Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thanks Everyone!

Thanks to all who stopped by to help me celebrate the release of SECOND CHANCE. Remember, if you get the CHANCE, send me photos of SECOND CHANCE on bookstore shelves at christy@christyreece.com. I'll post it on my Facebook page and if I can, will post it here on the blog.

SECOND CHANCE was a labor of love to write. Hope you enjoy Cole's story and his quest for a SECOND CHANCE.

Tomorrow, I'll stop in for a couple more CHANCEs to win SECOND CHANCE. And be sure to join me back here on April 23 for the release day party of LAST CHANCE!

Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


Anonymous said...

I knew Last Chance was going to be my fav book - 23rd is my birthday :) woo hoooo!!!

C u then!

Christy Reece said...

LOL. I just realized I put the wrong date down. Got so used to the 23rd as a release date! LAST CHANCE will actually be released on April 27. Still close enough to your birthday to count!