Monday, May 21, 2012

Recommend Monday!

Good Monday All!

How was your weekend? See any great movies? Read any fabulous books? If so, this is the place to be. Share with us!

My weekend was dedicated to MIDNIGHT SECRETS. My plan was to do some major cutting since the word count is running quite long. Instead, I added about 20 pages! LOL So it's back to surgery again this week.

As for a recommend, I'm in the middle of Lightning That Lingers by Sharon and Tom Curtis, which I'm really enjoying. It's an older Love Swept that was recently released as an eBook. It came highly recommended by many of my friends who claim it was one of their favorite romances. So of course I had to get it. And at $2.99, how could I not? Though it's a bit dated, I'm loving the writing and storyline. How can you go wrong with a male stripper and a small town librarian? Their first 'date' together was so sweet and magical...I can't wait to read more!

Also, though I haven't seen a movie in a theater in months, hubby's birthday is this week, so I think we're going to see Battleship. I'm hearing good things!

So that's my past, present and future in a nutshell! What about you? Books, movies, life? Share and have a good time. I'm headed back to my writing cave, machete in hand. (:

Have a great week everyone!


krisgils33 said...

Happy birthday to hubby! As for cutting down the book, I say...noooooo!!! Add more pages!! :-)

I read absolutely nothing this weekend. We were at dance competition Sat 11-11 and Sun 8-9. Fun but exhausting! I had started Betrayal by Christina Dodd and I'm looking forward to getting back into this series. It's pretty good!

Alison said...

Hi Christy!

I'm with Kris...MORE PAGES :)

This weekend I read The Stranger I Married by Sylvia Day and Skin Deep by Pamela Clare...I really enjoyed both books.

Have a good week everyone!

Book Talk Romanc said...

Hi Christy
I have spent most of my "reading week" on re-runs. However, Pamela Clair's book Skin Deep was release in E-Book form.
I highly recommend it. For those who have read the I-Team Series by Pamela will remember Marc's little sister, Meagan, from unlawful contact. The characters are great. The story made me laugh, cry and cheer. I new food was introduced in the form of Fwapjacks. The bonus story Marc and Julian's beer run was a hoot. I give this book 5 stars easy.
This week I am going through my online library searching for those books I have yet to read. Yep you guessed it my book budget is gone for the month. :) Everyone have a good week. Christy go easy with that scalpel!

oklanannie said...

Good morning! I'm going with the majority -- MORE not less! Christy, don't get too carried away with the machete - we wouldn't want you getting too close to the finer points of Zach!!

I read another new-to-me-author Laura Kaye's "Her Forbidden Hero" this week. Soldier returning from Afghanistan suffering from PTSD and the woman who helps him heal storyline. It's getting rave reviews on Goodreads and Amazon. I enjoyed it very much.

Happy Birthday to your hubby! Hope you enjoy the movie!

Happy Reading this week everyone!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,

Christy I agree with the other girls - don´t shorten Zach and Savannah´s story, better convince your editor that those added pages are important to the story ( and your readers like long books by their fav. author).

Thanks for all your good wishes. Last week was good compared to my crappy weekend before.

I had some great reads last week.

Anny, I read your recommend from last week " the edge of courage" by Elaine Levine. It was fantastic. I kind of inhaled it and highly recommend it and as it ended with a cliffhanger I guess there will be more books to come about the "Red Team".

I also recommend Leslie Tentlers "Midnight caller" and naturally Pamela Clares I-team novella "skin deep".

Currently I am reading Joyce Lambs "True Vision" and I am really enjoying it. Its fast paced , has great characters and the paranormal ability of the heroine adds an interesting element to the story .
As it is the first in this series about three sisters, the other two books are definitely on my wish list.

Christy, Happy Birhtday to your hubby and have a great week Everyone!

Sam said...

I vote MORE too!

I finished my first Dee Davis A-Tac book. I enjoyed it and will read more in the series. "On to Fifty Shades of Grey"...I'm pleasantly surprised at how well it's written. I understand why it's not for everyone. And I will read the last two books in the series.

Love all the recommends! I'm stocking up on reads and preparing for a long, hot Texas summer.


Anonymous said...

I also read Elaine levine's Edge of Courage and enjoyed it very much.I read a new- to- me author cindy stark's "Relentless" and "Moonlight and Margaritas" and they are both great reads.Just ordered Laura Kaye's Her Forbidden Heroat Amazon as recommended previously and am going to start reading it immediately.

KC said...

I also say more of Zach and Savannah!

My recommends for this week:
Sunrise Point by Robyn Carr, Sanctuary by Barbara Delinsky (This was a first for me by this author, it had two shorter stories in one)
Anything you want by Erin Nicholas and Karma by Carly Phillips. All these were really good.

Looks like I'll have to hope over to to add to my collection.

krisgils33 said...

I highly recommend the entire trilogy of Joyce Lamb's True series. I think if you like the first one, you will enjoy the other ones as well!!!

Carla Swafford said...

Tell your sweetie happy birthday from me!

While you're cutting your words, send the word vibes to me. You know me, I have a bad habit of writing short.

I'm reading ANY GIVEN CHRISTMAS when I'm on the treadmill (only time I can read)by Candis Terry. She's to be my roommate in Anaheim and I figured I should check her books out. They're sexy, funny and so good. Enjoying them and I don't have to avoid talking about them with her in July. LOL!

Love ya!

Kara C said...

Easy where you swing that machete there, author girl. We would all like to meet Zach...intact. :-)

I am reading quite a bit, even though there are SO many other things to do, this week of two graduations in this house! My favorite from this week was PCs SKIN DEEP. Can't go wrong with the I Team,

Hope your movie is great fun. You seem to go to the theater about as often as I do. ;-)

Christy Reece said...

Hi Everyone! Thanks so much for your good wishes for hubby's birthday. He had a very good day. (:

I took your advice to heart on the editing/cutting of MIDNIGHT SECRETS. I've now added more pages. (:

Thanks for the awesome recommends. I can't wait to have some free time to read some of them.