Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

Hey All-

Before the blowing horns, clinging glasses and wild dancing begin, I wanted to say thank you for making 2010 so enjoyable for me. Through all the ups and downs of this wonderfully crazy career I've chosen, you've made it so rewarding. Having you buy and read my books is a dream come true, but hearing from you that you loved them, getting to know you and chatting with you is more than I ever anticipated. Thank you for the inspiration, thank you for the laughter and thank you, dear readers, for buying my books!

This year has been wonderful for me in so many ways, with NO CHANCE receiving a starred review from Publishers Weekly, SECOND CHANCE hitting the New York Times list and LAST CHANCE being nominated for an RT award for best romantic suspense, as well as the Cosmopolitan excerpt, so many of my dreams came true. And you were right there with me, with your encouraging words and good wishes!

And I am so excited about 2011. The release of SWEET JUSTICE and SWEET REVENGE in the fall seems like a long way away, but we'll make it fun with a count down, prizes and lots of discussion about the characters. Covers and back cover blurbs will be arriving soon, along with excerpts. I can't wait to share these stories with you! And then, in early 2012, SWEET REWARD will arrive and you'll meet two of the most daring LCR operatives to date!

Yes, 2011 looks to be a fabulous year and sharing it with you will make it all the better.

Stay safe out there tonight and this weekend. Enjoy your festivities and be sure to come back for Recommend Monday and then Tuesday for a visit with the awesome Marie Force!

For the new year, I wish for you health, happiness and fulfillment of your dreams. May God bless and keep you and we'll chat again next year!

Happy New Year!


krisgils33 said...

Awwww, that is so nice! I loved getting to know you this year and finding your books was one of the SWEETest discoveries! For me, reading is such a great reward and I swear I appreciate it even more knowing how labor intensive it can be for the authors. The greatest gift in 2011 will be having more of your books to read and I promise to return the gift by buying them right away!

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Kris! I've so enjoyed getting to know you this year too. And I'm so glad you're looking forward to more books from me.

Hugs and Happy New Year! I hope 2011 is all that you want it to be and more!

Heather D said...

And thank you christy, for not only giving us such great books, but for keeping up with this blog! I would have never jumped back in to the reading world with out all the recommendations from you and everyone here. It has been a wonderful year of making new friends and a new passion here on the blog. I hope everyone has a safe and happy new year!!!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Christy I hope you have a GREAT New Year yourself! I can't wait to see all the success this year brings for you. I agree with Kris two of the best things to look forward to in 2011 is your book releases!

Mary G said...

SWEET post Christy. I enjoy it here so much. Thanks for everything.

Shelly Estes said...

Happy New Year Christy and everyone! It has been a treat following your blog & getting to know you and your other fans! I am looking forward to the SWEET trilogy -- what comes after them? Is there something in the works?

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Heather! And I'm so glad you're enjoying this blog. Recommend Monday has been a lot of fun for me too. I love hearing about great books and adding them to my neverending TBR list. 2011 looks to be another awesome year of wonderful reads!

Happy New Year to you and yours!

Christy Reece said...

Crystal, thank you! I'm so glad you're looking forward to the SWEET books!

Have the Happiest of New Years!

Christy Reece said...

Mary G, thank you! Hugs and Happy New Year!

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Shelly. I've enjoyed getting to know you too and I'm so glad you've enjoyed the blog. Very happy that you're looking forward to the SWEET books!

As far as what's next, I'm not sure. I'd love to do more LCR books but will have to wait and see. I have a couple of new ideas for new series too. Again, will have to wait and see. Thanks for asking. (: