Monday, August 13, 2012

Recommend Monday

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a great weekend and you're ready to recommend some fabulous books. And maybe some movies too? Did anyone see the new Jason Bourne movie, Bourne Legacy? I'm hoping to see it some time this week. Love those movies.

Last week I had an emotional scene to write in MIDNIGHT LIES and put it off as long as possible. Whenever I have scenes like this (think the final confrontation between Eden and Jordan in RESCUE ME) I put it off and think and think and then think some more. I have to internalize and feel the pain before I can write it. LOL Yes, I'm weird. I finally wrote several pages on it but still have more to go. I hated hurting these characters but I already see their emotional reunion in my head and that definitely helps.

I briefly visited with Angela and Jake in CHANCES ARE last week and am so happy they're finally on the job in London. We're about to see some action!

No new recommends for me, however, I did purchase two books that were recommended here last week. Couldn't resist. You guys made them sound so good!

This week is going to be another busy one of traveling between Alabama and London. I'm hoping to get lots of progress done on both books. Would love to be through with the first draft of one of them by the end of this month. Which one that will be depends totally on which characters are talking to me. So if you're listening Angela, Jake, Quinn and Samantha. Get to talking!

BTW, if you love swag, Riverina Romantics is having a great contest to win lots of stuff from some of your favorite romantic suspense authors. Here's the link to enter: Riverina Romantics

That's it for me this week. Hope we all have a wonderful and productive week! Now tell us what we should be reading!


Christi said...

Christy, you absolutely write the BEST emotional scenes and this makes me want to grab these books even more. I can't wait to read them!!!

Speaking of great emotional books, I read an AMAZING one last week. The characters and story line reminded me a lot of yours, Christy. It's an erotic romantic suspense that just came out called SPY GAMES: TRAINED FOR SEDUCTION by Mia Downing. It was an AMAZING book!!! I can't recommend it enough!

Have a great week everyone!!! smiles....

Christy Reece said...

Thank so much, Christi! It's always a good sign when an author cries as she writes a scene. (:

Wow, definitely checking out Spy Games. Sounds like my kind of read. Thanks for the recommend!

Linda said...

Hello Kristy,
Well I was on vacation last week and kept myself very busy with hiking, taking pictures and just being outdoors that I did not read all that much. I did finish Lisa Jackson's You Don't Want To Know. As usual with her books it had a lot of twist and turns and is a great read!
I did go see the new Bourne movie and it was good but different from the other movies. I think it is going to be a good jumping off point for more movies.
So now it is back to work this week and probably a lot more books read :)

jbiggar said...

Love your books Christy, they are a big part of my re-read library. I read an absolutely amazing book this week, Dream Lake by Lisa Kleypas. It had a lost, sarcastic ghost, a sweet beautiful woman who can make you feel like your in heaven with her cooking and a an emotionally abused, alcoholic hero who needs a second chance. So good!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Linda, sounds like you had a marvelous vacation. Good for you! So glad to hear you enjoyed the Bourne movie. So excited to see it!

Shelly said...

Hi Christy! It's been a while since I posted on Recommend Monday. I am almost finished with a great book - The Chief by Monica McCarty. I've had her Highland Guard series on my TBR forever - this one is very emotional because the heroine is feeling very alone & left out. I find myself shedding a tear nearly every chapter because I feel so bad for her!! I am so looking forward to new books from you!!

Christy Reece said...

Hi Jbiggar! Thanks for the kinds words. I love to know my books are being reread!

Dream Lake sounds like an awesome book. How can you go wrong with a sarcastic ghost? (: And Lisa Kleypas is sooooooooo goooooood! Will definitely check it out.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Shelly! Good to see you here again. We missed you!

I love, love, love Monica McCarty's books. The Chief sounds like another winner.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi Everyone,
after accidentally killing my kindle ( i am a real klutz sometimes)I was forced to take a reading break - but thanks to the Olympic Games, that was not too bad as I had not decide between reading and watching television.
But now I am with Kindle again,yay!!

I read and enjoyed Jill Shalvis´ new release " Forever and a Day" and Susann Mallery´s "All Summer long" .

Next is Adrienne Giordanos "Relentless Pusuit" , which I downloaded today. I am looking forward to reading it, because I liked the other books in her Private Protectos series very much.

Note to Sam and Annie:
I started with one of Kristen Ashleys Dream Man Series " Wild Man" - but was interrupted by my Kindle accident and somehow I couldn´nt make up my mind to continue with the book. I could´nt stand the hero somehow, he was on the wrong side of "Alpha" for me.
Maybe i just picked the wrong book, but I will try again with another one of her books.

Christy, good luck with "Midnight lies" and "Chances are" and
Happy reading, Everyone

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Glad you're with Kindle again. It's so hard to go without it once you have one, isn't it?

Thanks for the recommends and for the good wishes for MIDNIGHT LIES and CHANCES ARE. Hoping for good things this week. (:

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!

This must be the week for emotional reads. I read two fantastic, very emotional books last week. "The Future of Our Past" and "Don't Forget to Remember Me" by Kahlen Aymes. So good!

I also enjoyed Hell on Wheels by Julie Ann Walker.

Happy reading everyone!

oklanannie said...

Is it Monday already? Guess so, if it's Christy's Recommend Monday. Whew, Saturday and Sunday went by really fast.

I read the second book in Kahlen Aymes's "Remembrance Trilogy." Wow, it was fantastic and equally as good as the first one.

Happy Reading!

KC said...

Happy Monday Everyone! (That is said with heavy sarcasm) It has been one of those days. It stared off with my alarm not going off. Woke up 2 hours late!
Recommends for me:
At Last by Jill Shalvis, Mine to Hold by Shayla Black, and Call Me Wild by Robin Kaye.
So I want to try another Kristen Ashley, I have read Knight and I know this one was a little different than her others. So where should I start?

Crystal said...

Hey Christy!!
I read two from Karen Robards this week. I used to read a lot of her stuff, but for some reason I've forgot about her. Luckily I remembered I had wanted to read Irresistible and Shameless in her Banning Sisters series. Both were good reads.
Good luck with your travels between Alabama and London!! :)

Ella said...

The new books sound like they're going well Christy! I loved that final scene between Jordan and Eden, can't wait for Midnight Lies.

I've spent all week with Jocye Lamb's books. I'd not heard of her before but downloaded one on a whim and then had to get the rest - fantastic!! So much action and tension between the leads. I think Found Wanting was the best so far, but Relative Strangers was also great. Caught in the Act is next on my list!

Not heard of Adrenne Giordano either so I'll be putting her on the 'to read' list too! Thanks for the recommendation.

Christy Reece said...

Hi Alison! I purchased The Future of Our Past a couple of weeks ago but haven't had a chance to read it. Sounds like I need to be prepared for a good cry and ready to buy the second book in the series. Looking forward to it! Oh, and I bought Hell on Wheels too. Heard great things about it also. Looks like I'm in for some great reads soon.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Anne, I purchased the first one in the series when you recommended it a few weeks ago. So glad the second one lived up to your expectations. I'm looking forward to reading it. Sounds like I made need to have a box of tissues handy though. (:

Christy Reece said...

Hi KC! Thanks for the recommends. Hope your week got better!

I haven't read Kristen Ashley yet so I can't make any suggestions. Can anyone suggest the next Kristen Ashely book for KC to read?

Christy Reece said...

Hi Crystal! I used to read Karen Robards too but haven't read her in a while. I'll definitely check these two out! Thanks for the recommends!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Ella! Thank you. I loved that scene with Jordan and Eden too but I think I cried buckets when I wrote it. (:

Oh, I love Joyce Lamb's books. I think the ones you've mentioned are her self published books, aren't they? I definitely need to get these. She is so talented.

Ella said...

Hi Christy,

Yes they are her self-published ones! I can report back that Caught in the Act - yes finished already haha - was really great too. It's really different to the other ones actually, a really intriguing plot and lots of scenes set at the newspaper which I found interesting. And a good, complex villain.

I originally downloaded one because it was only $0.99 and all her self published titles are very cheap. Another good reason to download all of them... it's great when writers can make their work so accessible like this on e-book.