Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year; Happy 2010; Happy Monday; Happy Happy!

Can you tell I'm just happy? Hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Mine was fantabulous and I'm so looking forward to an exciting, fun-filled, action-packed 2010!

So tell me, what great books did you read last week? I worked on story ideas for my new trilogy, so didn't get a CHANCE to read. Copy edits for LAST CHANCE are coming today, so that will be my reading for another week or so, then it'll be time to buckle down and start writing again. However, I'll just live vicariously (or should that be read) vicariously through you.

Did you notice how the blogger not only capitalizes and bolds CHANCE, but now puts it in italics too? What's up with that? (giggle)

So share. What great books can you recommend to us this week?


oklanannie said...
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Christy Reece said...

It's awfully quiet out there. Did no one read any good books last week?

How about what's on your TBR pile for this week?

oklanannie said...

Snow on the ground here since Christmas Eve and it's 18 degrees COLD this morning with more snow forecasted for Thursday but I'M HAPPY!

Caught some CHANCEs over the holidays to read Kylie Brant's new "Mindhunters" series and it was sooooo good! I'm hoping there'll be another book soon and it will tell us more about Raiker!
Thanks to the person here who suggested this series. It was outstanding.

Also, read the first two books in Kat Martin's historical "Bride" series. Enjoyed both Royal's and Reese's books and look forward to Rule's in the spring.

Next up is "To Hard to Hold" by Stephanie Tyler and Elisabeth Naughton's "Stolen Seduction". I've also got Robin Kaye's "Breakfast In Bed" in my TBR stack -- I've heard good things about it.

Hope everyone is starting out the new year happy and well!

Unknown said...

I am reading Untraceable by Laura Griffin. Almost done and so far it has been a really good book. I bought one of her others and have lost it on my shelf, I am gonna have to start digging to find it. I think I have found a new author to enjoy.

Kara C said...

Not quiet around here because I haven't read, but because I am back at work. *sniff, sniff*
I read quite a bit last week, since that's what breaks from work are all about! Let's see, Sizzle by Julie Garwood, Forbidden Falls by Robyn Carr, Before the Storm by Diane Chamberlain, reread Into the Dark by Cindy Gerard, and just finished Desire Untamed by Pamela Palmer. Whooo...Maybe I need to go back to work to get some rest. Naahh... Currently reading the sequel to Chamberlain's book called Secrets She Left Behind. Like others who have already posted, I have Breakfast in Bed and Too Hot to Hold waiting for me. I can't wait to get to both of them. I've loved those authors other books.

Ida Brugler said...

HI ALL! *waves*

I have been a very very Naughty Girl. Have not got much of a CHANCE to read. Instead i have been playing on FB and Hanging out At Sanctuary.

I have however got half way throught Crimson and Steam

And Ordered a bunch of books with my Santa bucks, but you know how the snail mail runs.*SIGH*
Want to know what i ordered?? hu hu want to want to??
The rest of the Morgansville Vampier series
Dead Girls Dance
Midnight Alley
Feast Of Fools
Lord og Misrule
Carpe Corpus
SK's- Dark Side of the Moon
LL"S Nauti Nights

Sorry I am not very exciting today *shrugs* I will check back in later. *BIG HUGS ALL*

Christy Reece said...

Hey Oklanannie, it's soooooo cooooooold heeeeeeere too! Just returned from some errands and it's like 24 as the high today. Now, that's just wrong! I'm ready for Spring!

Looks like you got some good reading in over the holidays. I believe Kylie has three more Mindhunter books coming, if I'm not mistaken. Yay!

Glad you liked the Kat Martin books. I'm anxious to read them. And you've got some good ones on your TBR pile. Looks like you're fixed with good reading for a few days!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Sarah, I have Untraceable. Just haven't had a CHANCE to get to it yet. So glad you're enjoying it! Laura Griffin is a very talented writer.

robinky42 said...

I finished Nina Bruhns If Looks Could Chill (for review) It was really good. Now I am reading Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs by Gerry Bartlett, so far so good. Also read Fallen Rogue by Amy Rench,another good one. Have a great day.

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Kara. Lots of reading done too!

Hope everyone is taking notes. We're getting lots of recommendations again today.

Have already heard great things about Julie Garwood's new book. She's such a wonderful storyteller.

Christy Reece said...

Yay, Ida! Sounds like those Santa bucks got you some good reads! Hope you get a CHANCE to read them soon!

Christy Reece said...

Robin, have heard great things about Nina Bruhns's new trilogy. Have the first on my TBR stack. Must get the rest!

Aren't there some books that you know are going to be good reads just by the title--Real Vampires Hate Their Thighs. Sounds like such fun!

Fallen Rogue sounds good. Don't think I'm familiar with it. Historical?

Jennifer D. said...

Hello All,

I just read Julie Garwood's Sizzle - I'm a big fan of hers. I thought she did a great job of introducing new characters, but keeping the book related to the Buchanan family featured in many of her contemporary novels.

Modokker said...

in the last 3 days i've read 4 books. I read Street Game by Chrisitine Feehan. This is her new release from the Ghost Walkers series. Then i read 3 of Linda lael Miller's books. Corbins's Fancy, Banner O'brien and Memory's Embrace. These are some of her older books and part of the Corbin series. I had read the 4th one then realized it was a series so i had to go get the first 3. lol All good reads.


Alexandra said...

I just finished reading Renegade by Catherine Mann. It's the third in her Dark Ops series.

I'm like Sarah. I'm reading Untraceable and so far I'm enjoying it. I, too, have another book from Laura Griffin somewhere -I just have to find it.

Next, I plan on reading Stephanie Tyler's Too Hot Too Hold.

Mary G said...

Hi All & Happy New Year
First Kara
Into The Dark is my fave of the Cindy Gerard bodyguard series. I have read it at least 3 times. I even loved those 2 from the previous books & couldn't wait to see what happened to them.
I read:
Dangerous Grounds - Shelli Stevens
What I Did For Love - SEP
Candy Store - Bella Andre
Erin's Fancy - NJ Walters

Kara C said...

I didn't know Renegade was out yet. Must get that! Thanks.
Those of you who have misplaced your Laura Griffin books really need to to find them. I've read all of her books and they are great. Of course, if your TBR pile/stack/room/closet is anything like mine, losing a book is so much easier than finding one! :)
Mary, I know what you mean about Dallas and Amy. Definitely faves from that series, although there wasn't a bad book in the bunch, huh? Did you like Dangerous Grounds? I read that last year and really enjoyed it. There's one that comes after it, but I don't remember the title.
Whhooo, all day with kids, guess I needed to chat with some grown ups. I'll shut up now!

Mary G said...

I always like chatting with you Kara. It was tough going back to work today. I will be ordering the next one Tempting Adam by Shelli Stevens. Yeah Amy & Dallas - sigh.
When Amy (because of the trauma she suffered)takes control of their first time - that is some of the most beautiful, sexy stuff I've ever read.
(I wrote stiff & then corrected it to stuff but that fit too.LOL)

Christy Reece said...

You guys are really talking now and I'm way behind. Please keep on talking! I'm getting ready to buckle down with copy edits, but that doesn't mean you can't hop on and share news of your good reads!

I hope everyone is taking notes. If we do this every week, we'll be set all year long!

Mary G said...

Hi Christy
Any CHANCE we can help you with those copy edits? We promise not to tell LOL.

Christy Reece said...

LOL. Oh Mary, I wish! Thanks for the offer. One good thing. I will be posting an excerpt of LAST CHANCE next week. So yay for that!

Amber E. said...

Hi Christy! I just read your book "Rescue Me" and loved it. I can't wait to get the rest of the Last Chance Rescue Trilogy, and also your upcoming release "No Chance". It always so exciting finding a good book that is also part of a series.

I also read Robyn Carr's "Forbidden Falls" and Kat Martin's "Reese's Bride" and really liked them.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Amber, I'm so glad you enjoyed RESCUE ME. Thanks so much for letting me know! Hope you enjoy the rest of the trilogy too.

And thanks for dropping by and sharing with us.
Drop by often. We're always talking about good books and other fun stuff.

oklanannie said...

Yippppeeeeeeeeee! Next week we get a CHANCE to peek into "Last Chance". Can't wait to read the excerpt.

Thanks for the good news, Christy!

Jane said...

I just finished Mary Burton's Dying Scream and can't wait for her next book.

Christy Reece said...

Thanks, Oklanannie! Yes, the CHANCE is coming to get a peek at LAST CHANCE! Just a few more days. Yay! Can't wait to share it with everyone!

Christy Reece said...

Jane, Dying Scream sounds good. I haven't read Mary Burton but will definitely add her to my list.

You guys are great with your recommends. Keep them coming as you finish. The more good books we share, the happier we'll be. LOL. At least, that's my motto.

robinky42 said...

Hi Christy
Fallen Rogue is about a woman who is given psi abilities she can't control. the government sends someone to bring her in, dead or alive. The Real Vampire books are a hoot. This is number 4.
so far real vampires have curves,live large, get lucky and hate their thighs.

Christy Reece said...

Thanks, Robin. Fallen Rogue sounds intriguing! And on the real vampire books...I love the idea of a vampire I can identify with. (:

Too fun!