly wise young girl Malala is and her story incredible. No way could I not add a little romance in the mix so thanks to Colleen Hoover and her free novella, FINDING CINDERELLA, my reading session this past week ended on a really sweet note.

I'll think about some ideas for suggestions on the contest, Christy.

Happy Reading!

Hope said...

Elke, you made my day hun. Things in our home have gotten crazy and I haven't gotten to blog in a while. It is nice to be missed! Send me an email at and let's catch up.

Crystal said...

I'm not quite late yet.. :)

I just finished reading First Strike as well as Striking Distance by the amazingly talented Pamela Clare. I was so lucky to receive an early copy and let me tell you I devoured it the minute I got it. If any of you have read Pamela you know her talents are off the charts. This is the latest I-Team book and it was awesome!

Christy I will be thinking about ideas and get back with you. :)

Unknown said...

Good Morning Christy,
Since I'm taking classes on-line now my time is wrapped up in studying but I just started a new book; Dead, Without a Stone to Tell It by Jen Danna. So far very interesting.

Since the giveaway your planing is so close to Christmas it might be fun to give special gifts along the holiday line

Christy Reece said...

Hey Everyone! Thanks for the recommends. I've already picked up a couple. How about you?

Also, thanks so much for the suggestions for blog contests. The winner of the $15 Amazon card is Tara Tseng, who sent me her suggestions via email.

Special note to:

Phyllis, thank you so much for ordering CHANCES ARE. Hope you enjoy it. And woohoo for having the entire series! Mega thanks!

Hope, I'm with Elke--welcome back! It's so great to see you here again!

Come on over all and tell us about your great reads from last week. I have a couple myself. And some writing updates too. See you soon!