Saturday, September 17, 2011

SWEET Giveaway Day Eleven!

Happy Saturday!

Thanks to everyone who came by yesterday and shared the reason they fell in love with one of their favorite heroes. I loved reading the comments of why you loved that man: tough but tender, protective, caring but flawed, reformed bad boy, loyal, kind, honorable, devoted. All of those are wonderful characteristics and exactly what I love in a hero, too.

Special thanks to Crystal for choosing Ethan from RUN TO ME and her description of him as strong, kind, a bear and just sexy as can be! And Kris for choosing Seth from SWEET JUSTICE and her description of how honorable he is for sticking to what he believed in to his own detriment. Isn't it interesting that his heroine is named Honor. (:

Congrats to Lisa Filipe for winning a signed copy of Beg for Mercy by Jami Alden! Lisa, please email your mailing address to and I'll get the book out to you next week.

Now, today let's talk about heroines. When I'm writing, I always fall in love with my hero and want to make sure I find a heroine who not only deserves him but is a perfect match for him. One who's strong enough to stand up to an alpha male but also has qualities that make that alpha male become all tender and protective when he thinks of her.

I won't ask you to name your favorite female character, unless you want to, however, name some character traits you like to see in a heroine. If she's going to be good enough for a hero you love, she's got to have qualities that you admire. What are they?

Today's SWEET prize is Blood Trinity, Book 1 in the Belador series by Sherrilyn Kenyon and Dianna Love! Looks like a fabulous book!

Okay, I'm spending the day again with Jared and Mia. Since this is the last book in the LCR series, I think I'm having trouble letting them go, plus they are just so much fun! However, I'm sending them back to New York on Monday so gotta get them ready for the journey.

Have a great Saturday all! And if you're a college football fan, hope your team wins today, unless your team happens to be playing the Alabama Crimson Tide! (:

Now, let's talk heroines.


Crystal said...

Christy I am wiping a tear.... I still can't believe there won't be any more LCR books. I re-read Sweet Justice yesterday and all I could think about was... this can't be ending!! Think if I threaten the right people I can get it changed? :)
As far as heroines go.. I think it changes with each hero. Like with Noah and Samara she needed to be tough, but innocent at the same time in order to be Noah's match.
With Cole and Keeley even though she was tough I think Cole needed someone who needed him. If that makes any sense.
Have a great weekend Christy!! Don't enter me into the giveaway. :)

ShellyE said...

I'm with Crystal - I can't believe LCR is ending, but I know your next series will be just as good! I like heroines who are surprised by their toughness, not knowing they can do it until they try. Ones who have a sense of humor and who love their man, foibles and all.

I have Blood Trinity, so please don't include me in the drawing.

Tasty Book Tours said...

First Off....Thank You, Thank You for the signed copy of Beg For Mercy....I had borrowed it from the Library when Marie Force had it as the Book Club read, and I have yet to own a copy...but am loving the series so far and can't wait for Hide From Evil. I really, really wanted this one!

Secondly...I love a kick butt, take no shit heroine. I love the girls who tell themselves over and over that they are not going to fall for this guy, or will not fall for him again, but their damn hearts just don't listen. I like a heroine who doesn't whine when life throws shit in her way, I like my girls who battle back. I am a huge fan of Sam Holland from The Fatal Series by Marie Force. She is kick butt and stands up to anyone who tries to mess with her or her family, but she has this sensitive side that she tries to hide. I love her!

oklanannie said...

I just can't think about the LCR series ending. I rather think of our beloved LCR gang off on another adventure, happy and content along side their chosen HEA, while new characters come to life on the pages of Christy's future books.

Probably my all-time favorite heroine is "The Ghost" - yep, our very own LCR operative, McKenna Sloan. The mystery and intrigue surrounding her character hooked me immediately. McKenna was a sweet 16 year old girl living a normal life with loving and protective parents in Hometown, America, when she was suddenly thrown into a storm of evil. Suddenly she’s running for her life for years. How many teenage girls could manage to survive the mountain of pain and agony McKenna did? Though weary, naive and suspicious, she managed all alone to mature into a kick-ass strong, brave and determined young woman who, in spite of it all, successfully overcame the painful past, beat down the bad guys, and found her HEA in the arms of one of my very very favorite heroes of all time, Lucas Kane.

GO 'POKES! Hope everyone enjoys the beauties of this fall weekend!

Na said...

Hi Christy, I love series that feature strong men and woman. One of my favourite is Alaina from Ashes in the Wind. She was spunky, gutsy and determined. She easily won my heart over.

From the sounds of it, your series also feature these kind of characters. I will need to read them soon.

krisgils33 said...

awwww....I'm famous now that I'm named in your blog!!! :-)

congrats to Lisa Filipe!!

I stayed up to the wee hours last night reading most of Susan Elizabeth Phillips' Call Me Irresistible and I'm loving how Meg sees right through Ted's facade when no one else does. I love that when either the hero or heroine simply "gets" their counterpart. I think it takes true talent for an author to convey that element in a non-specific way.

BTW, I'm ignoring the fact that LCR will be coming to an end. :-)

Carla Swafford said...

Hey, Christy, I'm going to miss LCR too. BUT, I've seen some of your other books (one of the benefits of knowing you so long - 6-7 yrs) and I know whatever you decide to write next will be just as powerful and sexy. I can't wait to see them.

I agree with Shelly. The best heroine is one with flaws who loves her man despite his flaws. She stands up to him and for him. Humor is always useful in dealing with men.

Don't include me on the drawing. Wouldn't be fair...nepotism and all. LOL!

Michelle said...

I started the LCR series four days ago and just got done with McKenna's story. I'm already sad to know that there will only be three books left in this incredible series, but thank you for giving us 9 wonderful adventures with amazing characters to cherish. Your heroines are just one of the things that had me devouring one book after another. I've read so many books where the heroine suffers from low self-esteem, doesn't know what she wants until it's too late, and just plain weak. All of the women so far were beautiful both inside and out as well as incredibly strong when faced with the horrors you put them through. I think my favorite so far is McKenna with Shea right on her heels. It's not fair to say they suffered the most, but I cried the most when I read their stories. Right, now I'm going to huddle up with Honor and Seth and a box of Kleenex :)

Crystal said...

Wow Michelle you are a fast reader! I love it when I find a series that has several books out so I can read them back to back!!

Spav said...

She has to be independent, smart and funny. She also has to be able to work well under pressure.

Mary G said...

I love smart-mouth kick-ass women.
I love that she may not be as strong physically but she can outsmart, outtalk, outthink the hero. I guess you can outshoot a guy too LOL.

Yes Anne, Ghost is still special to me too.

Don't enter me.

Christy Reece said...

Sorry I'm running late today!

Wow, what great qualities you all listed for your favorite kind of heroine. Thanks to everyone who commented!

Special thanks to Crystal for mentioning Samara and Keeley. And thank you, Anne, for mentioning McKenna. I like to think of each of these women being just what their hero needed to complete them, and vice versa. LOL I do enjoy being a matchmaker.

Lisa, so glad you're happy about winning Beg for Mercy. Your email made me smile.

Wow, Michelle, you are a fast reader! I'm so glad you discovered the LCR series. Hope you enjoyed SWEET JUSTICE, too!

Mary G, I have a feeling you're really going to like SWEET REWARD! (:

Saying goodbye to my LCR gang will be hard, but I agree with Anne, I'll just know that my heroes and heroines found their perfect match, are living happily ever after and will continue to rescue the innocent and help put bad guys away! (:

Carla, thank you! I hope you're right. (:

Na, I loved Ashes in the Wind. Haven't read that book in forever.

Kris, I love SEP's characters. They are always so very real.

Spav, I like those kinds of qualities, too! And congrats, you are the winner of Blood Trinity! Email me at with your mailing information.

Okay, I'm headed over to the blog to announce SWEET giveaway Day Twelve. Come on over everyone!