Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Welcome Bella Andre!!!

I'm so thrilled to be a part of Christy's blog today to celebrate the release of my new contemporary romance, FROM THIS MOMENT ON, about the Sullivan family - 6 brothers and 2 sisters in a close knit family.

For thirty-six years, Marcus Sullivan has been the responsible older brother, stepping in to take care of his seven siblings after their father died when they were children. But when the perfectly ordered future he's planned for himself turns out to be nothing but a lie, Marcus needs one reckless night to shake free from it all.

Nicola Harding is known throughout the world by only one name - Nico - for her catchy, sensual pop songs. Only, what no one knows about the twenty-five year old singer is that her sex-kitten image is totally false. After a terrible betrayal by a man who loved fame far more than he ever loved her, she vows not to let anyone else get close enough to find out who she really is...or hurt her again. Especially not the gorgeous stranger she meets at a nightclub, even though the hunger - and the sinful promises - in his dark eyes make her want to spill all her secrets.

One night is all Nicola and Marcus agree to share with each other. But nothing goes as they plan when instead of simply tangling limbs, they find a deeper connection than either of them could have anticipated. Growing emotions - and sizzling attraction - keep drawing them closer together. Close enough for them to wonder if stealing one more secret moment together can ever be enough?

One of the reasons why FROM THIS MOMENT ON was so much fun to write is because my hero is a winery owner. I live in the Northern California wine country and am inspired by the gorgeous grapevines and mountains around me every day! In fact, I'm looking out at them from my office as I type. The first time my husband and I set eyes on this beautiful part of the country thirteen years ago, we knew we had to move here.

I'm having an absolute blast with my Sullivan family and can't wait to tell every single one of their love stories! Just ask my husband, who I was yabbering on to yesterday when we were in the car on the way home from a weekend in Lake Tahoe, about one of my Sullivans. He's very good at looking interested. :) The first book – THE LOOK OF LOVE – came out this summer and the third – CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE – will be out in December.

I'd love to know what some of your favorite settings are for books? I'll happily give away a digital copy of THE LOOK OF LOVE (Sullivans #1) to one of the commentors.

Happy reading!
Bella Andre

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Hope said...

Good morning Bella (and Christy of course)....I really liked the first Sullivan book, but I have to admit, even while reading Chase & Chloe's story, I was intrigued by Marcus so I am very excited to read his story.

As to my favorite setting for a book, I would say that would depend on the type of book. It seems lately, I have been addicted to romantic suspense, so most are set in south america or Seattle (who knew Seattle was such a port for so many different bad guys lol). I would say, if I could pick my dream destination for a contemporary romance, I would say....a small island town, where everyone knows everyone and you feel a sense of community while reading the book.

Thanks for joining us today Bella :)

Christy Reece said...

Hey Bella! Thanks so much for coming over and chatting with us. FROM THIS MOMENT ON looks so good! I'm downloading it to my Kindle immediately, along with the first book in the series.

Regarding your question on settings, I seem to be drawn to books set in large cities. However, a small town setting will appeal to me if there's mischief and mayhem afoot! (:

So glad you're here today. Hope you have a blast!

krisgils33 said...

Hey all,
So excited about this series. I love all of Bella's books. I'm not partial to any setting per se, but those set in California wine country ALWAYS seem to work so well. I don't know if it's the beauty of the countryside, the romance of wine, or whatever.

Jackie P said...

I have now found another book to grab. Thanks. I get so excited over new books to read.

I love big cities wether they are in the U S or abroad. I do love the small hometown with a well known community like Hope also.

oklanannie said...

Good morning! Welcome to Bella Andre and thanks for sharing your time and talents with us. And to Christy, always, for hosting fun times and good books!

Bella, I love the new "Sullivan" series. "Look of Love" was just great! I loved Chase and Chloe.
Large family-based series are among my top favorite themes and one with a backdrop set in lovely wine country is always a welcome venue. Could be that I just get drunk on romance!

"From This Moment" with Marcus and Nico has peaked my curiosity because I also find rockstars another interesting characterization. The excerpt hooked me from the get-go.

Looking forward to more of the Sullivans and their stories!

I don't really have a favorite setting -- it all depends on where the writer and the adventure takes me. I've enjoyed being lost in jungles of Africa, on the battlefields of Viet Nam, being shot at in the streets of Iraq, and felt right at home in the hills of Georgia. My most favorite at the moment is taking down an evil cult leader in a place called "Tranquillity."

Thanks again and I hope everyone is enjoying a beautiful end of summer and welcome to fall day!

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Hey Bella and Christy! Bella, your book sounds very good! I love when authors can put out more than one book a year, so I am definitely going to check this series out.

I would have to say that since I was born and raised in a big city and now I live right by New York City, I have found that I really enjoy small town romance novels. There's something comforting about a small town that warms my heart. I also like to have lots of land or mountains near by. I grew up on the Palm Beach beaches so I don't want to read about that. Don't get me wrong, they are stunning beaches but I've had enough sand and ocean to last me a lifetime.

Thanks for the giveaway!

monica said...

Welcome and good morning to Bella Andre and Christy. Thanks for all the great books you both write.
I don't really have a favorite setting. Although, I do enjoy reading about different places. I don't travel a lot so when i read about. Book set in Russia or Australia it feels like I'm vacation.
My dream destination for a book would have to be Greece or Spain. I love seeing pictures of these locations but rarely read about them.

Have a great day and thanks for the giveaway

Hope said...

Taryn, I grew up less than an hour from Palm Beach :)

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Where in Florida did you grow up, Hope?

drey said...

Hi Bella! I'm glad I saw the link to this. I'm a new fan, love your books! As for settings, I'm a sucker for anything set in France, Italy, or Greece, or has cowboys in it. Yeah, crazy. ;)

Hope said...

@Taryn.....Okeechobee, most of my family is still there, I visit about once a year, sometimes more if there is something going on. Are you on facebook?

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Hope, of course I'm on facebook, who isn't? LOL If you search for me I am the Taryn Cellucci that lives in New York, not New Jersey. Yes, there is another Taryn Cellucci, go figure.

All my family is back home in Florida too. In Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens to be exact. We went back the last two summers but couldn't this summer because my hubby had to take the bar exam and it was just too much with the kids.

Alison said...

Hi Bella & Christy!
Bella I'm so excited to start your new series!  I have both The Look of Love and From This Moment On downloaded to my kindle ready to read.  I like all settings, but I do get extra excited when books are set in cities/places I have been.  I also like small town stuff to, since I grew up in a small town in MO.   

Mary G said...

Hi bella Bella and Christy you're cute too.

I already downloaded TLOL and I'm so looking forward to reading it.
You know I love all your books.

I love wine country settings.
So nice to see you at one of my hangouts.

oklanannie said...

Welcome Drey! Hope, did you notice that Drey loves cowboy books? Maybe she'll have some new recs for us!!!!!

Hope said...

Anne, I was just getting caught up and noticed we have a new pal on here. Welcome Drey....we have some suckers here too that love a good cowboy!!

Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Bella. My favorite settings include NYC, San Francisco, England and Vegas.

Bella Andre said...

Congratulations on your new release, Christy! Your books are wonderful - and so are you!

Hello to everyone on the blog. Thanks for chiming in on your favorite book settings. I'm taking notes! :)

Hope - I'm glad you enjoyed The Look of Love and am hoping you'll like From This Moment On, too!

Kris - Thank you! I'm blushing now. :)

Jackie - I hope you fall for my Sullivans!

Oklanannie - Yay! I loved writing Chase & Chloe's story. So glad you enjoyed writing it. Can't wait for you to read Marcus and Nicola's story! He is really, really yummy...

Taryn - Thank you! I hope you enjoy it!

Monica - Those settings all sound lovely. Must dust off my passport!

Drey - Hi there! I'm thrilled you've found my books recently. So glad you're enjoying them!!

Alison - Wow, you're definitely ready to meet my Sullivan boys. Enjoy them! LOL

Hi Mary! You're awesome! :)

Thanks, Jane! Those are some of my favorite settings, too.

:) Bella

Anonymous said...

Hi Bella, sorry to say I have not read your books but will have to start looking for them. I love all kinds of settings and I switch around a lot in books. I love books set in the south, Ireland, Scotland, and the west. A little of everything for me.

Marie Force said...

Look here, two of my favorite authors hanging out together. I was lucky to read an advance copy of From this Moment and it is FABULOUS! Run right over to your favorite e-retailer and snap it up. Marcus and Nicola are great characters, and I love the entire Sullivan family (although, as a one-time Sullivan myself, I might be a tad but biased). Best of luck with the new book, Bella! And waving hello to Christy! I've got Sweet Justice on the Kindle, and looking forward to it!

Kara C said...

Hey Christy! Quite a party today. Three fabulous authors talking about some truly remarkable books!

Bella, I need to get my hands on this new book. The first in the series was such a fun read!

Tasty Book Tours said...

Hey Bella and Christy...I am excited for the next releases from both of you...Sweet Revenge and Can't Help Falling In Love. I am so digging the Sullivan Family so far and like I posted on Facebook, so far Marcus is my favorite Sullivan brother but it lookslike he may have some stiff competition..haha. Congrats to you both on the New Releases, please keep up the amazing stories!

As to some of my favorite places for stories, I am a HUGE fan of my good ol' boys from Idaho or New Orleans, ohhhh Texas boys do it for me everytime!!

Bella Andre said...

Virginia - Thanks for saying hello!

Marie - How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... You are beyond fabulous. :)

Kara - Hi! I'm glad you enjoyed THE LOOK OF LOVE!

Lisa - I'm sitting here grinning at your "stiff competition" comment. Clearly, I never left high school. :) It's a good thing, right?

Thanks to all of you for saying hello and sharing your favorite settings. And Christy, you're wonderful. Thank you for sharing some space on your blog for me today.

:) Bella

Anonymous said...

Hi ladies! I've always lived in somewhat big cities, so I like to read about small-town USA, just the thought of everyone knowing everyone intrigues me.

Your new release sounds like a great story.


Anonymous said...

Hi ladies! I've always lived in somewhat big cities, so I like to read about small-town USA, just the thought of everyone knowing everyone intrigues me.

Your new release sounds like a great story.


Christy Reece said...

Thanks to everyone who came by yesterday to visit with Bella! You all gave me some good ideas for future book settings!

Congrats to Monica, the winner of The Look of Love! Monica, email me at so we can arrange delivery of your prize.

And everyone else, come by in about half an hour for another SWEET giveaway!

Crystal said...

I am soo sorry I missed the fun with Bella yesterday!! I wasn't around the computer at all. Sounds like every one had a great time! Bella I have added your book to my TBR pile!!