Friday, April 2, 2010

Fabulous Friday

Hey Everyone-

Did you have a good week? Get a lot of things accomplished? Read anything awesome? Get to absorb the warm sunshine and inhale the fragrant blooms of Spring?

I have to admit that my week has been absolutely amazing! Monday, I sold Thai rights to NO CHANCE, SECOND CHANCE and LAST CHANCE. Wednesday, I found out that SECOND CHANCE made the New York Times Bestselling extended list. And yesterday, two copies of LAST CHANCE were delivered to my door. Oh my, they're beautiful!

I feel as though I've won the lottery of good fortune, but have to give the credit to you all. Without readers buying SECOND CHANCE, making the NYT list would not have been possible. So thank you all so much for not only buying SECOND CHANCE but for telling others about my books. I've always said that I have the kindest and SWEETest readers in the world. And that has been proven over and over again.

I'm at the brink of starting a major writing event. SWEET REVENGE is due July 1 and I've allowed the excitement of new releases to distract me. Time to buckle down and learn more about Dylan Savage and the woman who will win his heart. I'm very excited about this book for a lot of different reasons and I can't wait to share Dylan's story with you.

What about you? What are your plans for the weekend? Do you plan a large Easter celebration? When we lived in Indiana, my husband would have an egg hunt for the neighborhood children. He loved doing that but since moving here, we never got back into the event. Most of the kids around here are older, so I may have to hide eggs just for him. He's definitely a kid at heart!

If you get the CHANCE, check in and tell us what you're up to this weekend and what you're reading. And don't forget to come back on Monday and tell us what fabulous books you want to recommend!

Have a fabulous day, a glorious weekend, and a Happy Easter!


Kara C said...

You have had an exciting week - and a well deserved one at that.
I am enjoying the extra day off from school as well as this beautiful weather. Just bought tickets for my boys to go to the Kris Allen concert here. Local boy makes good and all that! My older son being a singer makes this that much more fun. Must go out and get Easter goodies for the boys. Although my teenager has spent the week trying to prove he's 'all growed up', he'd cry like a baby if there wasn't an Easter basket waiting for him on Sunday morning. I love that! :) Will also get to see my mom. Shaping up to be a great weekend.
Planning on catching up on my Criminal Minds and am reading a few good books, but will leave those for Monday!
CANNOT wait for these new books. They sound so SWEET!
Not too many more days until you finally really get to share McKenna and Lucas with us. You've seemed to have a soft spot for them from the beginning.

Mary G said...

Hi All
Just finished Second Chance. Love the last line, Christy. It was a wonderful book too. Between her appearance in Second Chance & the excerpt for Last Chance I'm so intrigued now with McKenna. Can't wait. Happy Easter everyone.

oklanannie said...

Woke up this morning to thunder, lightning and pouring rain. Yes, it's springtime in Oklahoma! And it looks like the storms are heading towards Arkansas!

Tomorrow is my birthday and my almost-4 year old grandson's first "real" (his word, not mine) soccer game. Go HOTSHOTS! And then Easter Sunday. Church, dinner and the Easter Egg Hunt!

Kara - Kris Allen was my American Idol pick! He seems so genuine and nice. Plus, I like his voice. Hope your boys enjoy his concert.

Waving to Mary G!

Once again, Christy, CONGRATS to you on SECOND CHANCE's NYT Bestseller list status, as well as the Thai CHANCE sale, and of course, the arrival of LAST CHANCE!


Christy Reece said...

Kara, thanks so much!

Sounds like you've got a lot of great things planned this weekend. And I love Kris Allen! I know that will be a great concert.

I love that you still give your kids Easter baskets. I have one for my hubby every year too. We play a silly game where he has to go look for it and I pretend the Easter Bunny didn't come this year. LOL. We are so goofy but it's our tradition and I love it.

I do have a soft spot for McKenna. She grabbed my attention in NO CHANCE the moment Noah told Gabe that Ghost was on the case. I think this character, more than any other, was one that I wanted to stop the story for a moment and just give her a hug. (:

Happy Easter, Kara! Hope yours is wonderful!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary!

So glad you enjoyed SECOND CHANCE! Ah yes, I loved the last line too. Actually cried. LOL. Imagine that!

Can't wait for you to read LAST CHANCE! And the cover turned out so pretty. My hubby said this cover is his favorite. It's just so bright and eye-catching!

Happy Easter, Mary. Hope yours is fabulous!

Christy Reece said...

Oklanannie, hope your thunder, lightning and rain is gone by Easter Sunday. Hunting eggs in a thunderstorm can be dangerous. (:

Happy Birthday, tomorrow! I hope it's everything you could want in a birthday and more! And good luck to the HOTSHOTS! Hope they win!

Sounds like Easter weekend is going to be a busy one for you. Hope's it's spectacular!

And thanks again for the congrats. Kind of hate to see this week come to an end. It's just been so nice in so many ways. (:

Kara C said...

Hey all,
I hope they'll allow cameras at the concert. It's a small, outdoor, bring your lawn chair and have fun venue, so maybe...
I'm glad we're friends, but, really, you DON'T have to share the thunderstorms. LOL
Not too many more days until our CHANCE to finally read LAST CHANCE. Am hoping not to have a repeat of the 'who's on first' conversation about the titles with my friend again, although it was quite humorous. I think I'll be SWEET and write the next three titles down for her.
Mary G,
Wasn't SECOND CHANCE just the best? Sigh... I'm with you though. Very intrigued by Mckenna.

Christy Reece said...

Kara, it's so funny you should mention your 'who's on first' conversation. I had one with my husband the other night. It was so much fun! And I kept telling him that the last one is LAST CHANCE but for some reason, he kept wanting it to be the first one. And I said, why would LAST be the first and he would say why would NO be first and not LAST...and on it went. (:

He does so much better if I refer to them as the purple, blue or yellow book.

Kara C said...

LOL. Men...Gotta keep it simple.
Of course, if you'd gone with FAT CHANCE as he suggested, maybe this all could have been avoided. :)

Christy Reece said...

*snort* You're probably right. (:

Mary G said...

Happy Birthday tomorrow Anne.
Hope it's a wonderful day.

Kara - Second Chance was so wonderful. It's almost good that I was so busy this week. I got to savor it instead of inhale it. It was so nice to know that I had this wonderful treat waiting when I got back to my book.

Your readers all read fast. Maybe you could release books 3 weeks in a row insteaed of 3 months in a row. Just a suggestion. I am so ready for Last Chance.

LOL on Fat Chance

Christy Reece said...

LOL. Mary, not sure my publisher would go for the 3 in 3 weeks release. And since I can't write as fast you guys read, you'd forget all about me for a whole year! I couldn't handle that. ):

oklanannie said...

ARE YOU KIDDING? I could no more wait to read your books once they're published than I could stop eating! If there is a new Christy Reece book, you can bet I'm gonna read it as fast as possible. No hold overs or waiting for the set! Now, I might do a reread of the previous book right before the next release BUT no way Jose' can I wait! It's unfathomable!

Patience is not one of my strong points (in case you haven't noticed!).

Anonymous said...

Congrats on Second Chance Christy......cannot wait for Last Chance!!!! So excited!

We're having an easter egg hunt in the local park this year, i think there are about 20 kids involved and permitting the weather a lovely picnic afterwards! N then its off home to much all the chocolate lol!!

I read a book as soon as i get it and then re-read it just before the next book comes out and so on! I wouldn't have the paience to wait for all the books to come out and read would feel like it was sat on my bookcase mocking me!!!!

Hope u have a lovely easter Christy :)

Kara C said...

I saw on one of the blogs recently that someone said she waited for all three books in a trilogy to come out before reading any of them. While I understand her argument (no waiting to see what happens, keeps the story flowing), I can't even imagine having one of my fave authors' books and NOT reading it right away. As the others posted, I often will reread an earlier book, especially if it's been several months between books.

Christy Reece said...

Oklanannie, you never fail to make me smile!

But I'm the same way when there's a book I've been dying to read. I've been known to start reading in the parking lot as soon as I get out of the store and into the car. For me, it's like having an ice cream cone and waiting to eat it. LOL. Okay, so a book wouldn't melt all over your hand, but you know what I mean. (:

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Kerry! And so glad you're looking forward to LAST CHANCE! Hope you enjoy it.

Sounds like you have a fun Easter planned. Enjoy the chocolate!

If I had a book on the shelf and was waiting to read it, I'd probably have to avoid the room it was in. No way would my willpower hold out that long!

Have a fabulous Easter, Kerry!

Christy Reece said...

Kara, I know some people do wait and I just wondered what you all thought about it and if you've ever done that.

So far, I think it's unanimous. We can't wait! (:

Danny said...

Happy Easter everyone!

Ronlyn said...

I'm chiming in way late, but what a wonderful week Christy!! I'm thrilled for you!

We took a long weekend and went to Bend, OR to visit my DH's great aunt. She's alone now that her man passed, so we try to make sure she's with family during the holidays at least. It was great visiting with her...and my 2 year old announced he's going to go live with Aunt Marty when he gets bigger. LOL.

Now we're home (we celebrated EAster on Saturday due to having to get back for work) and catching up on all the daily stuff (laundry for me, homework for the kidlet, back to work for hubby).

Hope you have/had a wonderful weekend.

Ronlyn said...

you asked: On back to back releases, do you guys ever wait until all three books are out before you buy them? Or if you buy each book as it comes out, do you ever wait until you have all three before you start reading?

I answer: No. No waiting allowed. ;-)

ShellyD said...

I love youre books so much. by book 1 I was completly hooked.. sence then I have passed around youre books and have hooked even more people.. youre writing is so romantic and realistic.. youre characters are so complex and flawed(I mean that in a good way :)).. I love them! I Just got done reading Second Chance, another great book, that i couldent put down! lol I cannot wait for Last Chance to come out! Please keep em coming! - Shelly

Christy Reece said...

Hey Ronlyn, thanks so much! I'm still smiling. (:

Sounds like you had a fabulous weekend. I would imagine Oregon is absolutely beautiful any day of the year but would think in the Spring it would be spectacular.

And thanks for the input on waiting on all books vs. reading as soon as they come out. So far it's unanimous! We don't want to wait!

Christy Reece said...

ShellyD, thank you! what a lovely post and a wonderful one to wake up to this morning. I'm thrilled you're enjoying my books. Only 22 days till LAST CHANCE! Yay!

Hope you come back to visit soon. We have chats once or twice a week here and are always excited to have new people join in the fun!