Monday, April 25, 2011

Recommend Monday!

Good Morning All!

Hope you had a good week last week, a good weekend and a Happy Easter! I'm back home after spending almost two weeks away with my mom. The knee surgery went great and she's doing amazingly well. My mom has always been my hero and this surgery once again showed me why--the sheer determination within her to get better. What an inspiration!

While I was away, I did talk to my editor and she told me how much she loved SWEET REVENGE. She wanted only minor revisions--double Yay! As you know, Jamie and Dylan carried me on quite a ride with their story but I'm thrilled that things worked out and we all got our HEA!

This week, I'm concentrating on the minor revisions for SWEET REVENGE and then I'm jumping back to SWEET REWARD. Jared and Mia still haven't met! I told them they'd better get to it and soon. We'll see if they listened. Since they both have problems following orders, we all may be in for a bumpy ride.

Saturday, I'll be attending the Heart of Dixie Readers Luncheon. I love this opportunity to visit with so many wonderful readers and fabulous authors. And I'm doubly excited because three very special readers are coming to Huntsville. Can't wait to see you Jackie, Kara and Mama Gail! Please...everyone coming--drive safely!

You probably heard the sad news that beloved author Beverly Barton died suddenly last week. The news shocked the romance community. I only met Beverly a few times and she was always the epitome of Southern grace. One very special memory was the Southern Magic Writers conference several years ago where Beverly was the keynote speaker at one of the dinners. She was delightfully witty and entertaining. The telling of her first book sale still brings a smile to my face. Beverly will be sorely missed by so many and my heartfelt sympathy and prayers go to her family and friends.

Don't forget that tomorrow begins our LCR book discussion, counting down to the release of SWEET JUSTICE. RETURN TO ME is first up. Hope you've had a chance to read or reread Noah and Samara's story and you have questions and comments. I'll share some tidbits about writing the book, some trivia and little known facts. And there will be prizes, so come prepared to chat and have a good time!

More changes are still coming to my website in the near future, including a countdown clock to SWEET JUSTICE. Can't wait for you to see the new home page. It's a different look for sure!

No recommends from me this week. In between caring for my mom and writing, I didn't get a chance to read anything. However, I'm counting on you to give me some recommendations so I'll be set when I do have that chance.

Hope everyone has a fabulous week! See you back here tomorrow.

Now, tell us what great books we should be reading!


krisgils33 said...

Glad your mom is doing well and I'm so jealous of the girls getting to meet you next weekend!

Life has been crazy busy lately. But, we had a lovely, low-key Easter yesterday.

I read Pamela Clare's Breaking Point. I absolutely loved both Zach and Natalie and the story was really good. I also read My One and Only by Kristan Higgins and I thoroughly enjoyed that reunion romance. Lastly, I read Lucy Monroe's Close Quarters. Not my favorite in the Goddard Project series, but a quick and enjoyable read nonetheless.

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone. We had a pretty low key weekend which was a nice change of pace. We did our regular Easter traditions and then added a new one, we we to the shooting range lol.

Last week I was introduced to one of the best men around. Zach in Breaking Point is a MUST READ to all those who enjoy romantic suspense. Pamela Clare out did herself on this book. So of course I highly recommend it!!!

I also finished Izzy's book, the last in the Troubleshooters series for a while. If you are vested in this series, I would say read it, cause it keeps you in the loop, but if you aren't, it wasn't one of my favorites!!!

I am looking forward to a new release this week. Rachel Gibson's Any Man of Mine comes out Tuesday (part of her hockey series).

Have a great week everyone!!!

Ronlyn said...

I'm so glad your mom is on the mend Christy.
My only rec this week was Cynthia Eden's DEADLY LIES, which was excellent.
My allergies have flared up suddenly so I'm on meds that are causing me to be more loopy than to try to keep it together today.

Mary G said...

Hi Christy
Glad your mom is better.

I enjoyed so much Mr. Perfect by Linda Howard recommended by Marie’s Book Club. So funny for a rom. susp.

Also enjoyed Any Man of Mine by Rachel Gibson.

Mary G said...

I have Close Quarters but haven't read it yet. Good to know it's a quick read.

Jackie P said...

Can't wait to meet you and KK Saturday. Mama Gayle is so excited.

I can't remember if I mention these before or not but I read 2 of Laura Wrights new paranormal series "Eternal Kiss & Eternal Hungar" and they were great. Can't wait on the 3rd due out in 2012. Then I read Pamela Clare's "Breaking Point". This book was Awesome and as good as you said it was going to be. Run out and buy it. I think it's release date is May 3rd. Worth the money.

Mary G.!!!!!!! I AM JEALOUS! Any Man Of Mine!!!!! I can't wait until tomorrow when it comes out. :)

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!

I read Linda Howard's After The Night really enjoyed it.

Kris, I agree Close Quarters isn't my fave of the series either, but it was enjoyable anyway.

I hope everyone has a good week!

Mary G said...

Have to ask:
Found 2 perfectly new Linda Howard books at the UBS.
What should I read first? Shades of Twilight or All The Queen’s Men (I think Christy likes that one).

Mary G said...

LOL Jackie
I can't believe the store had the Rachel book in early. Read it in one sitting. Love Sam with his kid.
Call me, I'll read it to you over the phone LOL. I'll include sound effects ;);).

krisgils33 said...

Mary G,
All the Queen's Men.

Mary G said...

Thanks Kris.
I thought so.

Michelle Cunningham said...

I love book recommendations! This has definietly brought some sunshine to my rainy Monday blahs!

I have to recommend 'Out of Her League' by Kaylea Cross. She writes RS and this is the first book in a series of 5. I finished them all in a week, I just couldn't stop myself. Definitely check them out, they're great!

Christy so glad to hear you Mom is getting better.

Unknown said...

Happy Monday all...

I must not have been under a rock last week because I missed hearing about Beverly Barton's passing. I love her books and I am waiting for her new one to appear on my Nook in the am because I have had it per-ordered of weeks. Now I am sad because there will be no more books from a great author.

As for my great read this week I am almost done with Eve by Iris Johansen with is a trilogy that is suppose to answer the question of what happened to her daughter Bonnie. So far it is really good and is giving back info about how she got pregnant and who the father of the baby is. I am really excited to see who the disturbed person it was who killed Eve Duncan's innocent child.

Happy reading all and have a great week.

Jackie P said...

Mary G YOU are sooo bad. But how soo lucky. ;)

Make sure you get on FB Sat night or Sunday. Hopefully I will have us all some pics!

Kara C said...

Hey all!
I'm posting in between tornado warnings. Again! This has been a several times a week thing lately.
I read, and loved, PC's Breaking Point this week. Right now, I'm reading Linda Howard's After the Night and JR Ward's Lover Unleashed, and so far, they're both really good.
Have to add my vote also to the Kaylea Cross series and All the Queen's Men.
Jackie, I read the first Laura Wright book. I remember really liking it, but don't remember much about it. ;) Do I need to reread it before reading the second book?
Christy, moms are great, aren't they? So glad yours is mending well.
See you this weekend!

Mary G said...

It'll be so fun meeting Christy & Kara. We live vicariously through you. Looking forward to the pics.

Jackie P said...

@Kara, I don't think so but let me check on it first.

Christy Reece said...

Wow, thanks for all the great recommends yesterday! I now have added ten more books to my list!

And I so agree with those of you who read Pamela Clare's Breaking Point. It's fabulous and a wonderful addition to the I-Team series.I loved Zach and Natalie!

Hey, About Me! Thanks for the recommend for Kaylea Cross. Sounds like a fabulous debut and one I will definitely check it out.

Hey Mary G! Yes, I loved All the Queen's Men (John Medina...sigh) but also loved Shades of Twilight. They're very different books and the villain in SOT is probably about the ickiest villain I've ever come across. Be sure to read both! Very sexy reads. (:

And yay on Ronlyn's rec for Cynthia Eden's Deadly Lies. I cannot wait to read the rest of this trilogy! Love her books!

Don't forget to come over around 10ish today and chat about RETURN TO ME! Also, if you have more recommends through the week, be sure to come back and let us know. Our motto on Recommend Monday is: It's never too late to recommend a great book!

Snort, I just made that up, aren't I clever? Don't answer that!

See you soon!

Elke said...

Hi Everyone, again I am a day late( I hope it will not become a custom, lol) but it was the last day of my sons easter brake - he is back to the UK as of today - so there was no time for blogging.

Christy I am glad that your mom is doing better and that your editor loved Sweet Revenge.

Ronlyn I read the "Deadly " series by Cynthia Eden last week and loved those books - did you read the other two books "deadly fear" and "deadly heat" ?

My recommendation for this week is the trilogy about the Wilder brothers "Instant Attraction", "Instant
"Gratification" and "Instant Temptation" by Jill Shalvis" - they were a fast, pleasant read - especially Cams and Cathy´s story was great.

I am eagerly awaiting the release of breaking point - I am quite envious that so many of you have already read it .
But the waiting is almost over yay!!

Have a great week everyone.