Monday, March 1, 2010

Special Guest Pamela Clare!

Hey All, I promised you a special treat and I'm delivering. Your very own day with Pamela Clare. I've been a huge Pamela Clare fan from the moment I picked up HARD EVIDENCE. (Sigh...Julian) Every time I read one of her books, I become immersed in a world filled with strong, sexy men, savvy, modern women and an intense, compelling story. And tomorrow I will get to do that again, because Pamela's next book in her I-Team series,
NAKED EDGE, is coming out! I cannot wait! If you haven't seen her book trailer for NAKED EDGE, be sure to check it out on her website. So incredibly sexy. Beautiful scenery too... and I'm not just talking about the landscape! Whew! What is it about men named Gabe? (one more sigh...)

The more I get to know Pamela, the more I'm impressed by her. She's a newspaper reporter, a hugely successful author of romantic suspense and historical romance and she's a mom. How on earth does she juggle all of that? That was just one of the questions I had to ask her. She graciously put together an interview and agreed to allow me to post it here.

And not only will Pamela answer your questions today, she's also giving away two copies of NAKED EDGE to two lucky commenters. Yay!

Please give her a warm welcome. I know many of you have read and loved her books. And, though she didn't tell me, I did discover that today is her birthday. So Happy Birthday, Pamela! I'd sing for you, but I'm afraid you'd leave. Thanks so much for being here!

And remember everyone, be on the lookout for NAKED EDGE tomorrow, grab a copy and enjoy an intense, sexy read. You won't regret it!

Reader warning: For some reason, the contractions are coming out with Greek lettering. I've tried to retype those and am really hoping it works this time. If anyone reading this has a solution for this strange phenomenon, feel free to make a suggestion and I'll try the fix.

Now, let's hear from Pamela herself:

Tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to write romance.

I'm the single mother of two grown boys, now 23 and 20. I had the first as a freshman in college and the second during my senior year. I studied archaeology but worked part-time at a local newspaper. When I graduated, I went to graduate school for a while, but I realized I was just doing that to escape doing what I truly wanted to do — which was to write romance. I'd been a fan of romantic fiction since I'd read The Flame and the Flowerwhen I was about 14. My friends and I wrote love scenes and traded them back and forth. That was the first practice I got at romance writing. I wish I still had copies of those handwritten pages because I bet they’re pretty amusing.

It was important for me to pursue my dream of writing romance. Because I thought journalism would help hone my writing skills, I pursued that as my day job, but wrote fiction in my spare time on the side. I say that tongue in cheek because I didn't have a lot of spare time. I was working full-time with a 4-year-old and a 7-year-old. But even if all you write is one paragraph each weekend, you eventually end up with a novel.

It took me seven years to write my first book, a historical titled Sweet Release. During that time, I moved up the ladder in the newsroom and became the first woman editor of the paper. My team and I won a boatload of state and national journalism awards, including the National Journalism Award for Public Service, which included a party at the National Press Club across from the White House.

Initially I intended only to write historicals because that's what I read and what I loved. I still read more historicals than anything else. I ended up branching off into romantic suspense at the suggestion of my agent, who knew about my work as an investigative journalist. She called one day to chat, and I told her that I'd gotten a call from a state health inspector who had been inspecting a factory that I, too, was investigating. He'd called because he'd heard the plant manager telling the workers that if they couldn't get that “lady reporter” to back off, they might lose their jobs. So this inspector was afraid the workers would track me down and beat me up.

I shared this with my agent. She knew I'd gotten death threats in the past and that I'd had a couple of wacko stalkers. She said, “Why don’t you write romantic suspense because you live it.” And I said, "Yeah, except for the "romantic part."

But I gave it a shot, turning the investigation I was doing at that point into my first romantic suspense novel, Extreme Exposure.

I would love to know how you balance your job as a reporter, your career as a successful romantic suspense and historical romance author and being a single mom too. I find that amazing!

Do I balance it? I'm not sure. There are days where I feel like I'm not a person, but rather a “to do” list. The hardest things for me are getting enough sleep, remembering to take care of myself and dealing with the stress of the newspaper and preventing it from eating into my creative time. That last one is really tough. Journalism is not a low-stress job. I joke that it's a contact sport. But I'm getting better at compartmentalizing and saying, "This doesn't matter now. What does matter?"

I've had to determine what's really important to me and cut everything else out. I don't have television. When I go to the store and see the covers of the tabloids, I have no idea who those people are. I've never seen Buffy orSurvivor or Lost. I rarely go to movies. I don't date. I don't entertain guests or go to parties. Every hour of my day is built around being productive.

To aspiring writers out there who say they don't have time to write, I say, "Baloney." If I can do it, almost anyone can do it. What are you doing between 4:30 AM and 7 AM? I've done a lot of writing during those hours.

I try to get all non-fiction related stuff done Monday through Thursday. That includes laundry, shopping for groceries, cleaning the house — everything. Then Friday, Saturday and Sunday are about writing romance. And I write all day until I can't stay awake any longer.

My kids' needs come first. When they were little that was especially true, of course. But even college-aged kids need TLC and support from their mommies. I text and e-mail back and forth with them every day.

Do you have enjoy historical or romantic suspense more? Do you find one easier than the other?

That's a tough question. I enjoy each of them, but for different reasons.

Historicals provide more escape for me, both as a reader and a writer. I love history passionately. I love everything about writing historicals, including the research, which I take quite seriously. I have many more ideas for historical novels than I do for contemporary novels.

But writing contemporary romantic suspense is fun because I have such freedom to use any language I want to use without looking up the words to make sure they existed in 2010. The stories can be edgier both with regard to the story and the sex. When I first started writing them, I would sit at my computer and laugh, because I was funneling stuff from my day job into the stories and that struck me as hilarious.

Another cool thing about writing romantic suspense is that I am able to funnel real experiences into the stories. All of the I-Team novels are based on something I've actually done and deal with real challenges that society is facing from pollution to human trafficking to the abuse of women in prison.

It's nice to be able to alternate between the two subgenres, actually. It challenges me and also keeps my creativity limber, I think. I don't know too many authors who regularly write two distinctly separate subgenres.

Is there another romance subgenre you’d like to try?

Hmmm… Well, I have an idea for a paranormal series in my head. No vampires. No werewolves. No shape shifters, demons, gods, angels, fairies, leprechauns, satyrs, dragons, mummies, zombies or sidhe. Whether I ever write it remains to be seen. But other than that, no. I need reality in stories in order to enjoy them.

I do have some things I want to write outside of romance altogether, including a thriller or two that I'd like to write in Danish. I really want to get to this one day, and soon. Plus, I'd like to write some straight historical fiction one day.

All of your romantic suspense novels are part of the same series. Tell us about the I-Team. What is it? Is there really such a thing as an I-Team out there?

I-Team stand for Investigative Team. It's a team of top-notch investigative reporters whose job it is to dig deep into what’s going on around them and to expose wrongdoing that would otherwise never come to light. That's the kind of reporting I enjoy the most. Because investigative reporting can be expensive, a lot of papers are no longer doing it. But it’s really vital to healthy society to have someone out there who’s working as a watchdog.

The I-Team in my books is based loosely around the group of investigative reporters with whom I won the National Journalism Award. Though we no longer work together, we're still in touch and are very good friends. The big difference between the I-Team in my books and journalism in real life is that most investigative reporters, most columnists and most editors are male. So rather than being made up of mostly women, the newsrooms where I've worked have been almost exclusively male. When I first started, the sports editor shook my hand and said, “Welcome to the men’s locker room.” And that’s kind of what it was like for a long time. I've tried to hire more women and bring more women into the profession, but not a lot of women can deal with the confrontational aspects of investigative reporting. Like I said, it's a contact sport. It's the rugby of writing.

Your next book in the series, Naked Edge, will be out on Tuesday. What can you tell us about it?

I'm so excited! It will be almost two years since Unlawful Contact, the third book in the series, was released, so it's about time!

Here's the blurb from the back of the book:

What do you do when desire drives you to the very brink?

The day Navajo journalist Katherine James met Gabriel Rossiter, the earth literally moved beneath her feet. Nearly killed in a rockslide while hiking, she found her life in the tall park ranger’s hands. Although she can't forget him she thinks she’ll never see him again. She is crushed when she recognizes her rescuer among the law enforcement officers raiding a sweat lodge ceremony one night, throwing her and her friends off Mesa Butte, land they consider sacred.

Gabe long ago swore he would never again lose himself to a woman not even one with long dark hair and big eyes that seem to see right through him. But from the moment he first sees Kat, the attraction he feels is undeniable. Appalled by what he has been ordered to do, he'd determined to get to the bottom of recent events at Mesa Butte and to keep Kat safe.

But asking questions can be dangerous almost as dangerous as risking one's heart. And soon Kat and Gabe's passion for the truth and each other makes them targets for those who would do anything, even kill, to keep Native Americans off their sacred land.

Naked Edge tells the story of Kat James, the I-Team's only American Indian reporter. Raised on the Navajo reservation, Kat has a very different world view than the rest of her I-Team friends. For starters, she's a virgin and she'd determined to remain so until she meets her "half-side,” i.e., her perfect, matching male half. In many ways, she's the strongest heroine I've ever written, but she's not a “kick-ass heroine.” Her strength is a quiet inner strength that is based on her spiritual values as a traditional Navajo.

Gabe is in many ways her opposite - "a man slut" who believes in nothing and no one. But there's a reason he is the way he is. He saves Kat's life one day when she's almost killed in a rockslide and finds himself drawn to her, in part because she sees qualities in him that he has either forgotten or never recognized. When someone close to her is killed, he realizes that she may be in danger, too, and he puts his life quite literally on the line to protect her.

Characters from the past novels in the series play a part in this story, so fans of the other books will get to catch up on what's been happening in Denver.

The story draws not only on my years reporting on events on the Navajo reservation, but also my own experience of nearly dying in a mountain climbing accident. Like Kat, I was badly injured and was rescued by a park ranger who just happened to be a paramedic and was backpacking in the same area on his day off. I was airlifted to a trauma center — a harsh way to earn a free helicopter ride.

I wrote a long author's note to accompany the book describing the story's background and my climbing accident in full. It's on my Web site, together with excerpts and other extras, at

And on the whimsical side, if you could interview anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

Wow, so many names rush through my mind all at once: Bono. Martin Luther King Jr. John Lennon. Cleopatra. Jesus. Mozart. Caesar. King Arthur (the real one). Anne Boleyn. Hitler. Marco Polo. Bartolomé de las Casas. Michelangelo. Erik the Red. Robert Rogers. Queen Elizabeth I. Joan of Arc.

I don't think I could pick one, though perhaps it would be Robert Rogers, the creator of Rogers Rules of Ranging and father of the Army Rangers. My MacKinnon's Rangers series, set during the French and Indian War, is based on his work leading a company of Rangers out of Fort Edward, NY. I've been there. I've walked where he walked. But I'd sure love to hear his stories and watch him fight.

Thanks for inviting me here, Christy. It's been fun getting to know you! I've got your books on the of my TBR and am looking forward to getting some reading time so that I can enjoy them.

Pamela, thanks so much for visiting with us. Now that I've learned more about you, I'm even more impressed. And NAKED EDGE sounds even more enticing!

What questions do ya'll have for Pamela? Comment for a CHANCE to win a copy of NAKED EDGE!


Sharon@Kodykin's Crafts said...

Hi Pamela! I've read all your I-Team books and love them! I've been waiting anxiously for Kat's story, and it sounds terrific.

I was wondering what your take is on the "demise of newspapers"--will they go away in our lifetime, or change drastically, do you think? Will this impact the I-Team?

Unknown said...

What helps you balance everything that is going on in your life? I remember when I was a reporter the deadlines drove me nuts. So how do you do it all? Family, working for a newspaper and of course being a best selling author?

BTW, Christy I can't find any of your books on the shelves here in Lake Geneva, WI. So that either means they sold out when I was doing stuff with my mom being in the hospital or the suppliers did not get them for us. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hi Pamela
I haven't had the chance to read any of your books although you are now on my to read list! I was wondering if I could pick up your book tomorrow and not be lost since I've not read the first of the series. I'm excited to get started on your I team series!

Mary G said...

Hi Christy & Pamela
What a wonderful interview. Love to see that the writer I admire is also quite an amazing person but I guess I already knew that. So cool that The Flame & The Flower was your first romance as I think that’s the case for many of us. I must have bought at least 4 copies because I kept lending it out & I reread it every year. It seems pretty tame now. I enjoyed reading about the background on all the books. You have the most amazing characters. I love that Kat’s is an inner strength for all of us that are not kick*** people.
I love the I-team series. If you ever finish it will you (please) start another? A series guarantees that we will have our fix for a while. Best wishes.

Mary G said...

Hi Crystal
Do yourself a favor & read them all. I read the 3rd one (Unlawful Contact) first & then had to buy Pamela's backlist becuase it was so incredible. Didn't ruin it for me though.

Pamela Clare said...

First, Christy, thanks so much for persevering despite the Internet problem. I really appreciate it! And thanks again for having me here.

Hi, Sharon — I'm so glad you’ve enjoyed the I-Team series so far. Hopefully, Kat's story will surpass your expectations.

Ah, the demise of newspapers. Things certainly are tough for most newspapers right now, particularly the corporate giants. They got used to money walking through the door, and the Internet has completely changed they game. They don't seem able to adjust quickly, and as result they are continuing to shrink.

It's really a shame, because newspapers have since before the founding of this republic played a vital role in protecting democracy. I know journalists have a bad reputation, but if you exclude the paparazzi and talk show types, there are lots of ethical, hardworking reporters who are truly trying to do their jobs. Without true journalists — i.e, not talk-show entertainers — to keep their eyes on people in power.

Interestingly, smaller papers are thriving. My paper had its best year ever last year in the midst of the recession. We do investigative journalism, ignoring a lot of the stuff that doesn't matter and making sure that we have content that no one else has. That's part of the trick — original content. Hopefully, the bigger papers will realize that by the time we pick them up, we've already read everything on their front page online. They need to invest in original reporting, not wire.

Wow, I could go on FOREVER! LOL!

As for how this impacts the I-Team, I've hinted at trouble in paradise, and I plan to do that more in the future. But the Denver Indy would find itself in the same position as my paper precisely because of the I-Team. When you've got original news, readers respect you.

robinky42 said...

Hi Pamela,
Great interview. This sounds like a great book and series. I have never read any of the I-team books, but it looks like I need to find them.
Do you still work as a reporter? Ever base any of your books on anything you have reported on?

Christy Reece said...

Just wanted to pop in and say hey! Pamela will drop in as soon as she can. She's not only working today but I think she's doing several blogs here and there. Whew! The woman amazes me! Check out her article about online dating at It's fabulous!

Sarah, so frustrating you can't find NO CHANCE. I've had a couple more people mention that too. And since I know they printed more than they did of my other books, not sure why they're so hard to come by. I would love to think they're selling out. Hey, a girl can dream!

Hope you find one soon, but didn't you win a copy? Or was that another Sarah? I just got my copies in, so I'll be sending out books later on this week to the winners.

Let me know when you finally find it!

Unknown said...

Yes I won one but it is fun to double check that they are on the shelves so when people I looking I can recommend authors I love. I am a great PR person in book aisles. lol

Mary G said...

Hi Christy
I know Chapters already sold some because the stock count changed already. When I went on Saturday
there were spaces on either side of 2 copies of No Chance so I went to the overstock table & put more on the shelf lol.

Michelle Santiago said...

hi pamela! i haven't read your i-team series yet but i'm a big fan of your mackinnon rangers series. i was wondering if you're going to write Connor's book (or if you already have and i just can't find it in the stores)?

thanks! and great interview :)

oklanannie said...

Good morning Christy and Pamela!

Wonderful interview. Thanks to Pamela for sharing her time with us today.

I've read each of the I-Team books to date and am looking forward to reading NAKED EDGE. By the way, I love the new trailer! For anyone who hasn't yet discovered the excitement and pleasure that comes from reading an I-Team book, these are dynamite reads starring amazing characters (both female and male) whose chemistry sizzles on the pages and the storylines are almost impossible to put aside to get anything else done.

Along with the treat of another visit to the mountains of Colorado and two new enticing characters, I'm hoping there's a little peek at Julian in NAKED EDGE -- he holds top honors as my favorite but Marc isn't too far behind!

Pamela, can you give us a hint of what's coming next in the I-Team series?

Congratulations and best luck on another great book release for NAKED EDGE tomorrow!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Sarah — So you're a former reporter? Then you know it's not easy. Right now I'm at work in the midst of a pretty major crisis, and I'm just typing as fast as I can because I need to go into a meeting... AND I have special edition content to edit for an early special-section deadline. Haha!

I guess what I do is try to turn my day into a list of things to do. I work my way down that list and try not to get emotional about it or get distracted. I'm a very emotional person, but thankfully, I'm very cool-headed in crises, whether that's a computer breakdown on deadline or a dude with a gun who walks in to the office. (The latter hasn't happened since November 2005.) So I just try to work my way through the day. And then I go home and eat too much chocolate. ;-)

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Mary G — I'm so glad you've enjoyed the I-Team series and that you love the characters. They feel like real people to me. I know I say that a lot, but that's the most amazing part of writing to me — how a fictional character can take up so much space in my heart and mind.

If I ever quit the I-Team series, you can bet there will be some other kind of series to follow, perhaps branching off this series.


Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Robinky — Oh, yes, absolutely! All of the I-Team stories are based on things I've covered or things I've done in real life. This one draws on my years reporting on Native issues — and my own experience falling off a cliff. Go me! LOL!

I'm the editor-in-chief of a paper, but I still do investigative reporting as well as opinion writing. I work four days a week — a compromise I've reached with the paper so that I have a little extra breathing room.

I hope you enjoy the books!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Chelleyreads! A MacKinnon's Rangers fan, aye? Well, yes, I hope to write Connor's story this year, in fact. His book got delayed by various things beyond my control in the publishing world. But I hope to be on track soon. I absolutely cherish my Rangers and can't leave them languishing, particularly not Connor.

Thank you!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Oklanannie — You're welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm thrilled that you've enjoyed the series so far. Another Julian fan, huh? I swear that man has taken on a life of his own. And, yep, you'll get to see him again in NAKED EDGE. Marc, too.

Right now, I'm finishing the proposal for Natalie's book. It's going to start in Mexico. Natalie takes an educational trip with other journalists to Juaréz and is abducted from the bus. Deputy U.S. Marshal Zach MacBride, who works the border apprehending fugitives, goes after her, and makes an illegal border crossing to protect her from the cartel bosses who for whatever reason have it out for her.

Sound interesting?

Thanks so much for the good wishes. I have very high hopes for this book.

Ronlyn said...

Morning Ladies! *waving*
Pammy, did I ever tell you about the time I had to go to Juarez to bail my roommate out of hte pokie?? (I went to college in Eastern New Mexico). Your little blurb about Nat's book just gave me a bit of deja vu! LOL.

So, as I picked up UC last night to reread (again) I realized that, excluding Reece, all your heros are some type of law enforcment. Is that just a fluke or do you have a special relationship with our men in blue?

Amber E. said...

Hi Pamela! Great interview and congratulations on your new release "Naked Edge". I've read "Extreme Exposure" and loved it. Looking forward to finding the other books of the series. I was wondering if there will be more books of the I-Team series? I love books that are part of a series, because it gives you a chance to revisit past characters.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Thanks Mary G
I will get on Barnes and Noble today and get to ordering!! I always love a good reason to order from B&N!

Kara C said...

Did you say you want a 'peek' at Julian? You go girl. LOL But let me just say, for like the thousandth time, although I like Julian (ok, love), Marc Hunter is THE MAN. Although, Gabe is sounding mighty fine as well. :)
Natalie's story sounds amazing! Naturally.

Pamela Clare said...

Hey, Ronlyn! You may have mentioned your trip to the Juaréz jail. What an adventure that would have been! Here's a thought to ponder: Juaréz is more dangerous for journalists than Afghanistan or Iraq.

As for the heroes... I guess I admire men whose job is protecting the innocent and taking on the bad guys. As you know, my life was saved by two cops one night, and I've never forgotten what that felt like. The police officers who saved me and my baby (two men with switchblades broke into my apartment when I was home alone with my 9-month-old baby) rushed into danger knowing nothing about us. That really moved me.

I'm glad you're enjoying a bit of a reunion with Marc and Sophie. :-)

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Amber — Thanks! I'm so glad you enjoyed Kara and Reece's story. You've got a few now that you can zip through. Hopefully, you'll enjoy them even more.

There will be at least two more books in the I-Team series — Natalie's and one other. More than likely there will be two to four more. So it will go on for a while. I don't want y'all to get sick of it.

You've got to remember — from my point of view, journalism is dull. LOL!

A little known fact: Kara in EXTREME EXPOSURE is named after Kara C! Honest!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Crystal — Thanks! Email your address to me, and I'll mail you a bookmark.

That goes for all of you! :-)

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Kara — You know how Julian and Marc are with one another — rivals over everything. I'm glad Marc has you in his corner. ;-)

Pamela Clare said...

BTW, you should all know that I'm typing all of this while wearing a sparkly tiara — a birthday gift from my staff, together with flowers, a magic wand, chocolate and a, well, a knitted smiling pink... penis.

Kara C said...

Check's in the mail. :)
Now about these Gabes you and Christy have created (thank you to you both). They seem to have a bit in common. I think the idea of a Gabefest has merit. I don't remember whose idea it was, but it's brilliant.
A friend of mine who is SO picky about books stole my copy of NO CHANCE. Just... stole it. Luckily, I'd already read it. She brought it back to me this morning, said she loved it and was going out to get her own copy. Then she fussed at me for having to wait three weeks for the next one. Haha Just doing my part to expand the Realm of Reece. (Pamela, for months after reading Julian's story, whenever I brought a book to this friend, she would say, 'Is it as good as Julian? No? Don't want it.' He ruined her for other books for a long, long time. LOL
Now I really must get back to work.

Kara C said...

Wow, my friends bought me an card for my birthday. LOL

Mary G said...

OMG Sorry Pamela
I forgot to say Happy Birthday!!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Kara C
What great friends you have!!! My whole family knows that if they want to get me the "perfect" gift its a gift card to a book store.

Jane said...

Hi Pamela,
I had a feeling that the special guest was you. Happy Birthday. I can't believe Naked Edge is coming out tomorrow. Congrats on the new release. You know how much I love Marc, but I think Gabe might steal away my affection.

oklanannie said...

OH! WOW! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAMELA!!! Can't imagine which gift holds more meaning for you!!!!

Kara C -- nice to know that our literary kinship allows us each our very own heartthrob in the I-Team series. Believe me - I have to share Julian with too many already! And I'll take very little PEEK I can get of him.

We'll have to see after getting to know Pamela's Gabe -- 'cause I'm right there with you in the "Realm of Reece." Love that annointment by the way!

By the way, if you were lucky enough to have a character named after you, I would think you could stick by your man, the powerful and charming Reece!!! (Hey! Wonder if Reece would like to join the "Realm of Reece"?)

About that Gabefest -- I never realized how many "Gabe" characters there are! I've come up with 15 this morning in romantic suspense novels alone!

Ronlyn said...

everygirl needs a tiara and magic wand on their desk. Me, I have a magic wand and a sparkling sword. LOL.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Kara — LOL!!!! I thought you'd appreciate that.

Yes, Gabefest really must happen. All that man and muscle (not to mention *skill* -- take that as you will) is reason to celebrate, in my opinion. LOL!

An Amazon card is a great b-day present. When was your birthday? Mine isn't really today, BTW, it's on Feb. 29, which doesn't exist.

So I have now turned 11... again.

Pamela Clare said...

No worries, Mary. You've already said it on FB or on my blog or somewhere.

And thanks! :-)

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Jane — Thanks for the good wishes! I think Gabe will give the Julian/Marc duo a run for their money. I hope you enjoy the story!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Oklanannie — Thanks for the birthday wishes!

15 Gabes in RS alone?!? Wow. That's impressive. LOL!

Ronlyn, that is SO you — tiara and sparkly sword. :-)

KarLynP said...

Happy birthday Pamela! I can't tell you how thrilled I was to meet you last week while I was out in Colorado on a business trip. I've been one of your biggest fans even before you started writing your contemporary I-Team series. And thank you again for the copy of Naked Edge! I read most of it on my flight home.

I thought Naked Edge was just amazing on all levels: action, humor, heart, and heat (oh, lots of heat!) Gabe is going to give Marc and Julian a run for best hero title. (I'm just calling it a three-way tie.) I cried in several places too, which I didn't do with the other books. It's my fav of the series. Gabe and Kat's growing relationship felt honest and real, and by the time they get to their HEA they certainly both deserved it.

Congrats on another great addition to a wonderful series.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, KarLynP — It was wonderful meeting you, too! I'll be posting the photo of us up on my blog soon. Thanks again for your company — and for the birthday card.

You can't know how happy I am to know you truly enjoyed the story — and that it made you cry. Score! WooT! It made me cry, too, when I wrote the parts you're talking about. :-)

Have a great day! And thanks for stopping by!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Thanks Pam I would love a bookmark! What is your email? I may have missed it somewhere. I went to your web page an I'm so excited to start your books! Happy Birthday by the way!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey all, you've definitely been having some fun here. Yay!

Now, let me see if I can catch up a bit.

First, don't know if anyone noticed but the wonky lettering is gone from the interview. Love my website designer. Big THANKS to Shelley at Webcrafters!

Pamela, I'm absolutely thrilled that you're here! I've snuck into a few chats rooms and have already seen some comments about NAKED EDGE. People are loving it! Congrats!

Mary, I think The Flame and the Flower might well be the 20th century's number one romance introduction for romance readers. It was one of my first also. Loved that book!

Sarah, bless you for being my PR person in book aisles. I so appreciate that. Need all the help I can get! But I do hope you find it soon so you can actually point at a book when you recommend it! (:

Mary G, thanks for looking out for me! It's wonderful to have you guys out there helping me out!

Kara, thank you! Have I mentioned I love your friends? We still need to give some thought to that Gabefest don't we?

And Oklanannie, 15 Gabes? That just amazing! I knew there wasn't something about that name.

Okay, back to my writing I go. Will check back in a bit. Have fun!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Crystal — My email address is pamelaclare @ (minus the spaces). Feel free to email me any time. Send your snail addy, and I'll mail you a bookmark.

I'm happy you're excited. And THANKS for the birthday wishes. :-)

Pamela Clare said...

Thanks for sharing that news, Christy. I'm maniacally going back and forth from my work computer to my laptop trying to keep up here, so I haven't been out on the 'Net today.

I hope your writing is going well!

oklanannie said...


Ran some errands and decided to make a quick stop at the bookstore. I have in my hands NAKED EDGE and I'm getting ready to start the "Readfest." This is going to be a good afternoon, after all!!

Pamela Clare said...

Good for you, Oklanannie! Where did you find it?!?


And please don't hesitate to send me an email or get in touch with me via my blog or Goodreads to let me know what you think.

oklanannie said...

I found it at the new Books-A-Million that just opened several months ago in my fair city of Tulsa, Oklahoma!

I'm sure it will be another winner but I'll certainly let you know.

Kara C said...

Oh no! My friend's bookstore (where I preordered the book) is not opened on Mondays. I will just have to travel to all the other (2)bookstores in town and see if I can get one today. If not, Oklanannie, please call and read it to me over the phone. LOL
My mind is still stuck on that smiling pink penis. Really stinks to be a visual person... :)

Crystal (cmac) said...

Kara C
You are cracking me up! Pink penis did catch my eye right away! lol

Pamela Clare said...

Kara C is cracking me up, too. :-)

I'm glad BAM got them in, Oklanannie.

Kara C, good luck find it! But, really, Tuesday isn't that far away. I'm sure Oklanannie wouldn't mind reading over the phone for eight hours. LOL!!!

Kara C said...

It won't take her eight hours. I'm a speed listener. :)

Mary G said...

It could work. Annie could read it out loud via web cam. Would love to hear her read the love scenes LOL.

Pamela Clare said...

Heck, for that matter I could read it aloud on Skype or something. My mom likes to listen to me read it because then she gets the inflection I intended for the words.

I've thought about doing Mp3 readings of the book and posting them online. I just need to find a male voice for the heroes. I do NOT have one of those voices that can sub for the man's. Maybe I'll do that if you all think you might enjoy listening. :-)

Pamela Clare said...

I'm about to leave the office to get a massage. Then I'll have my commute home. But I'll check in then. Thanks so much for chatting with me today, and I'll be back for more in a while.



Michelle said...

Thank you so much for having Pamela blog today! I have enjoyed reading everyone's comments!I'm still giggling about the pink penis.
I can't wait to read your new book it sounds Wonderful!! How often can you say a friend has a character in a book named after her !
Happy Birthday Pamela!
Oh and Kara if you buy Pamela's book today , I'll buy your copy from the bookstore!:)

Christy Reece said...

Wow, you guys have definitely had fun today. Very eclectic discussion...including a, uh...knitted pink appendage? A smiling one? Wow, talk about one of a kind birthday presents!

I did finish up my synopsis for the first book in next year's trilogy and sent it off to my editor So yay for that!

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading the banter here today. And Pamela, if you do decide to get a recording of your books, please let me know. I, uh, kind of want to hear Julian. (:

I'm signing off for the night to spend some time reading. Still have a couple of Rita books to finish before next week's deadline!

Be sure to come back tomorrow. We'll do our regular recommend your good reads then.

Thanks again, Pamela, for coming over! Not only was it a super busy day for you at work, and the day before your release, but it was your birthday too. Now that's definitely a full day. I know NAKED EDGE will fly off the shelves. I'm heading out tomorrow to grab one before they're gone.

Hope to see everyone back here tomorrow!

mariska said...

I think i'm kindda late here, since it's already Tuesday in my time zone :)

Happy Birthday Pamela. I knew you when you host Christy's giveaway last week *g* so you are a new for Me Author. and I haven't read any of your books, yet.

Happy Birthday to you..and Happy release day. it's always Great to be a part of a release day of an Author :)

Alexandra said...

Hi Pamela,
I'm sorry I missed all the fun today. I just wanted to drop in and say that I love your books.

I started with Hard Evidence and was hooked. I saw it at the bookstore. Hot cover, the description in the back sounded interesting. I went home and couldn't put it down. I just love Julian! After I was done, I was looking through my TBR pile to see what I could read next. And, what do I see? I already had purchashed Hard Evidence. I can't believe I had the book for so long and never read it!

I can't wait to read Naked Edge.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Michelle — You know, I've knitted in my day, and I don't ever remember seeing patterns for smiling manhoods anywhere in the craft shop! They're a very creative bunch, my staff.

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I hope you enjoy the book. :-)

Hey, Christy — Congrats on finishing your synopsis. Whew! Feels good to get it out the door, I'll bet.

I absolutely will keep you posted on any possible recordings of the books, even homemade ones. I want to hear Julian, too! Even the idea is... exciting!

Have a great night and get some well-earned relaxation.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Mariska — I recognize your name. It's very lovely and unique. Nice to see you again.

Thanks so much for the good wishes, both for my birthday and the release of NAKED EDGE. If you do try the I-Team series, I hope you enjoy it!

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Alexandra — Oh my goodness! TWO copies of HARD EVIDENCE. How funny! When you read a lot that kind of thing can happen. I'm glad that you enjoyed Julian, er, the story so much. ;-)

Have you read the other books in the series since then?

I hope you enjoy NAKED EDGE. It's got some good Julian time in it, perhaps not as much as UNLAWFUL CONTACT did, but then Julian has to share the stage with Marc, and the two of them are relentlessly competitive with one another. :-)

Thanks and have a great night!

Pamela Clare said...

Wow! What a day! Thanks Christy for having me here. And thank you so much to all of you who ventured over to chat with me.

I will draw winners for the two copies of NAKED EDGE tomorrow morning before I go to work. I want to give other people a CHANCE to post, in case they've been at work all day.

Anyone who wants signed bookplates or a NAKED EDGE bookmark, feel free to send an SASE to me at PO Box 1582, and I'll get it in the mail to you right away.

I'll watch for people coming in late tonight and pop back periodically.

And then tomorrow is the day! I can't wait. It feels like it's been so long.

Thank you to all of you for your support! And let's see if Gabe can unseat Marc and Julian.

Alexandra said...

Yes,I have read all the books in the I-Team series. After I read Hard Evidence, I went back and purchased Extreme Exposure. And, at that time, I was lucky because I didn't have to wait long for the release of Unlawful Contact. I love all the books in the series.

Pamela Clare said...

Hi, Alexandra — Do you have a favorite hero in the series? Sorry it took so long to get NAKED EDGE done.

Pamela Clare said...

Good morning, everyone!

Thanks so much for participating yesterday. I had a lot of fun.

And now it's time to pick a winner!

Using a contest randomizer, I picked two names from among all who posted yesterday and...

Sarah and Michelle — You each win a signed copy of NAKED EDGE! Congrats!

Please email me your addresses, and I'll get the books in the mail as soon as my author copies arrive!

Those of you who didn't win, send me an email with your address and I'll send you a NAKED EDGE bookmark.

Thanks again, everyone!

The book is out today, and there is celebration on my blog ( Also, I'm blogging at Borders True Romance, and we're giving away books there, too.

Thanks again, Christy! And happy reading, everyone. :-)

Christy Reece said...

Yay! Congrats to Sarah and Michelle!

Happy release day, Pamela!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for the book and for the great answers and spending your time with us here on Monday.

Mary G said...

Congrats & enjoy Sarah & Michelle!!

Michelle said...

Thank you so much for the book Pamela! I can't wait to read it.