Monday, June 14, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your week and weekend? Did you do anything fantastically fun or read something fabulously wonderful? Share with us!

I'm seventeen days from deadline! So "Yikes!" and "Woohoo!" I'm not at the point of extreme euphoria and blind panic yet--which usually occurs within days of a deadline. However, soon hubby will run the other way when he sees me, gallons of coffee will be chugged down and pounds of chocolate will be consumed. My hair will stand on end and my eyes will develop a feral, insane glaze. Anyone venturing close to my office will hear random mutterings, shrieks of frustrations, an occasional sob along with bursts of hysterical laughter. Ah yes, good times are coming. (:

Dylan and Jamie have put me through the ringer, but I have to confess that I've done the same to them. However, on July 1, the moment I hit the send key and SWEET REVENGE is cyber-winging its way to my editor, it's my sincere hope that all will be forgotten and forgiven and we can all be friends again. Well, Jamie and Dylan will be more than friends, but you know what I mean.

In the last week or so, I've received such wonderful emails regarding LAST CHANCE. Thank you for that! And several people have emailed me telling me they just discovered my books and devoured all six Last Chance Rescue books in one week. Oh my! I'm thrilled that people who read this year's trilogy are going back to buy the first books in the Last Chance Rescue series. And I love, love, love that people want more Last Chance Rescue books! Dylan and Jamie's story is still the most requested one, but I've had several people ask about Honor, which of course will be SWEET JUSTICE. A few people have asked about Aidan Thorne too. You'll see more of him in SWEET REVENGE, but so far, he's not talking to me, so I'm not quite sure I'll have a story for him. We'll see!

But now, let's talk about you. What did you read last week you want the world to know about? I'm actually getting a bit of reading done each night before I head to dreamland. I was fortunate to get an early copy of Marie Force's new E-book, FATAL AFFAIR, that's being released on June 21 from Carina Press. Wow, it starts off with a bang and I'm loving it!

What about you? What fabulous reads are you recommending this week?

Have a marvelous Monday everyone!


krisgils33 said...

It was a busy week of travel last week. I did manage to consume Still the One by Robin Wells. I enjoyed it.

I played in a golf tournament on Friday and my foursome had a barrel of laughs. Saturday and Sunday were spent making the rounds with my daughter's busy social schedule.

We did manage to buy a new front door. We had visited this specialty front door place and my husband and I left after figuring out it was going to cost more than$6,000 for the door. While I could easily spend that on shoes, I just couldn't fathom that for a front door. So, we went to Lowe's and, amazing, we ended up spending just a few dollars shy of $4,000. Not much of a financial improvement, but at least that includes everything. Now that I'm actually a little bit excited over getting a new front door, it will take 6-8 weeks for the thing to be made and installed.

I'm curious about the Marie Force e-book. I just ordered her "Love at First Flight". I ordered a few others and I'm very excited about the new Christy Ridgway. Her books are always fun.

Ronlyn said...

Happy Monday!
@Christy, I think I'd have to giggle if I were to walk by your office and hear all that coming from there. Oh my! But YAY for almost being able to send SR off to editor-land. Does s/he send it back with suggestions/revisions?

@kris, $4000?? for a DOOR?! Oh my! I'm having a moment of sticker shock. Who knew?!

As for me: MIL arrived Friday night. She came to the door, gave me a hug and told me the house looked wonderful, so I've decided to let her stay. LOL. Saturday I had some plant questions (MIL is a master gardner) so we went off to a nursery and MIL was in heaven. I dropped a nice chunk of change on several plants and hubby was very patient with all of us.

Then yesterday the baby possum finally came out to be seen. MIL likes critters. I'm not a fan (obviously) so there was a bit of tension regarding the capture and relocation of the possum, but hubby wisely took my side and baby has now been relocated to far far away from me.

As for reading, I did a re-read of KR's "I Can See You" after having read "Silent Scream" last week. And then yesterday I picked up Elizabeth Lowell's "Forget Me Not" which was good....but the book was first published in 1984, and the hero (Rafe) has a mustache. It's mentioned a LOT in this book. A LOT. And I kept picturing this Tom Selleck-esque mustache, which reminded me of when my dad grew one around that same time period. Just didn't do it for me. LOL

Hope everyone is having a plesant Monday!

krisgils33 said...

Okay, let me clarify. It is the front door, storm door, frame, locks/handles, and installation for $4k. Does that make it any better???? It still seems like way too much (especially since I'd rather spend my money on other things), but hopefully it will be worth it!!

Ronlyn said...

ah, yes, that's a bit better. I was picturing one heck of a front door for $4K. LOL. Still a lot like you said, but more than just a door.

Hope said...

It is such a busy summer so far, that I feel lucky to get to read at all, but somehow I manage to fit it in lol - I just recently ordered Marie Force's Love at First Flight, I haven't ever read a book from her, so I am pretty excited. I am still trying to finish the Body Guard Series from Cindy Gerard, just realized that I am missing one, so I need to order Dallas' story. I am also VERY excited to read Michele Albert's series - I just got in Tough Enough, she is also new to me. I am always looking for new authors with some guts.

krisgils33 said...

@Hope -
don't skip Dallas' story! It's really good!

Kara C said...

I had a self sponsored, welcome to summer, forget the house cleaning readathon this week, and it was wonderful! I read the last two in the new trilogy from Barbara Freethy, On Shadow Beach and In Shelter Cove, Never Too Hot by Bella Andre, Straight Up by Deidre Martin, Honeysuckle Summer by Sherryl Woods, Mine Til Midnight by Lisa Kleypas, Line of Fire by Jo Davis, Dark Deceptions by Dee Davis, and Shut Up and Kiss Me by Christie Craig. Right now I'm working on Rachel Gibson's True Love and Other Disasters, Welcome to Temptation by Jennifer Crusie, and Heather Lowell's romantic suspense When the Storm Breaks. So far, When the Storm Breaks is really good, and the Craig and Crusie books are just laugh out loud funny!
Obviously, all this reading left time for little else, although I did manage a movie with my younger son and car shopping (a girl can dream).
@ Hope - I have the M Albert books as well but haven't started them. "Authors with guts" I'd suggest Pamela Clare, Michelle Perry, Karen Rose, and Marliss Melton if you haven't already read them.

KayB said...

Can't wait for Sweet Revenge!!!
I've not been reading much because of lots of health problems. But got 4 Karen Rose books, Yes Silent Scream was one half way through right now
Also waiting for Brenda Novack's new books
Just so everyone knows YES I am getting better, it's been a long hard road and it will be a while longer. I am hoping to buy a California Rag Top Camaro in July if owner still has it then take a road trip to see a very dear high school friend.... DO A THELMA & LOUISE without the ending........ Christy, Hugs to you

Luci said...

I finally picked up Karen Rose's Silent Scream and it just wow! I absolutely loved it. I am dying to know who she will write about next.

Next, I was away from home and only had a couple of Jo Davis books I had just received so i started my first book of hers Trial By Fire. I enjoyed it and read Under Fire back to back with it. I ordered the next two in the series but am really looking forward to Sean's book which is out in December.

This afternoon I started Sara Lindsey's Tempting the Marquess - its looking like a slow book for me. i hope the dialogue picks up.

I love Marie Force but unfortunately Fatal Affair is only out as an ebook and I don't have an ereader. I read mostly in bed and i find reading on my laptop in bed uncomfortable so I end up forgoing ebooks to read paperbacks.

I am glad Dylan and Jamie are coming around :)

Paranormal and Romantic Suspense Reviews said...

Good afternoon everyone,

I wasn't able to participate last week (was busy) so I will recommend books from the last two weeks!

I really enjoyed "All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire" by Kerrelyn Sparks", "Reece's Bride" and "Rule's Bride" both by Kat Martin, "The First Rule" by Robert Crais, "I Love This Bar" by Carolyn Brown and "Strange Neighbors" by Ashlyn Chase.

Another great reading recommendations and I have added some to my TBR pile!

Jane said...

I read Toni Blake's "Sugar Creek," which I loved. I will be starting Rachel Gibson's "Nothing But Trouble" later tonight.

Kara C,
I read Heather Lowell's books. I think she only wrote two. I have no idea what happened to her.

Jackie P said...

@Hope, Karen Rose and Joyce Lamb.
I haven't gotten much in with the kids being home. Read Joyce Lambs "True Vision", Karen Rose's "Silent Scream" and I read a book by Lucy Monroe in her contempary series that was good(but I can't remember the name)waiting on her others to come in. Need to write some more names down that I just read here so I can add them to my list.
Waiting on Dylan's book, but I can't WAIT for Honor's. I can't explain why. :) :)

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kris! Thanks for the recommend. Congrats on getting a new door. Sounds like a very nice one. Fatal Affair is my first Marie Force book and I can already tell it won't be my last. I think several here have loved her other books. I can't wait to get more into this one.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Ronlyn, it's scary around here at deadline time. And yes, once my editor reads it, there will definitely be revisions!

Sounds like you're having a good visit with your mil and I'm so glad the baby possum was relocated and is safe. Some day I'll have to explain the connection that Dylan has with possums. He is quite fond of them!

I remember reading Forget Me is an older book, but I don't remember the mustache thing. Might have to go back and do a reread.

Enjoy your week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope, I've heard great things about Marie Force's books. She's been recommended several times here. I'm sure you'll enjoy it.

Gerard is wonderful and Dallas's story is fabulous. You'll definitely want to read it! I've not read Michelle Albert. Be sure to come back and recommend her if you enjoyed the book. Okay?

Have a great week!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Ahh my stupid internet is acting up again...

Anyway hope everyone had a great Monday. I just reread No Chance. Of course I loved it even more. I also read A Man with a Past by Kay Stockham. It was pretty good also.

My step daughter is here so my reading time has been seriously cut back, but she is a blessing to be around so I don't mind. She starts dance lessons tomorrow. She is about as clumsy as a deer on ice so it'll be interesting to see. lol Anyway everyone have a good week!

Christy hope every thing is going well and Dylan and Jamie don't hold any hard feelings toward you. I can't imagine anyone doing that so I'd say your in good shape! :)

Christy Reece said...

Kara, a 'self sponsored, welcome to summer, forget the house cleaning readathon' sounds wonderful! And wow, oh wow, you definitely took advantage of it. Good for you! And it sounds like you read some great ones. Fitting all those in with a movie too is awesome. I'm so glad your summer break has gotten off to such a good start!

Hope this week is just as good or better!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kay! I'm so glad you're getting better! Hugs back to you. And I hope you get your ragtop convertible. What fun! LOL When I saw the Thelma and Louise reference, I was worried. Glad you said, "without the ending." Hated that ending!

Karen Rose's and Brenda Novak's books will definitely keep you entertained and on the edge of your seat. Enjoy!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Luci! I cannot wait to get my eyes on Silent Scream. It's still wrapped tightly in an Amazon box, away from temptation. And I have heard so many good things about Jo Davis, I absolutely must read her books!

And I'm sorry you won't get to read Fatal Affair. Since I read all day on a computer, I thought it would be hard for me too, but the book drew me in and I forgot I was reading on my laptop!

I too am happy that D&J are finally behaving. I'm just hoping they maintain that good behavior. Those two are so unpredictable!

Christy Reece said...

Hey P&RS Reader! I'm so glad you're getting good recommendations here. I used to devour Kat Martin's historicals. I think I have the first in her new trilogy but need to get the other two. I also think I need to take a speed reading class to read all the books I plan to devour the week after my deadline. There are so many good books out there!

Hope you have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jane, I've been hearing great things about Toni Blake's new book and Rachel Gibson's too. I don't think I ever read Heather Lowell's books. They were romantic suspense, weren't they?

Hope you're having a fabulous week!

Christy Reece said...

Jackie, three books in a week sounds like a good reading week to me. And you read some great ones!

So glad you're looking forward to Dylan's book but you have to tell me why you can't wait for Honor's. Something caught your interest? (:

Christy Reece said...

Hey Crystal! Sorry you're having Internet problems again. I know how frustrating that is. And thanks so much for rereading NO CHANCE and loving it even more. Magical words for me!

Your stepdaughter sounds like a delight. I hope she loves dancing and takes to it like a gazelle.

Dylan and Jamie are pretty mellow right now. They loved their happy ending, but for some reason my villain is not happy with his/her outcome. Sigh...bad people can be so picky!

Have a great week!

Jackie P said...

Christy, it is in Yahoo.

Christy Reece said...

Got it, Jackie! Thanks for reminding me. I'm very excited about Honor's man. Glad you are too!