Monday, September 26, 2011

Recommend Monday and SWEET Giveaway Day Twenty!

Good Monday All!

Hope you had a good weekend! Did you read anything fabulous you can't wait to share? If so, here's your chance!

I'm headache free for the first time in days and the sun is shining. A great way to start a Monday!

Thanks to everyone who stopped by yesterday and shared their favorite romantic movies. There were several I've never heard of, so I'll definitely be checking them out. And congrats to Mariee for winning a signed copy of an LCR book of her choice. Mariee, please email your mailing address and the LCR book you'd like me to send you.

Anyone notice what happens a week from tomorrow? As I write this blog, it's exactly seven days, sixteen hours and ten minutes until the release of SWEET REVENGE! Yay! Don't forget we'll be having a release day party on Tuesday, October 4. Book and gift card giveaways, so mark your calendars!

Joyce Lamb was scheduled to come over tomorrow and chat with you, but she's asked to reschedule her blog. She's got something exciting going on and is trying to coordinate and synchronize several items. As soon as I confirm a definite day with her, I'll be sure to let you know. And if you've not read a Joyce Lamb book, I encourage you to try her books. She writes fabulous romantic suspense!

For today's SWEET prize, I have a fabulous looking paranormal, The Fallen: Raziel by Kristina Douglas. And all you have to do for a chance to win is give a book recommendation. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

As for my recommendation, Marie Force has a new book out! GEORGIA ON MY MIND looks amazing and I'm going to Amazon after I finish this blog to download it. Here's the order info:
Coming soon to Apple, Kobo and other outlets.

Hope everyone has an outstanding Monday. Can't wait to see what books you're recommending today!


Deb said...

I read J.D. Robb New York to Dallas. As usual it was really good, and it had an unexpected twist that I didn't see coming. Can't wait until next week, when I know Sweet Revenge is going to be so good. Glad your headache is gone.

Jane said...

Hi Everyone and Happy Monday,

Christy, so glad to hear you are headache free. As a fellow migraine sufferer, I know there it's not fun.

Yay, for Sweet Revenge..its on pre-order.

Last week in Upstate New York summer returned. For some reason I got a lot of reading in. Read "River of Eden" by Glenna McReynolds. It is an oldie from 2002 but I totally enjoyed it. Also read "Hush" by Cherry Adair". I loved it. Can't wait for "Afterglow" the next book in the Lodestone series. It won't be out til 2012. The third book I read was "Beg For Mercy" by Jami Alden". Really good. Suspense action and romance. You'll love it.

Hope all of you have a great week.

Alison said...

Happy Monday Everybody!

Christy, I'm glad you're feeling better!

YAY! Only 7 more days til Sweet Revenge!

I second Christy's recommend on Georgia on my Mind...I read it this weekend and really enjoyed it!

I also read Snapped by Laura Griffin, its the latest in her Tracer's series, and loved it. Its my fav so far in the series.

Have a good week everyone!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, hi everyone!
I just read yesterdays blog about all the favourite romantic movies.So I am late to share my fav. One of my all time favs is "The Lakehouse" - so romantic, sigh!

I am glad your headache is finally better, Christy and yay- Sweet Revenge releaseday is right after my birthday - so I am giving myself a great present.

Only one recommend today. "A perfect proposal" by Katie FForde. She is a new to me author and ( from Great Britain I think) and it was a funny contemporary romance with some really excentric people in it. I will definitely read more of this author.

Have a nice week everyone!

ShellyE said...

I just finished Relentless by Kaylea Cross - an awesome book. Her stuff gets better with each book. I am reading Dangerous Highlander by Donna Grant right now. Can't wait for Sweet REvenge!! Only 7 more days!! Woo Hoo!! Sorry to hear you have been under the weather - which is probably what caused it :o)Please don't enter me in the contest as I already have Raziel.

krisgils33 said...

I don't have any recommends for today. :-( I hate it when that happens!

Glad you're feeling better. Hoping it was a super-special sweet treat that perked you back up! :-)

Luci said...

Yay Christy only 7 days to go!! Hope my copy gets here quicker than Sweet Justice did.

I am reading Courtney Milan's Unclaimed. Loved the first quarter, now its toned down a bit so i will finish it off before i rec it.

Am also reading JD robb's Survivor in Death.

oklanannie said...

Hi everyone! Christy, glad the migraine has finally left you.

I read Sandra Brown's "Lethal" and Marie's "Georgia On My Mind." Both were really good and made my weekend an A-plus, along with the hard-earned win over Texas A & M by my 'Pokes!

Looking forward to next Tuesday and the arrival of SWEET REVENGE.

Hope everyone enjoys a fab fall week!

CrystalGB said...

I recently read Monica McCarty's The Chief and enjoyed it. :)

Christi said...

I've really enjoyed all of the Fever series books by Karen Marie Moning, the first one in the series is Darkfever.

Gail said...

I like Stephanie Tyler's "Hard To Hold" The first in her "Hold" series.

Barbara said...

Hey there! So glad you are feeling better Christy! I've been out of the online loop for while and I really missed Recommend Monday. It's nice to be back :) Last week I read the first four books in The Bodyguard series by Cindy Gerard. She's new to me and I will definitely be back for more.

Susan T. said...

I loved Retribution by Sherrilyn Kenyon. Love the banter and sarcasm thru out the book.

Crystal said...

Happy Monday everyone!
I had a great weekend hanging out with family.
Christy I can't believe Dylan will make his appearance on bookshelves and dream everywhere in a week!! Woo hoo!! I dream of the man already!! :)

I don't have much to recommend this week. Read a couple that just isn't recommend Monday worthy soo....
BUT I did reread Honor's Splendour of course that is a must recommend over and over no matter how many times I read it.

Hope said...

Happy Monday everyone....Christy, glad you are feeling better.

Unfortunately, I don't have any recommends. I read a few but they were all just "eh" for me. I have several coming up that I have high hopes for though.

Have a great week everyone!

Na said...

I'm also looking forward to "Georgia On My Mind". My recommendation is "Haunting Desire" by Erin Quinn which is a paranormal romance. if you love Scotland settings, this one has with it, along with the brogue.

KC said...

I have been following the blog for a while now and thought it was about time I add my two cents! I love all the LCR books and can't wait to read the next one. Last week I read: Good Girls Don't by Victoria Dahl(loved it!) Black ties and Lullabies by Jane Graves, and the Destiny novels by Toni Blake- One reckless summer, Sugar Creek and Whisper Falls I liked the 1st and 3rd the best. Can't wait for next Tuesday, Christy

Taryn @MySecretRomance said...

Hey everyone!

Glad to hear your headache is gone, Christy. I feel your pain. I had to see a neurologist because mine were so bad.

Is it really only 7 days until SR? Holy cow! This is soooo exciting!

Last week I read Never A Gentleman by Eileen Dreyer. It's the 2nd book in the Drakes Rakes series and I liked it so much! WARNING-If you do not like cheating heroes then do not read this book. I do, however, so I enjoyed. I think it brings so much more drama and tension to a story. I also read Sweet Justice (finally)!!!! Naturally, I loved it! I liked Jared and can't wait to read his story. Well done, Christy!

ShellyE- I've read the first book by Kaylea Cross in that series. I think it's called Out Of Her League. I enjoyed it and I need to buy the rest. I hear Absolution is amazing. She is also coming out with a lot of books under her new pen name, Callie Croix. Just thought I'd share with you. :) I feel like not that many people know about her, which is a shame because she is a good writer.

Congrats to all the winners the last few weeks!

Anonymous said...

Don't enter me please.

Deadly Descent by Kaylea Cross is a BUY! This is her 1st book in her new series. Loved it.

@KC So glad you posted. I love to come by to see what new books and authors to checkout.

Jackie P

Tasty Book Tours said...

I was going to say Marie Force's Georgia On My Mind....Just usual for Marie. And I finally finished Snapped by Laura Griffin...which was also awesome. and for anyone who like a cute YA...I finally finished Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins....her newest Lola and the Boy Next Door comes out on Thursday!! So excited for the 4th Christy...can't wait for Sweet Revenge!!

Mary G said...

Only had time for one and I enjoyed
it - welcome To Paradise by Elle Kennedy.

Now reading Johnny Loves Krissy by Kyann Waters. Liking it so far.

Christy Reece said...

Wow, what great recommends you all had yesterday! I've jotted down several to check out.

Thanks for the good thoughts on my headache. They are usually weather related and I just put up with them for ever how long it takes to get rid of them. It's been a while since a migraine has hit me, though. Really hoping it'll be another long while before it happens again. But Kris, you're right, something SWEET definitely helped clear it up!

Thank you all also for being so excited about SWEET REVENGE release day. Can't wait for all of you to read Jamie and Dylan's story! I so appreciate those who have pre-ordered it! And Luci, I too hope your copy gets there faster than SWEET JUSTICE did.

Special note to KC: Welcome to the blog! Hope you'll come by often to chat and make recommendations! And thanks for loving the LCR books!

Congrats to Susan T! She is the winner of The Fallen: Raziel by Kristina Douglas. Susan, please send your mailing info to

Okay, I'm headed over to post SWEET giveaway #21. Everyone, come on over when you can! Feeling like a really SWEET giveaway today!