Monday, May 14, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Happy (belated) Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there! I hope your day turned out just the way you wanted.

How was last week and the weekend for you? Did you do anything fun? Read anything fantastic? See any great movies? Please share!

My week was absolutely spectacular. As you know, Zach, Savannah and I went away together to hammer out some details and get to the end of their story. And I'm pleased to announce that we did! Yippee! My first draft manuscripts are always beautiful messes, full of plot holes big enough to drive a semi through, enough loose threads to knit a sweater, and so much head hopping it could cause an epidemic of migraines. I always go through my first draft with a notepad beside me and a "What in the world was I thinking?" kind of feeling. LOL This is the fun part!

Other than all those things I need to do to fix it into a readable book, I am very pleased with the outcome. Savannah and Zach are both flawed individuals, but turned out stronger and much more endearing than I anticipated. I adore them. And Zach? Well, let's just say that small town sheriffs can be seriously HOT! (:

Oh, and I have an official title! MIDNIGHT SECRETS will the first book. Yay!!! The title fits the story perfectly, which is always a good thing.

In between writing, I did manage to finish up Fifty Shades Freed which I really enjoyed. With all the controversy and so many people either hating or loving the books, getting sucked into this trilogy and enjoying it was the last thing I expected. However, I became attached to the characters and I'm so glad I read all three books. I also read and enjoyed Eloisa James' When Beauty Tamed the Beast. The hero was based on Gregory House from the TV show House and had quite a few laugh out loud moments.

This week, and the next few weeks, I'll be editing MIDNIGHT SECRETS. Deadline is looming and that always makes for some harrowing days of hair pulling, nail biting, chocolate consuming and wine drinking. Let the good times roll! (:

What about you? Read anything fabulous? And movie-wise, see anything spectacular? I've heard The Avengers is great and that Dark Shadows was a bust. I'll still see Dark Shadows, simply because that was my favorite TV show years ago and well, I adore Johnny Depp.

I'll be holed up in my writing cave again this week, so forgive my lack of response to your posts. I am reading them and sincerely appreciate all the great recommends. I always get excited when I see a book not on my list. So please keep them coming. Though we only get between 12 - 20 comments each time, the post get's between 150 - 200 views, making Monday the most viewed day. Not everyone comments but please know that you are helping lots of people out there find great books. A great service to all romance readers!

Have a wonderful week everyone. Happy reading and/or movie watching!


Book Talk Romanc said...

Hi Christy,
So happy you have finished the title mystery.
I have been doing a lot of reading lately, I finished the "Chase Brothers" series by Lauren Dane. I have downloaded a new book "She Can Run" by Melinda Leigh. I have not heard of her but the title sounds interesting. I really don't know how much reading I will be getting done after this week.
I am director of our annual women's conference at church and it is set for July 6-7. Hopefully I will have everyone in place so that I don't stress to hard on last minute details. I am also speaking and emceeing at the conference.
Cannot wait for your new book. After conference time I will be able to get back to the one I am writing.
Till next week..........

krisgils33 said...

YAY!!! (for finishing the book). Love, love, love the title. Feels like we're one step closer to getting a new Christy Reece read!

I had a great weekend, busy as always. A soccer game, dance rehearsals and parent meetings on Sat followed by errands, etc. Sunday, I was treated to a yummy breakfast and then shopping (always a good time). I took my daughter to see First Position, a ballet documentary. It was really good. For dinner, my hubby cooked up some filet mignon on the grill. Delish!! My daughter is in love with her new trampoline (she calls it her "baby"), so every spare minute, she was flipping on the thing.

I read the first book in Christina Dodd's Bella Terra trilogy and really liked it. Rachel Gibson's Crazy on You was good, but too short!!

Tasty Book Tours said...

THRILLED that I have something new of yours to look forward to!!

Finished Lucky in Love by Jill Shalvis...Drool Worthy for sure...and I have moved onto At Last, the second book in the trilogy and I am flying through the pages...Can't wait for book three!!!

And I had a great Soon-to-be Mothers Day with my husband, pups and some family friends!! It was a great day!!

Gail Nichols said...

I saw the movie "The Lucky One and I loved it. It was so romantic.

Nancy said...

I recently discovered Pamela Clare's historicals. I highly recommend all 4 and can't wait for the new one this summer!

I saw The Avengers, which was great. I also saw Dark Shadows, which wasn't as funny as I'd thought it would be.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone!
Great title, Christy - looking forward to that teaser you promised.

Despite Mothers Day I had a really crappy weekend: I cought a stomach bug on Friday, which kept me busy till Sunday. Feeling slightly better Sunday afternoon, going downstairs to do some errands I missed the last step and spraind my ankle.And finally, when I looked in(to?) the mirror this morning I discovered I have a ruptured blood vessel in my left eye. It gives me a really interesting look.
I sincerely hope the rest of the week will be better.

As for recommends:
I did some rereads and just started Leslile Tentlers " Midnight Caller" and it has me hooked already.

Good luck for polishing "Midnight Secrets" Christy and Happy Reading! Everyone

Elke said...

Jeannie, I already read " She can run" and I really enjoyed it. i would love to know how you liked it.

Sam said...

I enjoyed a lovely weekend with my family and my mom.

Finished Lori Foster's "When You Dare". Finally read Nora's new release "Witness", which was wonderful. Last night I began a book by Dee Davis, a new to me author, recommended here, "Dark Deceptions". So far there's lots of detail, descriptions, which I like. I see me reading the entire series.

I am so impatient when waiting for my favorite authors' latest releases! Christy I'm trying to wait patiently for yours!

Nancy I love Pamela Claire and I haven't read historicals in a couple of decades, seriously. I'm thinking I will be reading hers. She's a can't go wrong author.

I love "Recommend Monday"!


oklanannie said...

WHOOPEE! YIPPEEE! "Midnight Secrets" is getting closer and that is fabulous news! Glad your time away was very productive, Christy!

The weekend was filled with special gifts, love and togetherness. My daughter had to check out early to make a flight to Chicago for business but otherwise we shared a beautiful weekend. And my grandkids have a new "baby" too, Kris! They love jumping and screaming! The neighbors are probably praying for rain to keep them out of the backyard.

One very good recommend this week from me. Elaine Levine's "The Edge of Courage" is the first book in her new Red Team series. It was an excellent read and at times a bit too realistic. I definitely kept the kleenex close by.

Elke - I hope you feel better soon.

Hope everyone has a super week!

KC said...

Christy- I can't wait for the new book!

I didn't get a lot of reading in this week. I did read The last boyfriend by Nora Roberts ans enjoyed it. I started Somebody to love by Kristan Higgins, but have't had time to finish it yet.

Had a nice Mothers Day, BBQ and cheesecake- can't get better than that.

Have a great week!

Alison said...

Hi Christy! Happy Monday All!

Woohoo! So excited about Midnight Secrets!

I have two recs this week Fever by Joan Swan and Seven Years to Sin by Sylvia Day. I didn't want to put either one down!

Have a good week!

Kara C said...

I'm so glad Zach and Savannah are cooperating! Can't wait to read their story.
I read What Matters Most this week and really liked it. It certainly doesn't fit into a formula romance storyline. I have been on a Nora Roberts dash lately, with fun results. The Witness, the Mackade brothers, and soon several other older books plus The Last Boyfriend. Thank you, Nora! LOL!
Off to a meeting. I'll be back later to check out everyone's recommends. :-)

Linda said...

So glad you finally got the hard part of the book done (title) ;)
It has been a long two weeks for me.. reading has included some deep thinking stories Catebury Tales... and not by choice. I convinced one of my nephews to take English Lit and that was the last assignment for them. So Auntie Linda had to help with the assignments whcih meant rereading the tales. and doing this long distance as he is in OK and I am in IL. But did manage to read two fun books. Jayne Ann Krentz/Amanda Quicks Crystal Gardens and Allison Brennans Silenced. Boy am I glad I can get back to my regular reading now.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Everyone!

Hope you've had a great week! Savannah, Zach and I have been busy chiseling away on their story. So glad you all liked the title, MIDNIGHT SECRETS. LOL It's certainly appropriate--I learned even more secrets this week!

And wow, thanks so much for the fabulous recommends. So many wonderful books to look forward to.

Special note to Elke: I hope your week got better. Hugs!

Have a great weekend all. See you back here for Recommend Monday. Oh and drop by tomorrow if you get a chance to say happy 3rd anniversary to RETURN TO ME! (:

Ali Jane said...

Hi Christy, Excited about the new book! I only recently discovered your series and have sped my way through... I'm currently deep into Second Chance and think it's one of my favourite stories yet.... I also love the way you really involve other characters in your books rather than just mentioning them in passing! I'm fascinated to read McKenna's story next!

I'll reiterate the mention of Pamela Clare, her modern suspense series I-Team is one of the best set of novels I've read. Amazing plots, characters and love stories too.

Cindy Gerard is another of my favourites. Her books are action packed and the themes very similar to LCR so I think fans of Christy will really enjoy them.

Alison, I also read Fever recently, and whilst I enjoyed it at the beginning, the government conspiracy/paranormal plotline got too much for me in the end!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Ali Jane! Thank you! So glad you found my series and that you're enjoying it!

I totally agree with your recommendation of Clare and Gerrard-- two of my very favorite romantic suspense authors!