Monday, December 26, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday and Happy Holidays to everyone!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas, lots of holiday fun with your family and I hope everything is wonderful and bright in your world. So many beautiful things going on this time of year. You can just almost feel the love in the air.

My Christmas was filled with laughter, too much delicious food and then more laughter. Our family celebrates together on Christmas Eve and it's always such a joy to watch the kiddies, young and old, tear into their presents and "ooh" and "ahh" over their gifts. And of course, there's always the one or two gag gifts that we seem to get the most joy from. My hubby is the number one culprit when it comes to gag gifts. He gave one to my brother-in-law this year that had everyone in stitches. Do you guys do that? What the best gift you received this year? What about the funniest?

Guess what? We're less than 15 hours away from the official release of SWEET REWARD! If you're wondering what to do with those bookstore gift cards, what better way to spend them but on a SWEET REWARD! I think some stores put it out early because I've heard from several people who have already read it. Early reports are that readers are loving it. Yay!

Tomorrow, we'll have a release day party for Mia and Jared. We'll start around 10 AM (CST) with prizes, trivia and lots of fun. Hope you can make it!

Did you get to read anything last week or during the weekend that you loved? If so, please share. All those bookstore gift cards are burning a whole in our pockets!

Thursday, December 29, I'll be at the Just Romantic Suspense blog talking about SWEET REWARD and why I fell in love with Jared Livingston long before I wrote his book. Hope you'll come by and chat with me. There will be prizes! I'll post the link here on Thursday morning.

The remainder of the week, I'll be do a little writing, a bit of reading and probably lots of sleeping. 2012 is going to be incredibly busy so I'm going to get as much sleep as possible. (:

And because this is the season of giving and because I love you guys so much, I'm going to give a signed copy of SWEET REWARD to one of today's commenters. All you have to do is either recommend a great book or tell me, "I WANT A SWEET REWARD" to be entered into the drawing. I'll announce the winner tomorrow before we start partying.

Hope you have a lovely day. Be sure to come back tomorrow for the party! It's going to be a SWEET release day party! Don't miss it!

Happy Monday!


Mary G said...

I'm just finishing the ARC of Sweet Reward and OMG, Mia & Jared are amazing!!Free up your day because you won't be able to stop reading.

Mary G said...
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Mary G said...

Oh & hubby & son got me a Kindle! I was totally surprised but really they're probably just sick of looking at my books lol.

Christy Reece said...

Mary, I'm thrilled you're enjoying SWEET REWARD! Thank you! And congrats on getting a Kindle! That's fabulous!

monica said...

I want a sweet reward and the last book I read was the Hunger games and i really enjoyed it. I recommend it.

Michelle Santiago said...

i want sweet reward! :)

i read sherry thomas's not quite a lady a couple of days ago and i loved it and i recommend it.

Shelley B said...

I want a sweet reward. I know I'm behind the times. I just got an iPad, so I'm behind on reading. I just finished Jill Shalvis' Lucky Harbor Novels. Please pick me!

Elizabeth said...

I am finishing True Shot by Joyce Lamb. It's the third in her trilogy with True Vision being the first and True Colors the second. The series is terrific and I would highly recommend it.

I want a Sweet Reward!

Have a great week and Happy New Year to all!

Barb Dolt said...

Hi Christy! Sounds like you had a great Christmas! I did too and I also got a gag gift! My MIL gave me really ugly argyle socks. I politely said thank you, of course, but then the joke was on me when I realized that pinned to the inside was a nice amount of cash! WHEW! LOL Have a great week and "I WANT A SWEET REWARD!" :)

Barb Dolt said...

Oh, and I read A lot like Love by Julie James...Excellent read! Highly recommend!

amandakgc said...

I WANT A SWEET REWARD! Also a great book you can read is Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James.

P.S. PICK ME!!!!!

Na said...

I want a SWEET REWARD :) I'm currently reading The Christmas Clock by Kat Martin. It's short but sweet.

Cathy M said...

I just started reading Bound By The Vampire Queen by Joey W Hill and I love this series.

Happy Day After Everyone

caity_mack at yahoo dot com

oklanannie said...

I'm reading a "SWEET" book about a guy named Jared and a girl named Mia and I ♥ it!!! After I finish, I'm going to buddy-read with my daughter the "Hunger Games" series. I've signed up for some challenges on Goodreads for 2012 so I'm off to a good start.

Christy, I can't wait to see what you've got in store for us this year. The new series sounds fantastic and I'm anxiously looking forward to it!

I got some Amazon gift cards for Christmas so I'm all set for the new books coming our way!

See ya'll tomorrow at the SWEET REWARD launch party!!

Sue P. said...

I want a SWEET REWARD. Finished reading some older Susan Anderson and Jillian Hunter's A Bride Unveiled. Next up Karen Rose's You Belong To Me.

Amber said...

I just finished reading STARTING OVER by Marie Force, it's the third book in her Treading Water Trilogy. Love this series!

I want a sweet reward! Can't wait!!!

Monikarw said...

Happy Monday Christy!!!:)
well, I got new bookshelves this christmas! Now I can start filling them with books :)
I read Follow my lead by Kate Noble!:P
Thanks Christy!:*
I want a SWEET REWARD!!!;D
Have a great week!; )

Kara C said...

Hey Christy! 
So glad to hear you had a fun Christmas. I have to say, yesterday was probably one of the best Christmases ever! Everyone was healthy and happy, and the day was both busy and relaxing. My mom gave me a charm bracelet that had belonged to my grandmother. What a gift!
I have read some really great books lately. Under Fire by Rita Henuber and Eve Gaddy's Too Close for Comfort were quick and fun. Wait for Me by Elizabeth Naughton was a really good story, but tough at times. I felt so bad for the heroine for the first half of the book! Finally, the last in Marie Force's Treading Water trilogy is out. Starting Over is a-ma-zing. Christy, I highly recommend it, but you really need your tissues handy. :-) 
BTW, when I googled your name to get to the blog, I would have sworn "Christy Reece Sweet Potato" popped up. Either you've written a book you forgot to mention, or I am suffering from post Christmas over eating. ;-)

krisgils33 said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Boxing Day!
Me and the fam spent most of the day out shopping and to lunch. It's the middle of the day and I'm exhausted!!!
Christy, you know I've been doing a re-read of all the LCR books in advance of Sweet Reward. Even with all the keepers on my shelf, I rarely do TBR is so huge and I always feel so guilty about not reading those books patiently waiting for me!!! Having said that, I am enjoying the re-reads soooooo much! Picking up on little nuances I missed the first go-around, remembering scenes and dialogue that I thoroughly loved and had forgotten. I'm am SO GLAD I decided to do the re-read....your books are so amazing, your villians so very vile, your heroes are smokin hot, and I want to be your heroines soooo bad! I'm on Cole/Keely now. Love it!

Susan T. said...

The last book I read is No Chance. Love it. I want Sweet Reward! I'm making my way thru the series....

Anonymous said...

I read a great book called Binding Arbitration by Elizabeth Marx on my kindle. I cannot reccomend it enough.

And I want a Sweet Reward.

Erin T

Luci said...

Forgot today was Monday! Yesterday was great. Opened presents int he morning at my mum's then had my husband's family over for lunch. My husband cooked a fantastic meal, complete with a chocolate tree dessert. Cleaning then is my job and i was at it till 9pm and was ready to drop after that.

Hope you all had a great day.

We have a week off and went to watch Hugo today - loved it! Tomorrow watching Sherlock Holmes. I adore the cinema but have had to abandon it while my girls are still young so each time i get an opportunity to go i grab it with both hands.

Not reading much at all but am waiting eagerly for my SWEET Reward!! Today i started Rita Henuber's Under Fire. I think it was a rec i saw here. So far so good!

Luci said...

oooh I forgot to say: I want a sewwt reward!!

Crystal said...

Hey everyone. I have had a LAZY day and since the hubs was off work today I nearly forgot it was Monday. I had a fabulous Christmas even though I didn't go home for the holidays. The best book I read last week was In the air tonight by Stephanie Tyler. Somehow I got behind in this series so I'm on Night Moves now.
Christy my husbands family does the gag gift thing and they have been known to give ANYTHING! One year someone got an iguana another year someone got ferret.
I CAN'T wait until midnight! I've already pre-ordered Jared so I'm patiently waiting for his arrival.
Hope everyone has a great week and please be safe and enjoy your New Years!!

LS said...

I got my NOOK for Christmas, so excited. Of course I need to finish "If Whishes Were Horses" by Robert Barclay. I would love to get "Reward"

Jennifer D. said...

I want Sweet Reward and I would recommend True Shot (the third book in the trilogy) by Joyce Lamb

Alison said...

I want a Sweet Reward :)

I read Marie Force's Treading Water Trilogy this past weekend and LOVED IT!

Christy Reece said...

Hey All! Thanks so much for the fabulous recommends yesterday! Looks like there were lots of great books devoured over the holidays. And congrats to those with new e-readers. Hope you got some great ideas from everyone on what to load on to your new reader.

Congrats to Sue P! She's the winner of a signed copy of SWEET REWARD! Sue, if you'll email your mailing address to, I'll get the book out to you soon.

Hope everyone has time to stop by the release day party today starting in about 1 1/2 hours. Lots of fun and prizes to be had!

See you soon!

Angela said...

Can't wait :)