Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Tuesday's Question

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Yesterday was great. Got some wonderful recommendations to add to our ever growing list. Sorry I was late responding to so many of you. Had a doctor's appointment that took longer than I wanted. But now I'm all medicined up and hopefully headed to feeling better.

In one of the comments yesterday, someone mentioned titles. I can't recall who it was, but if it was you, please take credit for it in your comment. It was a great suggestion.

I love coming up with titles. My first manuscript went from Once in a Lifetime to More Than a Miracle. Sigh, so romantic. It's really hard for me to write a book without a set title. I know some authors who wait until the book is written or half written before they decide on one, but I've never been able to do that. I'm like that with character names too. If I don't know the name, how can I write what 'no name' says?

I've been very fortunate to be able to keep most of my titles. RESCUE ME and RETURN TO ME were mine, but I originally had Remember Me, instead of RUN TO ME. I was perfectly happy with the change.

In my second trilogy, I wanted LAST CHANCE to go first, but the marketing people felt that LAST denotes LAST and it should go LAST. LOL Makes way too much sense for my dreamy, floatey brain. It was the right marketing move but since I wrote the first book with the title LAST CHANCE in my mind, I did have to take some brain detours. Whew! Those hairpin curves are scary. So LAST CHANCE became NO CHANCE and NO CHANCE became LAST CHANCE but SECOND CHANCE was always SECOND, because, well...it was SECOND.

The third trilogy, SWEET JUSTICE, SWEET REVENGE and SWEET REWARD, was my second choice, but I love them now and feel they fit the stories so much better. Won't tell you my original titles because I hope to use them some day. We'll see!

So, let's get to that question. What do you think about titles? Do they make you pick up the book? Are some of them so off-putting, you don't pick up the book? Have you ever bought a book because of the title? I know I have. And I'm sure I've not purchased a book because of the title, though none come to mind.

What about you?

Hope everyone has a fabulous Tuesday! And stay warm...it's freezing in Bama!


Anonymous said...

i think its very important for a book to have a great title or im not buying.thats why i have all your books so far they have great titles.

Cheryl Norman said...

Christy, I love all your titles. In fact, I was writing one (A sequel to RUNNING SCARED) called RUN TO ME and had to change the title *LOL*. Didn't want you to think I was copying you! As it turned out, my life took a detour and I never finished writing that particular book.

I have to have a good title before I can write a book. So far, I've been allowed to keep all my titles, which may or may not be a good thing.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Regina, thanks so much for buying my books! I hope you like the SWEET titles too!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Hey Christy!
I think titles are super important. If the title jumps out at me I will pick the book up and read the back every time. One title that I remember grabbed me right off the bat was Linda Howards All the Queens Men. For some reason it seemed to shout "HEY READ ME!!" lol

Christy Reece said...

Cheryl, I wouldn't have minded you taking RUN TO ME. In fact, Running Scared was going to be my title for the book that became SWEET REVENGE. Isn't that weird?

I know your life took a detour, but I am so impressed with your stamina and courage. I pray that you can now get back on track and continue to write amazing books! ((((hugs)))))

Heather D said...

Good Morning everyone!

I also think a title is important, but not nearly as important as the excerpt on the back. The title makes me pick up the book, but the description is what makes me want more. I think being able to see the names of the characters, and getting a taste of the personalities is what really gets me hooked to find out more about the book.

Hope you get to feeling better Christy! Im sure its not nearly as cold in tx, but its too cold for me lol

Kara C said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! Titles have certainly caught my attention. RESCUE ME stands out as being a title that made me pick up the book initially. I had, after all, never heard of the author. :-)

Titles won't keep me from reading a book. There have been books I really enjoyed, but wished they didn't have such a cheesy title. ;)

Two titles that I remember as loving that come to mind are Shut Up and Kiss Me by Christie Craig and Kingdom of Dreams by Judith McNaught. Having read CC before, I knew this would be a fun read, and 'Kingdom of Dreams'? Love that title!

krisgils33 said...

i love your titles!! I like a cool title, but I don't think i obsess over it.

Christy Reece said...

Crystal, All the Queen's Men is a great title, isn't it? And an even greater book. Love John Medina!

Christy Reece said...

Heather, I so agree. The back cover blurb will often make it or break it for me regarding buying. But if the title is catchy or intriguing, I will pick it up, then hopefully the back cover blurb will sell me.

Thanks for the good wishes. It's in the low 20's at night and high 30's during the day. Not cold for some but too cold for this southern girl!

Elke said...

Hi Christy, I hope you will soon feel better.

Titles are really very important. I agree with you Crystal- a good title jumps out and I sure take a closer look at the back of the book.
To me a good title should also refer to the content of the book so when I read the book I get the idea why it got that title. Your books definitely fit that description Christy.

But I remember one book where the title intrigued me and I bought the book and although the title referred greatly to the story I was disappointed in the book.

What I don´t like are titles that are so similar, that I can´t tell whether I already read the book or not( like the death series by Nora Roberts ore some of Beverly Bartons books ).

I really liked the titles (and the books of course )of the first 3 books of Susann Mallerys "Marcelli series" - " the sassy one", "the sparkling one" and "the seductive one". There is this scene where the three sisters had a girls night and each put her name on a bottle of wine made by the Marcelli familiy winery and the description of the wine fit somehow the respective sister.( I hope I remenber it right - its been awhile since I read those books).

So anyway to me titles are more important than covers.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Another opinion.... :)

When I read the title or the back of the book I want to know if it is paranormal or not! I've bought a few that gave no indication of being paranormal and it was. :(

oklanannie said...

I like a catchy title and have loved all the "Me," "Chance," and "Sweet" titles. They, along with their covers, certainly were appeasing to me!! Just as a bad cover won't make or break a sale for me, neither will a bad title. It's always nice to get the total package -- especially what's between that titled cover.

There seems to be a surge of catchy and clever titles on the market these days. I find it fun to see one that really reaches out and grabs my attention.

Christy, I hope you're feeling better real soon! Stay warm and have some chicken noodle soup!

Aly said...

You know I don't think I have ever really paid attention to the titles. Only when the title makes me think one thing about the book and then the contents don't match!

And Christy, I am freezing along with you. It wouldn't be so bad for us here if it wasn't for the wind!

Jackie P said...

Hope you feel better Christy.

I usually don't pay to much attention to the titles.

Jane said...

Clever titles do make me pick up a book, but I've never bought a book based on its title only.

Linda said...

A good title will catch my eye like; Maya Banks No Place to Run...although in this case..99.9% of what caught my eye was the picture of Mr 8-pack on the cover...(part of the 8-pack is under 'Place'! :)

Unusual or overly long titles will catch my eye...I ponder why anyone would name a book that or why such a long title for a book???? Then curiousity has me picking the book up and reading a few pages. Quite a few times, it turns out to be an awesome book...just goes to show you can't judge a book from its cover...

Mary G said...

Great topic Christy.
I like titles that kind of make sense to the story. Like covers I like titles to be non-embarrassing. I read erotica too and there's books I only read at home and books I can actaully read in public. There are silly ones like some series books. I would not buy (or read) The Nanny's Second Cousin's Test Tube Baby for instance. I've heard that particular publisher is making a change to that line.

Also I thought, like the cover, that authors don't always get a choice about the title.

Be back after tennis.

Christy Reece said...

Kara, thanks! I loved RESCUE ME from the beginning. Had the song in my head while I wrote it. (:

Christie Craig has some great titles, doesn't she? Shut and Kiss Me is such a fun one. And oh yes, A Kingdom of Dreams. Sigh, romantic title, romantic book.

Christy Reece said...

Kris, thank you! I love my titles too! (:

Christy Reece said...

Elke, I'm so glad my titles go with my books. That's one of the biggest reasons I need a title before I write the book. I need that theme or thought to carry me through the story.

Yeah, it is frustrating when the titles are so similar. I worry about that with my titles but hopefully they're different enough so people don't get confused.

Susan Mallery's Marcelli series was wonderful, wasn't it? Those came out when I was working at Borders and I gobbled them up. (:

Christy Reece said...

Crystal, I'm with you on knowing what I'm buying. I do like some paranormals, but if I thought I was getting one thing and got something else, I'd be frustrated.

Christy Reece said...

Anne, thank you! I've loved my titles too.

Cute titles do attract my attention. I remember when Marianne Stillings first book came out, I loved the title--Damsel in This Dress. I figured anyone clever enough to come up with the title was sure to have written a great book. I wasn't disappointed. It was a great book.

Thanks for the good wishes! I'll be better soon!

Christy Reece said...

Aly, the temperature is supposed to be 19 tonight. That's just wrong! And you're right, when the wind blows, cuts right through you. I think the five years I've been back here has made my blood thinner or something.

Stay warm!

Christy Reece said...

Thank you, Jackie!

Christy Reece said...

Jane, I agree about the clever titles. There are a lot of cute ones out now and even if I wouldn't necessarily read a particular sub-genre, I might pick up the book just to see what it's about.

Christy Reece said...

LOL Linda, so maybe not so much the title as eye candy with an 8 pack? (:

So an overly long title catches your eye? Interesting!

Christy Reece said...

Mary G, no! That's not really a title, is it?

I agree that really cheesy or bad titles aren't exactly attractive to me. And if I'm reading a book with a title that embarrasses me, I probably wouldn't take it out in public.

I've been asked to give input on my covers, but the publisher makes the final decisions. Regarding titles, I discuss my ideas with my editor and so far, with one or two exceptions, she's liked my suggestions.

Mary G said...

No I'm was being my usual sarcastic self but you know what I mean.

Christy Reece said...

Mary G, I thought it was hilarious! Beware, someone may grab this title for their own. Oh, the possibilities of a story like this. (:

Mary G said...

LOL you're so funny. Maybe I should try to write that one. How can I screw it up? Not match the title for one.

Luci said...

I was the one who suggested titles :), but obviously then i went on to completely miss this post.

I confess that titles are not what gets me to read a book - its the author, the blurb and reviews i read about it. Lately titles are coming out so similar to each other that they blend together in my mind. I can never get a title of a book I am reading straight lately - this mostly applies to historicals.

Latching onto my comment re the titles in another post on this blog, the cover pictures are not the only thing that are getting difficult to explain to my daughters - most historical book titles are getting there too. With words like Tempting, Seducing, wicked Delights, Passions....its becoming uncomfortable to reply to their question: What is the title of the book you are reading? Add to that my six year old gloating because the cover has a man without a shirt on it and we are ready to roll.

Hope said...

HOW THE HECK, did I miss this discussion yesterday?? I know I am late, but I am going to add my 2 cents anyway.

I think titles are important. I really like it when a series, has some of the same words in each title so you know they are linked. Especially since there are so many wonderful authors, you want to start at the beginning (right KK?? lol).

I don't like it when there are crude words in the title, leave it for the content or the blurb on the back if it is a must.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Oh Luci I am not looking forward to answering those questions.

Hope I missed Sunday so now I don't feel so bad to be the only one spacing out. KK will be so proud you promoting "order"! lol

Shelly Estes said...

I don't know how I missed this yesterday either -- I was on the site for a couple of hours re-reading stuff from the weekend!!

A cover catches my attention first, then the title. If the title is stupid or too weird, I may not even pick it up. If the title sounds intriguing, then I will pick it up a read the back. If it sounds good, then I will thumb thru it looking for the "hot spots" and if those are pretty good I will buy the book -- of course these are by authors I don't currently collect. For instance, if Christy had a new book come out with a hideous title and cover, I would still buy it because I already know I like her books.

In series, I wish the publishers would put something on the front or back cover to indicate "2nd book in the whatever series", that way I could read them in order. Sometimes with reissues, you don't know which one really came out first. (Maybe I should have posted this under the covers topic, rather than the title topic!)