Monday, December 27, 2010

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

How was your weekend? Was your Christmas bright and beautiful? Did Santa bring you everything you wanted?

My Christmas was lovely. Got to see family I haven't seen in years, watched the kiddies run around (young and old) peeking at name tags, laughed till my jaws ached and ate till my tummy ached. A wonderful time with my beloved family and it snowed on Christmas day! Can't get much better than that!

I heard rumors that Kindles and Nooks were in several stockings this year. If you received one, can't wait to hear what you think about yours and what books you've already downloaded.

In between the hustle and bustle of the season, did you get a CHANCE to read anything? If so, tell us what you loved so we can run out and buy it too! I didn't read anything last week. Spent most of it playing catch up. However, now that the craziness is over, I'm ready to settle down to some great reads. Can you help me out with some suggestions? (:

In the next few weeks, I hope to be able to share with you the back cover blurb for SWEET JUSTICE and SWEET REVENGE and all the covers for the SWEET books. I haven't seen anything yet and I'm chomping at the bit to see what they'll look like. The moment I can, I'll share them with you.

I'm still in the midst of SWEET REVENGE where Jamie and Dylan are still huffing and puffing at each other. Jamie's is mostly from indignation and Dylan's is mostly amusement. Again, if these two don't kill each other, I do think they'll be very happy together.

Can't wait to hear about your great reads from last week. If you're anywhere warm, savor the heat and if you're in the midst of the winter storm hitting the eastern U.S., hope you can stay inside, sip hot chocolate, bundle under a blanket and read to your heart's content.

Happy Monday All!


Kara C said...

Hey Christy! So glad you had a great holiday... and every little tidbit about D&J just makes me love them all the more. What an extremely UNBORING couple those two are.
Although I sadly remain Kindle-less and Nook-less, I have managed to get my hands on several good books this past week. Now, to find the time to read them!
I finished Jodi Thomas's Somewhere Along the Way, the follow up to Welcome to Harmony. I haven't read much from her BUT I LOVED both these books, and highly recommend them. I also finished Jo Davis's Ride the Fire. I'm reading Toni Blake's Whisper Falls right now, as well as two very different kinds of books - Butterfly Tattoo by Deidre Knight and Tara Taylor Quinn's The First Wife.
Hope everyone is recuperating nicely from the hustle and bustle of Christmas. We had a few snow flurries Christmas Day, a rare thing that was fun even though it was not enough to stick. Besides, snow that sticks to the ground needs to hold off until school is back in session. :-)

Kara C said...

Oh wait! I also started The Chief by Monica McCarty, which you recommended AGES ago, Christy. Shows how behind I am. :-)

krisgils33 said...

It was a mostly quiet and relaxing Christmas at my house. The funniest thing was my daughter giving my husband a pair of his own underwear as a present!

I spent more than 4 days with a book that I sadly cannot recommend. I really tried to like it, but just couldn't...which is pretty unusual for me.

Kara, I have Butterfly Tattoo in my TBR and have heard wonderful things about it. Less of a romance, though, right?

We escaped the heavy snow here in the DC area and I'm back at work today. Hope everyone had a good one!!!

Christy Reece said...

Hey, Kara, wow, lots of great reads from you. I so admire that you can read more than one book at a time. I've heard many wonderful things about Butterfly Tattoo, with lots of people saying it was their favorite read in years. Must. Read. It.

LOL on the snow. I hope that it holds off for you until school starts back and then you have as much as you like. Just don't send it to Bama. I am so ready for Spring!

Christy Reece said...

Kris, I love quiet and relaxing Christmases! Glad you enjoyed yours. Your hubby got a pair of his own underwear as a gift? LOL I'll bet he was surprised. Did you get a photo as he opened it?

My hubby loves to play practical jokes with gifts. I don't know how many times he has wrapped up a telephone book and given it to family and friends. Sigh... (:

Have a great week, Kris. Hopefully you'll find some recommends here that you'll enjoy.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Good Morning everyone,
Santa was so good to me this year! I got a Nook and have been reading it like crazy. I hope Santa was good to all of you also.
Last week I read several first time authors for me (all these are first time authors for me):
Midnight Run by Lisa Marie Rice. It was short and sweet.
I also read Cherry Adair book Kiss and Tell. I really enjoyed it. I've already downloaded the next book on my Nook.
Marie Force's Fatal Affair. Finally I was able to read it on my Nook and it lived up to my great expectations. I definitely recommend it!
I also read Jo Davis Trial by Fire. It was a good read also.
Once a Cowboy by Linda Warren it was a fluffy read.
The Wicked House of Rohan by Anne Stuart. It was a short story.
I've also started my first Roxanne St. Claire book it is the Bullet Catcher's series. I'm really enjoying it so far.

Books that I have downloaded on my Nook so far (that I haven't read)
Hide and Seek -Cherry Adair
Whispering Rock -Robyn Carr
Long Hard Ride- Lorelei James
His Lady Mistress- Elizabeth Rolls
Colter's Wife- Maya Banks

I feel like I am forgetting something but I guess I'll come back if I remember what it is.
Christy I am looking forward to the covers and blurbs!! I'm not one to wish time to go by fast, but if I could fast forward to your releases then rewind back to the now I would be all over it!!! lol

By the way Hope's son is competing in the world championship karate tournament this week. So I don't think she'll be stopping by. So try and send him some good luck vibes through the techno world. lol

Have a great week everyone. If you have big New Years plans be careful and have fun!! Remember your DD!!! :)

krisgils33 said...

I don't know if it was because I was way behind on Christmas prep and there were no presents under the tree, or if she just wanted to put something under there without having to ask us for any help (we both took her to Color Me Mine to make something for us). She just took the initiative, found the wrapping paper, etc. I didn't get pictures, but Greg's first question was "did you get these out of the laundry basket or my drawer?". (fyi- they came from the drawer) My present was a box she had made with hand written coupons for things like hugs, etc. (i definitely got the better gift!!!)

Alison said...

Hi Everyone!
I'm glad to hear everyone had a great holiday! This year we didn't travel to MO to see our families, so it was just the two of us...four if you count our two 4-legged kids :-) It was very relaxing without the stress of travel.

I got a couple gift cards to B&N and Borders so I forsee some serious book buying happening! Woohooo!!

Christy...I'm picking up Honor's Splendour tonight, you've said so many good things about this book I have to read it!

I read Marie Force's The Fall...This book is amazing, so emotional. I lucked out and won an advanced copy of her new book Everyone Loves a Hero, it was also a great read!! I read Bella Andre's Game for Love...from her bad boys of football series..very hot!! I'm still blazing through the TS series...I'm reading Dark of Night right now. I can't wait for Izzy's story...I think he could be one of my favorites.

Kara, how's The Chief? Its in my TBR pile, but I'm waiting until the last in the series is out this week before I get started.

Crystal, it sounds like your new Nook is getting a work out :) Fatal Affair is great...I had to wait until I got my Kindle to read it! I can't wait for the next book in the series!

I hope everyone has a very Happy New Years!

Crystal (cmac) said...

Alison!!! I can't wait for you to read Honors Splendour. You will love it. :)

Kara C said...

Alison, I don't read historicals often, and have just started The Chief, but so far it definitely has my attention. I think it's going to be really good.
Kris, Butterfly Tattoo is definitely not your average romance, but I'm glad I read it. At one point, I was thinking maybe I wasn't liking it as much as I wish I was...five pages I was CRYING. SO emotional, and some really likable characters.

gingabread said...

I was reading Stephanie Tyler's Promises In The Dark....but I think I left it at work last night (dang it). So I started Goodnight Tweetheart by Teresa Mederios.

Cherry Adair's ~ UNDERTOW is on it's way to me, and I can't wait.

Unknown said...

I got my book nook and the first think I did was pre-order Tami Hoag's new book that comes out tomrrow. I can't wait. Other then that just playing around with it and seeing what I can do with it. Have not really got much reading done lately. But the new year will lead to more reading. lol. Happy New Year all!

Mary G said...

Hi all
Hope you all had a good holiday. We had a blast but I'm glad it's time to relax. I read:
A Perfect Fit - Sheridon Smythe
Home for the Holidays - Sarah Mayberry
Unguarded - Tracy Wolff
I'm In No Mood For Love - Rachel Gibson

Against The Wind - Kat Martin
A cowboy story with a familiar theme but so good - can't wait for the rest.

Now reading:
Truly, Madly Deeply - Rachel Gibson
True Confessions - Rachel Gibson

Unknown said...

Hey Christy,
Sounds like you had a great Christmas. Can't wait for the new books to come out. Right now I am finishing up Bayou Bad Boys with JoAnn Ross, Nancy Warren & E. C. Sheedy. Gotta love those Cajun! I'm probably going to start on the Shadow Force series by Stephanie Tyler next. Happy writing, Sherrie

Christy Reece said...

Crystal, congrats on your Nook! Sounds like you're enjoying it already. Do you find it harder to get lost in a story with an e-reader? I know I did at first.

Glad you're looking forward to the blurbs and covers. And if do happen to learn how to fast forward time and then rewind it, let me know before you do it. LOL I want to make sure I'm ready. (:

Thanks for letting us know about Hope's son. How exciting! Sending good luck vibes his way as I type!

Happy New Year, Crystal!

Christy Reece said...

LOL Kris, that was a cute thing for her to do. However, I agree that you got the best of the two gifts!

Christy Reece said...

Allison, your Christmas sounds so relaxing. There were a few times that we didn't travel for Christmas and spent it with each other and our fur-kid. That kind of celebration has its own special rewards. (:

Yay for bookstore gift cards! Hope you got some recommendations here so your shopping will be even more fun! And I hope you enjoy Honor's Splendour. Such a lovely romance!

I need to look for Marie Force's The Fall. I love an emotional romance! I noticed on her Facebook status this morning that her second book in the Fatal series, Fatal Justice, is out next week. I'll see if she's available to come by and talk to us about it. Lots of people excited about this second installment of Nick and Sam, including me!

Happy New Year to you too!

Christy Reece said...

Kara, you cried with Butterfly Tattoo? Wow, wonder if I will since we know that I NEVER cry when I'm reading. (LOL, thought I'd get all my lying out of the way before the end of the year so I can start 2011 with a clean slate).

Christy Reece said...

Gingabread, leaving behind a book you're in the middle of is so frustrating! But Goodnight Tweetheart looks so good, so hopefully that helped. I can't wait to get my own copy!

Yay for Cherry Adair's Undertow. Looks like another great read by this fabulous author!

Christy Reece said...

Yay, Sarah! Congrats on your Nook. Let us know how you like it. The ability to pre-order a book and have it download automatically the day of release is one of the best features of an e-reader to me. LOL When I want a book, I want it asap!


Christy Reece said...

Hey Mary G! Glad you had a great Christmas. Looks like you had a some great reads too. I'm super excited about Kat Martin's new series. I love her writing and these books look wonderful!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Sherrie, so glad you're looking forward to my new books!

Oh, Bayou Bad Boys sounds great! And Stephanie Tyler is one of our favorites so I'm sure you'll enjoy her new series.

Thanks for coming by. Hope you'll visit often!

Shelly Estes said...

Happy Holidays everyone! I got a 3G Kindle for an early christmas gift (because hubby wanted some expensive music gadget, he felt guilty and bought me the kindle. It will be nice to read my ebooks on a screen larger than my iPod! I got gift cards for Borders, ITunes, fabric shop and movie theater. Then after the great weekend, I got the stomach flu that is going around!! Gave me an extra day off work, which I used to finish JoAnn Ross' "The Homecoming". Started Jo Davis' "Hidden Fire" which I am really enjoying.

Hope everyone has a safe new year's eve. We go out to eat early and get home before "Amateur Hour" and the wild parties start.

Heather D said...

Sounds like everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!

Shelly... sorry to hear you got sick! I hope you are feeling much better

I didnt get much reading done with all the festivities. My parents are divorced, so I had 4 different houses to visit with my daughter through out the weekend. The kiddo got so many toys, I had to go buy a huge new shelf to organize her room. I am so thankful to have an amazing family to help give my little one such a blessed christmas!

I cant wait to see the blurbs for the books Christy. How does that feel to see something you worked so hard on really come together? It must be a huge rush! I know im excited : >

Christy Reece said...

Shelly, congrats on the Kindle! So sorry you had a stomach virus though. That'll definitely spoil any kind of fun. But it sounds like you were able to get some reading done anyway.

Hope you're feeling better and have a Happy New Year!

Christy Reece said...

Heather D, sounds like your Christmas was super busy but enjoyable. How exciting it must have been for your daughter to get presents at all the grandparent's houses. Fun!

Glad you're looking forward to the blurbs. It is rush to see ideas and thoughts that I put into words created into a book. With each book, I get a few copies and the day they arrive on my doorstep, I'm like a kid at Christmas. I rip open the box and ooh and ahh for hours. (: