Monday, October 25, 2010

Recommend Monday!

Oh my, I'm up way too early this morning. Thunderstorms started around 3:00 AM. My girls can't sleep during a storm and are quite insistent that I shouldn't either. Hopefully we can all grab a nap later.

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fabulously fun? Any Halloween parties? If so, what was your costume?

Thanks to the great comfort reads you gave on Friday, I've now started a whole new list. In my mind, if it's a reread, then it's definitely a must read. Looking forward to delving into more great books!

This Friday, in honor of Halloween, we're going to be talking about favorite villains. Since most of us read romantic suspense, there's got to be some memorable bad guys and gals who've given you the creeps over the years. And we won't limit it to books. We'll talk villains in movies and television series too. So start putting your list together and we'll share our top five on Friday!

SWEET JUSTICE is racing toward the end. Seth and Honor are in the midst of a nightmare and none of us know how it's going to turn out. Very worried about these two! And with a deadline looming, it's getting even tenser!

Even though I was consumed with Honor and Seth's difficulties, I did manage to read a couple of great books. They've been recommended here many times. However, I wanted to give my own hearty recommendations to Pamela Clare's Surrender and Untamed. They were fabulous, and my oh my, those MacKinnon men! Whew! Looking forward to Connor' book!

So what about you? What great books did you read last week you're dying to tell us about? Tomorrow's a big release day. What books are you looking forward to going out and getting this week?

Don't forget to come back on Friday for a discussion of your favorite villains.

Have a great week all!


krisgils33 said...

Wow, you are up early!!!

I didn't get much sleep last night. Went to see my favorite band, Lifehouse, play at Constitution Hall in DC. Got home late, couldn't sleep, and I've already been at work for awhile. Hopefully, coffee will kick in soon!

Last week, I read Jeanne Adams, Deadly Little Secrets and Julie James Something About You. Both were good.

Have a great week!

TigMode said...

I had 2 baddies jumpo to mind immediately so I look forward to seeing who other people came up with later in the week.

I am trying to read Crave by JR Ward and it's a struggle. I love here BDB books but haven't been grabbed as much by Covet and now Crave. I really *want* yo like them but so far, "meh".

TigMode said...

I have had no coffee yet so I aplogize for the typos in the previous post!!!

Hope said...

Nothing as fun as a party, but we hosted a karate tournament so that kept me busy last week for set-up and prep and ALL day Saturday for the tournament. By the end of the day, I had to keep chanting, I love my son, I love my son just to help me finish LOL.

I read some good books last week. I finished Pamela Clare's Hard Evidence. I have to say right now, I am team Julian (and I only like him a smidge more than Reece). We will have to see...

I finished Shannon K Butcher's 2nd book in her trilogy No Control and just started the 3rd No Escape. I really like this series. Another Recommend Monday success ;o)

I also finished a book that will WILL NOT recommend, I didn't like anything about it except it was about a cowboy. That is the nicest thing I can say.

I got a visit from my favorite UPS man and he brought me the rest of the I-Team series plus the rest of the Troubleshooter series and a few extras. I love my UPS man. Oh, maybe I will be my UPS man for Halloween and bring myself some books??? LOL

Happy Monday everyone...have a great week.

Marie Force said...

Hi Christy and friends,
Hope told me I had to come over and recommend Always a Scoundrel, book 3 in Suzanne Enoch's Notorious Gentlemen series. I loved all three of them!!! Make sure to check them out.

Kara C said...

Good morning, Christy!
On a day that I am home, you posted REALLY early. LOL The storms moved through here earlier in the day, so our sleep was definitely not affected. This weekend we went and explored Mt. Magazine, the highest mountain in our state. We had a BLAST. One of these days, when my computer isn't acting up (or is replaced) I have some great pics to post.
I read Lara Adrian's Taken by Midnight and Annie Solomon's Two Lethal Lies this weekend. Right now I have several going - two re reads I promised myself - SECOND CHANCE (yours of course) and LINE of SCRIMMAGE by Marie Force. I'm also reading Sherri Thomas's Delicious and Carly Phillip's Love Me if You Dare.
You are so right about great books coming out! Two that come to mind right away are Stephanie Tyler and Roxanne St. Claire's new books. Can't wait!
Hope, your UPS man was very, very good to you. I want to talk to you AFTER you read Marc's book. :) Where are you in the TS series? And I LOVE that you're enjoying Butcher's books - a favorite series of mine.

Ronlyn said...

*rubbing my eyes*
dang, you guys are up early. I need more coffee and to get some tylenol into the kidlet. I'll be back.

Ronlyn said...

Ok, I've had a little cafiene fortification, the kids are dosed and dressed...
This week I read Linda Howard's "Veil of Night" which was light and fun. Finished Marie Force's "Fatal Affair" which was a great "who done it" as well as a love story. Lots of twists and turns.
I've also started the 3rd Station Five book, which I've got to say is giving me the creeps so far! And, last night while up the sick kiddo I started Marie Force's "Love at First Flight". It was a busy reading week for me as well as a busy social weekend with birthday parties, costume parties and pumpkin carving parties. I need a day to recover from the weekend.
Hope all is going well for everyone!

Hope said...

YAY Marie, glad you made it over. I put you recommends on my list (even though they are historicals lol).

Kara, I haven't gone any further than Sam & Alyssa. I wanted to finnish Shannon K Butcher's series so my friend could have the books. As soon as I finish this last one, I will either go back to TS or I-team, see what my mood brings that day ;o)

Ronlyn, hope the kidlet feels better.

Alison said...

Good Morning Everyone!

I went to my first pro soccer game this was the last game of the season for the Dynamo. I'm not really into soccer, but it was fun to go spend time with sister.

I finished up Monica McCarty's Campbell Trilogy which I really enjoyed. I also read Julie James Practice Makes Perfect which I liked as well.

I'm really looking forward to all the books coming out this week...I've got them ordered, now is the hard part...Waiting for them to be delivered!

Have a good week everyone!

krisgils33 said...

Ronlyn-I don't know how you read multiple books at a time. Truly inspirational!!

Hope- thanks for dragging Marie over!! (oh and I can't wait for you to finish all the TS...each one just gets better and better!!)

Crystal (cmac) said...

Good morning everyone!

You know Christy when I logged on I thought to myself. It's still pretty early for recommend Monday and walla I was wrong! I hope you are able to get a nap in today!

I didn't do anything to special over the weekend. The hubby watched PBR for most of it. We are going to be busy with Halloween this week. We have Fright Night tonight at the library. A great way for the hubby to spend his 30th bday huh. lol

Hope, you do have a great UPS man! Wow he brought you some cream of the crop books! You really can't go wrong with which ever book you decide to start. I really like the humor between H/H in Flashpoint and I like everything about Marc so it is a win win either way.

Wow Kara you are on a reading roll!
Ronlyn I hope the boys feel better soon. I feel so helpless when my little ones are under the weather.

Have a good day everyone. Happy Halloween week!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Oh good grief I just realized I didn't post the books that I read last week. My brain is short circuiting already today...

So last week I finished up the MacLean Curse series by Karen Hawkins. To Catch a Highlander, Sleepless in Scotland, and The Laird who Loved Me. I really enjoyed this whole series. I've been on this historical kick for awhile now. I am going to read some Romantic Suspense for a bit. I need to chase me some bad guys for awhile. I started Cynthia Edens Deadly Fear and I'm half way done with it. So far I am really enjoying it.

We are suppose to get snow tonight!!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, Hi all
funny that you had a thunderstorm this morning Christy - here at the North sea shore of Germany we had this years very first fall storm during the night. When I came back from my early morning walk with my dog (at 6.30 am -my dog is an early morning dog lol ) I noticed that the big tree in the front garden of one of our neighbors fell down directly over their front porch. Thank god there was no damage to their house.

Last week was mostly a rereading week for me, maybe because of the list for last friday.
I reread run to me and return to me and just started second chance again. I also started reading Pamela Clares Extreme exposure - I am not quite sure if I really like it, but I read only about 50 pages so far. As this book was so highly recommended here I will continue and hopefully it will grab me soon.

As to new releases - I am waiting for Laura Griffins "unforgivable" , which comes out at the end of november.

Have a nice week all.

Hope said...

Elke - keep going. It took me just a bit to get in to it, but you will really enjoy it.

Crystal...You crack me up

Crystal (cmac) said...

I agree with Hope stick with Extreme Exposure you won't regret it. Then you get to enjoy Julian and Marc!! yay!

Mary G said...

Hi All
Christy, I have Surrender by Pamela Clare but haven't read it yet.

I read & Loved:
Still The One by Robin Wells
The Best of Friends by Susan Mallery- amazing

The Babe Magnet - Robin Wells

Did any read Nora Roberts 4 Wedding books - Bride Quartet? Recommended?

Hey Marie - glad you stopped by.

Christy we have the Reece's Peeces & Marie's Force LOL.

Jane said...

We went pumpkin shopping this past weekend and picked up ten of them. I reread Stephanie Lauren's "On A Wild Night" and Elle Kennedy's "Silent Watch."

Ronlyn said...

*gasp* Mary! You haven't read Surrender yet?? No more treats for YOU!

Kris, I never used to be able to read more than one book at a time, but I seem to have developed a gift. LOL.

Marie Force said...

I haven't read Surrender yet, either, so Mary we can be losers together! :-)

Try writing two books at once. Wanna talk crazy making? LOL! I am going to wake up drooling one of these days.

Mary G said...

Thanks Marie
I'm in good company. BTW loved the pic of you & Brandy on your wall. You look so tall & skinny too.

Ronlyn - thought about it so many times especially when I'm in the mood for a Pamela book. I've been on a contemp kick lately & then I just reread her rom susp. I'll let you know when I start it.
Until then I'll wear my loser tag.LOL

Marie Force said...

Tall and skinny? I love Mary G! Tall yes, skinny NO! Brandy made me look good and Jake took a good picture!

Ronlyn said...

Mary and Marie! What am I going to do with you?

Elke said...

Mary G.
I read 3 of Nora Roberts Wedding books ( is the 4th already out?) and I really liked them.They are all about love, friendship and family and although i wished sometimes for a bit more twists and turns they are a good read to relax after a busy day.

krisgils33 said...

Mary G-
I've read the first 3 in the Bride Quartet and pre-ordered the fourth. LOVED it!!!

Marie Force said...

I read the first three and loved them even if they were a bit light weight in the plot department and maybe a bit much in the wedding details. Looking forward to the 4th one because I really can't wait to read about the uptight, society girl with the auto mechanic! Love that.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Shhh don't tell Ronlyn!
Mary and Marie I haven't read Surrender either! shhhh lol

Mary G said...

Thanks Ladies.
That's a great help.

Marie, I was intrigued for the same reason. Just read the review of the 4th one at All About Romance

But I want to (have to) read the first 3 first LOL. It releases
Nov 2.

Marie Force said...

Yay!!!! Another loser! Welcome to our club Crystal!

Marie Force said...

I wish you lived closer to me Mary G (for many reasons) but I would loan you the first three!

Mary G said...

I wish we lived close too Marie & nothing to do with tennis LOL.

Marie Force said...

You just want my access to the tennis hall of fame, Mary. I know your game! LOL

Linda said...

I reread Last Chance. I had plans to reread Return to Me....however I loaned it to a friend a couple of weeks ago...irony...she has not returned it to me! :(

I read G.A. Aiken Dragon Actually and Chains & Flames...I really enjoyed them both---had several laugh out loud moments.

I am waiting on Kylie Brant's Deadly Intent; due out in November.

I have never read Pamela Clare...I am going to put her on my list since she has been recommended so many times.

Mary G said...

No way! Before I would have used you as the excuse to go to the HOF. Now I'd be using the HOF to come & see you. LOL. I must be crazy but you're more important than tennis.

Marie Force said...

Awww, you are so cute. So when are you coming? (And thank you Christy for letting us plan our visit on your blog!)

Mary G said...

Tomorrow if I had the money. You better hope I don't win the lottery!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Linda even though I haven't read Surrender....

I have to say that reading Pamela Clare is a MUST!! The I-team is GREAT!

Hope said...

Oh gosh Linda, don't let Ronlyn hear that you haven't read Pamela Clare, you should just go out and get them today, you won't be disappointed. BUT, I won't tell her that you haven't read them if you don't tell her I haven't read Surrender ;o) (apparently I am in the looser club too)

Ronlyn, how are you liking the Nook?

Crystal (cmac) said...

Wow we got us a loser convention going on! Ronlyn will be sending us to see a therapist. lol

Hope said...

Crystal, would the therapist be named Dr. Barnes Noble or Dr. Borders???

Crystal (cmac) said...

Lol Hope, You know maybe it is your UPS guy under disguise. Ronlyn is sending a secret spy to check on you. :)

Christy Reece said...

Sorry I'm late posting. Seth and Honor are in the midst of a crisis and I'm trying to negotiate a peace treaty!

You guys have been busy! Love to see all the chatter and sharing. And looks like the book fairy continues to send good books our way.

With last Friday's comfort reads and today's additions, I am fixed for the rest of the year and well into 2011. However, since I'm a firm believer in there's no such thing as too many books, hope you guys keep them coming.

Okay, headed back to the writing cave. Seriously creepy villain just shocked me! Woohoo! Love it when that happens.

Oh, and special thanks to Marie Force for dropping by with a recommend!

Hope everyone has a great week!

Kara C said...

Crystal, Mary, and Marie -
(Add me to the Losers' Club. I'd head to club, but I'm already captain of TeamMarc, so...)

Mary, I JUST got Best of Friends from the library. Haven't started it yet.

Kara C said...

THE - head THE club. Really should proofread...

Hope said...

KK, I am so intrigued about your Marc. I can't wait to read this one. I just can't seem to get past the one I am reading. Between phone calls, returning emails, picking up and dropping of kids, I didn't read one page today. Marc is definitely next. I wasn't sure if I should go with Iteam or TS, but I team it is.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Woo whoo I can't wait for you to read Marc....sigh.... Good choice!!

Mary G said...

Hi Kara
I read it till 3AM becuase I couldn't put it down. It's considered mainstream fiction but I thought it was a contemp romance.

Hey Ronlyn does it count if I've raed PC's contemps 20 times? LOL.

Luci said...

Christy I love all Pamela Clare's books but Surrender and Untamed were fabulous!! I have been waiting for Connor's book very patiently :).

Had a quiet weekend and yesterday mornign woke up to the worst storm Malta has seen in 31 years! Everywhere was flooded! Had water coming in through every door.

Haven't been reading much though i did finally finish Nora Roberts' Dream trilogy.

Now am continuing the Emma Wildes book I had started last week - My Lord Scandal and i am really enjoyin git.

oklanannie said...

Better late than never (at least that's what I like to say!).

Great suggestions by everyone! This past week I read a couple of easy, quick and fun reads. Jill Shalvis did an amazing job with the debut book, "Simply Irresistible" in her new Lucky Harbor series. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the two lead characters and even more the interactions between the three sisters.

I also read Carolyn Brown's "I Love this Bar!" Cute book with a solid storyline. Looking forward to the next one, "Hell Yeah!"

Mary G - so glad to get your review on "Best of Friends" by Susan Mallery. I just picked it up yesterday.

I'm also excited to get Stephanie Tyler's new "Lie With Me." I'm ready for a new romantic suspense and this begins her new Shadow Force series.

Roxanne St. Claire's new "Edge of Sight" comes out today (Oct. 26th) and is GREAT!! I got an early copy and really liked the beginning of her new "Angelinos" series. Characters are Italian and really a fun family and entertaining.

Have a great week!

Hope said...

oklanannie - if you loved "I loved this bar" then you will also love "Hell Yeah" AND "My give a damn's busted" the whole series is really cute. I also loved Jill Shalvis' book, I really love all of the chemistry and banter. Have you tried Maya Banks "The Darkest Hour" yet? This was a really good romantic suspense.

Jill Shalvis said...

Such a thrill to see my own Simply Irresistible mentioned a few times, thanks ladies!

I just read The Darkest Hour by Maya Banks and loved it.

oklanannie said...

@ Hope -- I have read Maya Banks's "The Darkest Hour." and loved it! I'm ready for the next one in December.

Saw where you finished "Hard Evidence." Welcome to Team Julian!!!! Wasn't it soooo good??? I also saw where you finished Sam and Alyssa's book and enjoyed it as well.

So many many good books to get lost in . . . just not enough time!!!

Kara C said...

@ Jill! So glad to see you here! I have my copy of Simply Irresistible in my 'on deck' pile. Can't wait to dive into it. I've loved your books since reading Smart and Sexy years ago.
@ Anne, stop recruiting. She's only on Julian's team for now because she hasn't met Marc. :) BTW, I'm about to start an historical author I think you recommended - Sherri Thomas? I'll let you know.

Christy Reece said...

Jill, thanks so much for stopping by! Lots of people love you here (you get recommended all the time on Recommend Monday). Please feel free to drop by anytime to say hi or recommend a book!

Mary G said...

Hi Jill
Good to see you here.

Jill Shalvis said...

Thanks Christy, I'll try to stop by more often. I should also say I loved your No Chance. SOOO good.

Christy Reece said...

Thank you so much, Jill! I'm thrilled that you enjoyed NO CHANCE and so appreciate you letting me know.

Please feel free to visit any time. We love hearing from our favorite authors. (: