Monday, March 22, 2010

Recommend Monday

Hey All!

Hope you had a fabulous weekend. Mine was crazy busy but in a good way. Lots of different things to do and a whole bunch of fun. And, of course, I was getting super excited about tomorrow. Anyone know why? Yay, Cole's books will finally be here and everyone will get a SECOND CHANCE. Maybe if I keep saying that, it'll make it come true. (:

I've received several emails this weekend from people who had the CHANCE to get it early and the comments have been super positive. Yay!

Since tomorrow is the official release day, we'll be celebrating all day with contests and prizes. The party begins at 10:00 am (CST). Also, if you get the CHANCE, snap some photos of SECOND CHANCE or NO CHANCE on the shelves, email them to me at and I'll post them in my Facebook photo album.

That's tomorrow, but what about today? What fabulous books did you read last week that you're dying to tell everyone?

I'm excited that I have another recommendation, my second in two weeks! The book was totally unlike my preferred read, which is, of course, romantic suspense. This is a romantic comedy. And though I've enjoyed a few romantic comedies, it's not the kind of book I would normally grab. Not only that, it's written in first person, which I usually avoid. But the first sentence grabbed me and I could not put it down. Quite honestly it's one of the best books I've read in a long time and was exactly what I needed to read last week. What is this marvelous book, you ask? Kristan Higgins's Too Good to be True. Great title, don't you think?

Has anyone read it? The humor was exactly right, without anything feeling forced. Highly recommended if you're looking for a fun, quick read with lots of heart, a bit of angst and a whole lot of laughter.

So, what about you? What's your recommended read or reads for the week?

Share your reads today and then come back tomorrow, prepared to party!

Happy Monday All!


Kara C said...

Hey Christy,
I LOVED Too Good to be True. I thought I'd be put off by the first person point of view, but it completely worked.
To keep my mind OFF the fact that SECOND CHANCE is calling my name from our local Walmart, I have read quite a few books in the past few days. I read the second in Kate Angell's baseball series called Curveball, which was another fast, fun read. I also finished Dying Scream by Mary Burton. I've enjoyed the connecting characters througout her books. I also read Kill and Tell by Linda Howard because All the Queen's Men was highly recommended by a few trusted book buddies. Kill and Tell is supposedly the first book in the series. As it turns out, the character was simply introduced and the books could easily be read as stand alones. Then again, it's a Linda Howard book, so I couldn't really go wrong. I am NOW reading All The Queen's Men, and it is amazing. If it wasn't for this pesky dirty house, I'd finish it today. I'm also reading a Pamela Clare historical and the first book in Robyn Carr's Grace Valley series; so far it is really good.
And now, drum roll please... for my rare walk into historical romance, I just last night finished Honor's Splendour. Just wow. :)
I'll definitely stop by tomorrow for the fun. It's Spring Break as I'm sure you know. My son has a day of hiking planned for me. What he doesn't know is that we will be starting the day at Walmart's book section. (Are you well and truly amazed at my self control?) LOL

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Kara, you are on a roll! Great recommends! And I'm thrilled you've ventured over into historicals. Sounds like you enjoyed Honor's Splendour. Be sure to check out The Bride and The Secret. And many readers love Ransom, but my top three will always be The Bride, Honor's Splendour and The Secret. Enjoy!

And what self control you have. So very impressed! After all this waiting, I sure hope it's in your Walmart. Let me know if it's not.

Hope you're enjoying your wintery Spring break. We've got sleet going on right now and should be in the 70's by Wednesday. Mother Nature once again showing her unique sense of humor.

Have a great day and see you back here tomorrow!

oklanannie said...

Hi Everyone!

Christy, I haven't read TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE but I'll look for it when I visit Walmart tomorrow! Kara, I have read all Kate Angell's baseball series and they are sooo fun! I LOVE a good sports-related romance.

Speaking of Linda Howard, I just read the descriptive blurb for her new book VEIL OF NIGHT to be released August 10, 2010.

Carrie Edwards is a wedding planner who loves her job - until the bride whose wedding she's organizing is brutally killed, making Carrie the prime suspect. Dan Sullivan is the detective assigned to the case. All the evidence points at Carrie but he's spent his fair share around killers and he knows that Carrie is either innocent - or else a flawless liar.

Sounds good!

I'm deep in the middle of my Pamela Clare Historical Readfest! I'm not disappointed!! I love her I-Team contemporary series and my first love always remains in the romantic suspense genre BUT I'm certainly enjoying each of PC's historicals. I was told by several people that CARNAL GIFT wasn't very good BUT I disagree. I loved the Irish story and the characters warmed my heart. I'm moving on to the "Rangers" series today.

See you all tomorrow because there's absolutely NO CHANCE I'll miss the LAST CHANCE to celebrate the release of SECOND CHANCE!

Jackie P said...

I just wrote a book on here and it dissappeared! What! Awww.

Christy Reece said...

LOL. This is just about the best one I've seen!

"See you all tomorrow because there's absolutely NO CHANCE I'll miss the LAST CHANCE to celebrate the release of SECOND CHANCE!"

Hey Oklanannie, sounds like you're definitely on a great PC historical love fest. I definitely need to add them to my ever expanding list of must reads.

Thanks for the LH Veil of Night blurb. Wow, that does sound good. Sounds a bit similar to Dying to Please. Kara and all, if you haven't read that one, it's great! Sexy alpha cop and kick butt heroine who's also a butler. Takes place in B'ham too!

Have a great day, Oklanannie. See you tomorrow!

Kara C said...

The newest Kate Angell book looked so good, I really wanted to try it. But, me being, well, me, I HAD to start at the beginning of the series. I'll move on to the third book when this current stack I'm reading is finished. The PC historical I'm reading is Sweet Release. Just started it last night. Looks like I'm a couple of books behind you in that series. Glad to know you've liked them all. That means I probably will too. :)
Crystal and Christy suggested All the Queen's Men. It is great. I hope to get to it later today. And I'll definitely be reading the new Linda Howard book.

oklanannie said...

Rewrites and edits! Go for it Jackie. Take a SECOND CHANCE and it'll be even better.

Ronlyn said...

I read SECOND CHANCE this weekend. :-)
I really enjoyed it, but I won't say more since it's not even officially out yet.

Now I'm just sort of looking around wondering what to read next. LOL.

Hope eveyone has a wonderful Monday.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie, I have nightmares about writing a book and it suddenly disappearing! Hope you can recreate it. (:

Christy Reece said...

Grr, having a few blogger problems today. Hope it doesn't last. My web person is on a three week vacation beginning today!

Will just hope it was a hiccup and carry on.

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Ronlyn! I'm so glad you enjoyed SECOND CHANCE!

I noticed Mariah Stewart has a new book coming out tomorrow too. Looks great! Might want to take a look at it if you get the CHANCE.

Have a great Monday! Come back tomorrow and party with us!

Jackie P said...

Try this again...
Kara, I am amazed at your self control since I know how much we love Cole.
My sister is finishing up "Run To Me" and is still indistress over Cole and it doesn't help that I won't give her any hints. So I thought I would throw her a curve ball and get her a copy of "Second Chance" tomorrow. It will having her wondering what I am up too. hehehe

This week I have read " The Mediterranean Diet" by Marissa Cloutier(trying to eat healthier), 2 books by Pamela Clare "Naked Edge" and "Hard Evidence" both really, really, REALLY good books...I must state for fact that I am now.....YES, Team Marc!!!!!! I need a shirt. It was a tough decision. I also read Lisa Kleypas' "Smooth Talking Stranger" that is a must READ. It was great and now will cause me to go back and get the other 2 connected books. Plus, I read Eloisa James' "Much Ado About You".

Mama Gail says that she is addicted to the Virgin River books by Robyn Carr and CANNOT put them down. I told her to blame Kara it was her fault!!!! hehehehe LOL

Jackie P said...

Ha, blogger page, didn't get me this time. I copied it!

It did it to me again...

Kara C said...

Yay for you and Mama Gail! Team Marc all the way. And, it won't be the last thing I'll be blamed for...even today. :)
Wait until you read Blue Eyed Devil by Kleypas. Oh my... Can't believe you read them out of order! I'd have to take a pill. LOL
I LOVED Honor's Splendor. Had a tough time putting it down to make dinner. In fact, the boys got hungry and cooked without me. (I married a good, good man.) So, The Secret or The Bride? Which should I read next, after this current crop of books and SECOND CHANCE of course.

Unknown said...

Hi all...

Well, I finished House Rules by Jodi Picoult and I was really disappointed. I did not even shed one tear over the book and had it figrued out right away. I can honestly say this was the worst book of hers I have read and recomend for you guys to either check it out in the library or wait for it to come out in paperback.

Well, good reading all and I will see you for the party tomrrow.

Jackie P said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Aly said...

I did not get a CHANCE to read nearly as much as I had planned last week! DH was out of town and I was supposed to have plenty of CHANCES to read! Things didn't work out that way but I got a SECOND CHANCE this weekend when he was home!

This week I read Mad, Bad and Blonde by Cathie Linz, Leave Me Breahtless by HelenKay Dimon and Double the Pleasure anthology with Lori Foster.

I really enjoyed all of the ones I read but it would have been SWEET if I had a CHANCE to read all the books I wanted to! :pout pout:

And I am going to miss most of tomorrow's party! :pout pout again: I have do something like...a job interview and to some that is more important! LOL!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jackie, glad it's working for you. Looks like you had an eclectic week of reading, non-fiction, romantic suspense, contemporary romance and historical romance. Wow!

Tell your sister hey and to pop in here. Would love to chat with her too. And tell Mama Gail hey too!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for the party! Have a great day!

Christy Reece said...

Kara, my personal fave is The Bride, however, if you find The Secret first, you won't be disappointed. Both wonderful!


Christy Reece said...

Hey Sara, look forward to chatting with you tomorrow at the party. Lots of CHANCEs to win some great prizes and no crying tomorrow either. Promise!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Aly, glad you finally got some CHANCEs to read. Thanks for the recommends. And though we'll miss you tomorrow, sending mega good thoughts your way for your job interview. Hope you hear fabulous news soon!

Mary G said...

Hi All (Especially Jackie P for rounding me up)

Mary G said...

LOL Jackie for Team Marc & the T-shirt idea. I've got to say though that Gabe is in his own category with NE being a somewhat magical book.
This last week I read:
Naked Edge-Pamela Clare
Something About You-Julie James
This book was amazing. I'm in love with Jack!!
Mad, Bad & Blonde-Cathie Linz
Now Reading: book 6 of NJ Walters Jamesville series
Smart Girls Think Twice-Cathie Linz

Waiting for No Chance because Chapters already has Second Chance in stock

Jane said...

I've never read any of Kristan's books before, but I have heard a lot about them. Over the weekend I read Bonnie Edward's "Possessing Morgan." Ooh, can't believe release day is tomorrow. Congrats, Christy.

Kara C said...

I read Something about You this week. How could I forget that? Great book.
And you're right about Gabe. Seems there's something magical about that name. :) (My shirt will still read Team Marc though. lol)
Thanks for the recommends on The Bride, Christy. It's very SWEET of you. Have to trust those of you who have read historicals to know what to read. You were certainly right about Honor's Spendour!

oklanannie said...

By upping the heat in SOMETHING ABOUT YOU, I think Julie James has a real winner and it is definitely (IMHO) her best yet. Mary G - Jack is definitely hero easy to love! I loved the "glowering" jokes describing him - especially when his boss looked the word up in the dictionary and read it out loud to Wilkes and Jack! The book definitely held lots of wit and sass! Fantastic secondary cast as well!

HelenKay Dimon has a new book out, LEAVE ME BREATHLESS, that is another fun read with lots of sass and wit. The hero is a district court judge and falls in the same category as Jack in Julie James's book.

Alexandra said...

Hey Everyone,

This weekend I read, Chains by Shiloh Walker. After I read Broken, my friend recommended this book. I didn't think I would like it because it was three short stories. But, these stories are intertwined to form the novel.

I bougtht Dee Davis' Dark Deceptions, but I haven't started it yet. That's because I'm waiting to buy Second Chance tomorrow!

Kara, you're going to love All the Queen's Men. That's one of my favorite books from Linda Howard.

It seems that a lot of you read historical romance books. I rarely (if ever) read them. I think it has to do with a total stranger following me in Borders trying to get me to read the book, Whitney, My Love. Weird. And, since then five people highly recommended that book. What is it with that book? Lol.

Kara C said...

So far I am loving All the Queen's Men. I don't read historicals either, but so many people have talked about them, I decided to give it a try. I just started Pamela Clare's historicals. I KNOW I love her other books, so I think it's a safe bet I'll like her historicals as well. Will definitely let you know. :)
The library has Broken waiting for me. I hear it's great.

Mary G said...

Hi Annie
Oh yeah - Jack with his glower/scruff thing going on.

robinky42 said...

Hi Christy
Read JR Ward's Covet over the weekend. It's the first in her new series. I'm so happy I won a copy of Second Chance from the Friday blog, I think it was at romcon.

Alexandra said...


You'll definitely like Broken. Also, if you like, read Fragile. You first meet the hero of Broken in Fragile. That's a good book too.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary G! Sounds like you had some great reads.

I hope NO CHANCE gets to you soon. Good to know that SECOND CHANCE is already there, ready and waiting for you. (:

Be sure to come back tomorrow for fun and games!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Jane! Give Too Good to be True a try. If you like romantic comedy at all, I think you'll love this one.

Thanks for the congrats. Come back tomorrow for fun and games!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Alexandra, I used to read historical all the time. Not as much lately but I still enjoy them. Regarding Judith McNaught's Whitney My Love, some people love it, others hate it. I'm in the love it category. It was one of my first historical reads, so I haven't read it in a long while, but I loved it at the time and it will always hold a special place in my heart. However, if I had someone following me around insisting I read it, I might be hesitant too. (:

Judith McNaught's Almost Heaven is on my top ten favorite books of all time. Ian is absolutely the best hero! If you're in the mood for a historical, I urge you to try it. Wonderful read!

And, of course, with Judith McNaught being one of my favorite authors, if anyone needs some recommendations on her books, just ask me! (:

So glad you're looking forward to SECOND CHANCE! Come back tomorrow for fun and prizes!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Robin! Congrats on winning SECOND CHANCE! Will be mailing it out later on this week. Hope you enjoy!

Come back tomorrow for more CHANCES to win!

Ida Brugler said...

Pictures???? *smiles*
Hello Christy

Friday night we had to go to stand in line to buy New Moon. That was the SECOND CHANCE I had to really get out and not be running errands all week.
I did get the CHANCE to read a really good book, But will not say the title....

Busy, busy weekend Cleaning outside. NO CHANCE for rest here.
Hope you all have a good week!!!

Jackie P said...

This will really get you. I picked up Blue Eyed Devil" read acouple of pages and turned it back in!!!!!! Yes, I did. Now I have to go get it again.

Jackie P said...

Mary G.
Sorry to say the t-shirt idea didn't come from me. It was Pamela Clare or one of the other ladies that came up with it. :)

oklanannie said...

Alexandra - I share Christy's thoughts on Judith McNaught. "Whitney, My Love" is one of my favorites. Of course, I've never met a Judith McNaught book I didn't love and I've read them all! Don't let some "stalker" ruin the chance for you to read it!

Kara, I agree with Alexandra that, if you haven't read "Fragile," you should do so. I don't think I would have enjoyed "Broken" as much without having first read "Fragile." You get an introduction and a view into the character and problems confronting the hero in "Broken."

Looking forward to tomorrow's celebration for the release of SECOND CHANCE!!

Kara C said...

NOOOOOO! You must go get Blue Eyed Devil. And I don't know who's idea it was, but I volunteer to be captain of Team Marc. Just saying...
I've read Fragile and thought I might even read it again before I read Broken. I have this real issue about reading books in order, and rereading as necessary. Probably should get it checked out. LOL (Jackie, I'm trying not to cringe at the thought of you reading Smooth Talking Stranger first. :) )
Six days left of Spring Break. Let the reading begin...or continue!

Modokker said...


I read Haunting Beauty by Erin Quinn If you like paranomral and want what i consider something different try this book. It's really different i think. Keeps you guess all the way thru and just a very tad scary. lol I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out. I also read Erin McCarthy Hard and Fast. I liked it romance and comedy. I re read the bakery sister trilogy by susan mallery and Mackenzie's Mission by Linda Howard. I have 2 Linda Howrd books here from the library yet to red this week as well.

To many books and not enough time as usual.

Plus i have Second Chance to read now too. Thanks for sending the book so fast Christy!

Christy Reece said...

Lisa, Haunting Beauty sounds great! Will definitely have to check that one out. And two Linda Howard books to read. Yay for you! I know you'll love them.

Glad you got SECOND CHANCE so quickly. Hope you enjoy! Come back tomorrow for more CHANCES to win!