Monday, February 15, 2010

It's Recommend Monday!

Hey Everyone!

Did you have a fabulous Valentine's Day? Mine was most excellent. Card, candy, bath products and dinner out. My Sweetheart is such a sweetheart! Hope yours was wonderful too.

So what about some good book recommendations today? Did you read anything last week that you're dying to talk about and tell others to read?

As for me, I'm still writing synopses, planning blogs and doing 1001 things I don't think of as far as promotion is concerned until it's almost too late. I am reading a bit, but they're for the Rita contest, so I can't share them. However, I will say this: A lot of great books came out in 2009!

I'm the featured author over at Romance University today. Kelsey Browning was kind enough to interview me and I'm answering questions all day. So if there's a question you haven't had the CHANCE to ask me, come on over and chat with me there. Books are being given away! Here's the link:

Would love to see you there! Kara has already made a visit. Thanks, Kara!

Happy Monday, all! Now, let's hear about your good reads!


Crystal (cmac) said...

Good morning everyone!
I've read a couple books that are new to me. Suzanne Brockmann's Embraced by Love and Carla Neggers On fire. Both were good. I don't know how I missed Embraced by Love, but it was nice to read. Hope everyone has a great day! Hopefully everyone is keeping warm!

oklanannie said...

Monday checkin! Hope everyone had a good weekend & Valentine's Day!

Over the weekend, I read an older book by Gemma Bruce, "The Man For Me." A really good sports-related storyline with great baseball dialogue, a crime to be solved, and a sports-writer and a major league baseball pitcher whose chemistry was off the charts! For anyone who enjoys a good sports romance, I recommend this one!

Back to work!

Jennifer D. said...

Hello All,

I read an older book this weekend by Linda Lael Miller called Last Chance Cafe, which I really enjoyed. Otherwise, I didn't get too much reading done because I'm a little bit of an Olympic junkie.

Kara C said...

Hey all,
I just finished Lori Wilde's Sweethearts' Knitting Club. I had been putting off reading it for a while, but not sure why. I think the title threw me a bit. Turned out to be a great read! I think it is the first of a new series, so I'm really excited. Also read Back in Black by Lori Foster. Definitely recommend if you have read her other SBC books.
Right now I'm reading Joy Fielding's Still Life and Robyn Carr's Angel's Peak. So far, they are both quite good.
Hope everyone has a great day. I, officially, have the day off, but with house chores, paperwork, and boys with dr's appts, it sure doesn't feel like a day off. Haven't had much CHANCE to relax!

Mary G said...

Hi girls. Good lists there.
That book was made into a movie with Kevin Sorbo.

Kara C
Was that you I saw at Closetwriters blog about Julie James? I don't remmeber seeing you there before.

Kara C said...

Mary G,
I saw the link on FB and checked it out. And Last Chance Cafe was a movie? I read the book but didn't realize it was also a movie.

Christy Reece said...

Hey all! Sorry I'm late in responding. Had some great questions over at Romance University to answer and then ran some errands.

Keep the recommendations coming! Every book that's been mentioned so far are ones I've never read. Yay! Going to have to add another page to my ever growing book of TBR good reads.

BTW, I got my bookmarks in. Gorgeous! If you want some, email me at and I'll send you some.

Alexandra said...

Hi everyone,

This weekend I read an old book by Linda Howard - After the Night. Now, I'm reading Waking the Dead by Kylie Brant.

Mary G., it's funny, I do remember watching the movie with Kevin Sorbo. I think it was on Lifetime. I wanted to go back and read the book, but I forgot all about it.

Mary G said...

Hi Kara
Yep. Pretty good movie too. I think it was done when Kevin was famous for Hercules.

Lea at Closetwriter is awesome. Her reviews make me just want to read whatever she's writing about.
I met her last year & we meet for coffee every few weeks. Talking about books is wonderful (as we all know). I saw Oklanannie there today too.

Mary G said...

Hi Alexandra
Kevin plays Chance Coulter. If that isn't a romance book name..LOL.

Mary G said...

Bookmarks Christy?
You twisted my arm.

Jane said...

I read Brenda Novak's "The Perfect Liar." It's the second book in her Perfect trilogy.

oklanannie said...

Mary G - Was that you I saw "fly" by me at the Valentine Soiree? My first experience in a chatroom and whew!! my eyes were crossed and I felt light-headed afterwards.

I enjoyed Christy's interview at Romance U this morning. A little extra info on her writing. Whatever she does -- it's working!
Noticed both Mary G and Kara C were there, as well.

Jennifer - I've read and enjoyed "Last Chance Cafe" but didn't realize it had been made into a movie!

Anybody watching the Olympics? I must admit to be a "sports junkie"!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey all, making a fly by again!

Mary, bookmarks are already on the way to you!

Crystal, got your email. Sending some to you tomorrow.

Anyone else, just let me know!

Keep the good conversation going! Great recommends everyone!

Mary G said...

Hi Oklanannie
I was there but I don't know how people kept track of the conversations. Also I went late & none of the authors I read were there so I quietly left.

Loved Christy's interview & learning more things about her writing how she got here.

As a Canadian, for sure I'm watching some of thehe Olympics & hoping Canada does well as hosts & athletes.

Mary G said...

Wow Thanks Christy. Too bad you couldn't hand deliver them LOL. Sending you a cyber hug instead.

Crystal (cmac) said...

You are awesome!

Kara C said...

"Anybody watching the Olympics?" Oh, if you only knew my boys. I think I've watched more sports than any one unsportminded person should be subjected to. lol
If not for the Olympics, some of my boys would be in a deep depression now that football is over. :)
I have to admit, I watch with one eye while reading with the other though.
I find that through blogs I hear about books I'd otherwise never know about. Quite interesting.

Jennifer D. said...


Mary G - I had no idea about the movie, I will have to try and Netflix it. Thanks.

As I stated already, I love the Olympics. Although, right now I'm a little annoyed because I saw some results on the ESPN sports ticker. It kind of ruins my enjoyment if I know the outcome. Now, I have to be on guard to avoid spoilers.

Christy Reece said...

Hey all, thanks to those of you who had the CHANCE to stop by Romance University! So kind of you.

I'll be off line most of tomorrow. I need to get my newsletter ready. Hoping to send it out next Monday. Be sure to sign up for it, if you haven't already.

I'll be answering questions over at the Barnes and Noble Mystery Club on Thursday. Hope you can stop in and say hi. Also, am doing a blog radio Thursday evening. People can call in and talk to me. Wow! Won't that be fun. I'll post information about both events on Thursday.

And on Friday, I'm blogging over at the contemporary forum at RomCon. Talking about NO CHANCE and 'That Certain Something'. Hope you can join me there too!