Thursday, September 29, 2011

SWEET Giveaway Day Twenty-three

Happy Thursday All!

Has this week gone by fast or is it just me? Hard to believe tomorrow is Friday. Anyone got fabulous weekend plans? I'm going to Atlanta on Saturday with a friend for the day. We're going to the aquarium, having lunch and then we'll head over to the signing at the Moonlight and Magnolia Conference. I'm not signing...plan to play fan girl in a big way though!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and shared the names of their favorite cartoons. Brought back many good memories for me! Congrats to Gail for winning a signed copy of Maya Rodale's A Tale of Two Lovers. Gail, please send your mailing info to

Going down memory lane was such SWEET fun, let's stay in the past one more day and talk about our favorite toys when we were kids. I had a couple. One was a Creepy Crawler set that could cook up all sorts of wonderful rubber insects and little creatures. I remember going to church with rubber frogs and lizards in my little purse. And I also loved my Barbie doll. I used to spend all my recess and lunch money on Barbie clothes. She was much better dressed than me!

What about you? What was your favorite toy?

Comment for a chance to win a signed copy of Heartache Falls by Emily March!

I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Have a great Thursday all!


JBarr5 said...

my favorite toy would be a barbie doll, other than books :}
used to make outfits for the barbie but just visualizing it. got a chance once to borrow my brothers GI Joe and made a priest outfit for him LOL

krisgils33 said...

We didn't have many toys when I was kid. I pretty much grew up in the time of just being outside with your bikes and not much else. I had a Barbie and a few board games. I remember cutting all the Barbie hair off during my wannabe hairdresser phase.

Susan T. said...

I grew up with very little toys. I remember getting Barbie dolls from my cousins for the x-mas. I have a vague memory playing with a big red fire engine truck.

Deb said...

I was not into Barbie at all. My sister was and I had to play with her some. One of my favorite things to play with was tinkertoys. I had so much fun building things. I also loved riding my bike.
And if you haven't already been to the Aquarium, you will love it. I have been a few times, it only takes me a little over an hour to get there (unless traffic is awful). Not sure what I am doing this weekend, but sounds like yours will be great.

Johanna J said...

I was a barbie girl too! I did not have too many but the few I had I kept very well and very well dressed. I was lucky enough too have a cool doll house too! I did not have any Ken dolls so they dated my brothers GI JOES and other action figures! I liked to dress them kinda slutty too! LOL! Thanks for sharing!

PamM said...

My favorite toys have to be My Little Ponies and Hot Wheels. I played with them all the time when I was little and still have 100's of ponies. Thanks for the giveaway.
Kydirtgirl68 AT gmail DOT com

Gail said...

I loved Barbie & Ken but my favorite things were books.I loved the fact that you could open up a book and be transported to another place & time.

Hope said...

I, too, played outside a lot, but my most prized possession when I was a little girl, was my cabbage patch doll. Her name is Emma, and I still have her.

Na said...

I grew up with many stuffed animals, some Smurfs, Care Bears and Cabbage Patch dolls! The original are much cuter than the modern ones to me.

Unknown said...

I guess my favorite toy would have been my Barbie dolls. I still have them and they were made back in the 60's although they are not in the best of shape because I played with them a lot. My barbie is one of the first ones that came out. Not sure why I hung on to them all these years maybe because of them being my favorite. I have Barbie, Ken, Red headed Midge, and the flat chested skipper.

oklanannie said...

My favorite toy ever was always my bike. It took me to my best friend's house around the corner, to the neighborhood grocery store where Miss Mandrina had a sinful candy counter, and also to school and back each day.

Hope you have a great time in Atlanta, Christy! And I wish everyone a fantastic fall weekend.

Crystal said...

Sorry I am so late! I've been gone all day. Sheesh... So would I sound retarded if I said my imagination was the best thing I had growing up? I lived on a 400 acre farm with my closest cousins just across the field. Unless is was raining we were outside playing cowboys and Indians or war. We had imaginary tanks, horses, forts, tribes all sorts of amazing things. When in all reality we didn't have much. There was a tree that had been hit by lightening probably 20 years before and we decided it would be our Eagles Den (clubhouse) it was really great!!

ShellyE said...

OMG! I had one of the Creepy Crawler toys too! My favorite toys were anything that had horses. I had the Johnny & Jane West dolls and horses. Also loved my matchbox cars!! Also loved my Liddle Kiddles - which are now going for big bucks on Ebay!!

But my favorite toy was a stuffed Scottie dog named Soda. He still sits on my dresser!

Please don't enter me in the contest.

Christy Reece said...

Thanks everyone for going down memory lane with me on your favorite childhood toys. Interesting to see so many similarities.

Congrats to Johanna J for winning a signed copy of Heartache Falls by Emily March! Johanna, please send your mailing info to

I'm headed over to post SWEET Giveaway Day Twenty-four. Today's giveaway is especially SWEET, so be sure to come on over when you can!