Monday, July 11, 2011

Recommend Monday

Good Monday Everyone!

Hope you had a spectacular week and weekend. Did you do anything fun and exiting? Did you read anything awesome you can't wait to share with us? If so, please let us know!

My week was fantastically busy. Last Monday, July 4, I had a wonderful celebration with my family. Laughed a lot, ate too much and got caught up on everyone. So much fun! Then, it was back to work for me. My agent had suggested an epilogue for SWEET REWARD and she was so right. Have I mentioned how very excited I am about this book? Truth is, the SWEET trilogy is turning into my very favorite trilogy. I cannot wait for you to read them!

After I sent in the revised SWEET REWARD, with epilogue, it was time for lots of catch up. When I'm on deadline, so many things get put on the back burner, such as ordering bookmarks, planning promotions for the upcoming releases and oh yeah, the promised excerpt for SWEET REVENGE. It is coming! But to give you a little flavor, I'm posting a short excerpt on my Facebook page today. Will post a longer one here on my website later this week or early next week--depending on when my website designer can add it.

Friday afternoon was (my first in a very long time) date night with my hubby. Actually it was date afternoon but that doesn't have the same cache, does it? Anyway, we ate at Red Lobster. Since we had 2 giftcards, the meal ended up costing a whopping $10--LOL, that's my hubby's favorite kind of meal. Then we went to an ice cream shoppe and shared a sundae. After that, we saw Super 8 and it was so much fun! It reminded me a bit of the movie from years ago called The Goonies. Have you seen Super 8? There were lots of things blowing up, a sweet love story, a few tears and lots and lots of laughter. Hands down Friday was the most fun I've had in a long time. Do you have date night with your hubby or significant other? If not, I highly recommend them!

Over the weekend, I read two novellas that I really enjoyed. Allison Brennan's Love is Murder, which is a standalone prequel to her fabulous Lucy Kincaid series. And, thanks to Ronlyn, I downloaded Pamela Clare's Heaven Can Wait, which was sweet, sexy and lots of laugh out loud moments. Thanks Ronlyn for the suggestion! Also, though I recommended this book weeks ago because I thought it looked like a good read, I hadn't had a chance to read Jami Alden's Beg For Mercy. Based upon the comments of those of you who had, I knew I'd made a great recommendation. And though I'm still about 100 pages from the finish, I wholeheartedly agree. It is a great read! If you haven't read it and love dark and sexy romantic suspense, then I highly recommend it...once again. (:

This week, I'm continuing with some catch up stuff, along with a few other things I can't share with you yet, but hope to soon! Tomorrow? What's tomorrow, you ask? It's our continuation of (and previously postponed) countdown to SWEET JUSTICE with a discussion of NO CHANCE. Hope you'll join me as we discuss Gabe and Skye's story. There will be spoilers, a trivia contest, a chance to ask questions and prizes!

Oh, before I forget, Fresh Fiction has an excerpt of SWEET JUSTICE on their website and it's an even longer one than what's on my website. Check it out! Here's the link:

As I mentioned last week, I picked up lots of great books at the RWA convention and over the next few months plan to share them with you. Allison Brennan's novella Love is Murder was released as an E-book only, but Allison had printed copies made and was giving them away at the conference. I was fortunate enough to snag one. And, because I love you, the first person who comments with: "I want a signed copy of Love is Murder by Allison Brennan" wins this signed copy!

Hope everyone has a fabulous Monday. Don't forget to come back tomorrow and lets chat about NO CHANCE!

Now, tell us what great books you're recommending today.


Mary G said...

"I want a signed copy of Love is Murder by Allison Brennan"

Christy Reece said...

LOL Mary, you got it! Email your mailing address to me so I'll know I've got it correctly.


Mary G said...

Cool!! LOL, I never win these time thingees. Thanks so much Christy.

Mary G said...

I read & loved:

Somewhere Along The Way-Jodi Thomas
The Creed Legacy- Linda Lael Miller

Reread & loved again:
Addicted To You-Bethany Kane
(AKA Beth Kery) There is a fab review of this at:
Said it way better than I could.

Almost finished Savor The Danger by Lori Foster and it's fab!

Also started Can't Hurry Love by Christie Ridgway

Hope said...

Last week was a busy week in our home, but that is par for the course during the summer. We are in the process of a minor remodel...we bought the house about 3 years ago and it had white carpet and we are FINALLY getting rid of it, and with new carpet, that means new furniture, well in my mind anyway lol.

Last week I read, the final in Lori Foster's Men that walk the edge of honor series, with Savor the Danger. And it was my favorite of the series. I really liked all of the drama and intrigue and the spicy parts were great too.

I also read Maya Banks Sweet Surrender, and while I really liked the story, then ending kinda miffed me, but I will read the next one too :)

I started a new series that I was very excited about, but ended up having to put it down half way through, there were sooooo many typos and editing issue, sometimes it seemed like I was missing whole pages.

I just started Linda Lael Miller's 3rd book in her new Creed series, so I am hoping for big things.

Have a great week everyone.

Christy Reece said...

Congrats again, Mary! Sounds like you had a successful reading week. I'm anxious to read Lori Fosters new series. Been hearing great things about it.

Hope you'll come back tomorrow for the NO CHANCE discussion!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Hope! LOL I love your logic--new carpet means new furniture. I totally agree!

Another recommend for Lori Foster. Really excited about starting this series!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the NO CHANCE discussion!

oklanannie said...

This past week was filled to the brim: July 4th celebration, on the 6th my sweet little granddaughter turned 2 so we celebrated, my 5 yr. old grandson had his first ever karate tournament and won a medal in technique and a trophy for sparring (he was quite proud - of course so was his support staff!), a day at the water park with my daughter and the grandkids, a picnic lunch and lots of fun UNTIL the next morning when all of us came down with the summer stomach flu bug. It's been touch and go since BUT I've read lots of books! Today is much better and I'm feeling back to normal!

Thanks to Kara, who recommended a book by Catherine West, "Today's Yesterday," I had a wonderful reading experience yesterday. A heartwrenching, emotional love story set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, this amazing book kept me glued to my chair with only one bathroom break. I highly recommend this book!!

I also finally read Shannon Stacy's "Exclusively Yours", and the entire Kowalski family stole my heart.

Also, honorable mentions:

Hope Ramsay's "Welcome to Last Chance", the first in a series for her.

Courtney Milan's "Unveiled." Love her historicals.

Nora Roberts's "The Search" - She's definitely a hit or miss for me of late but this one I really enjoyed. Even the "search and rescue" language did not detract from the story.

Looking forward to the discussion tomorrow! Have a great day!

Luci said...

Super super busy month for me with loads of things going on. Just to mention two - bought a summer house on Malta's sister island of Gozo and went up to Sicily to get furniture from Ikea - interesting experience :).

Organised a week completely dedicated to the employees of the Hospital Group of which i am marketing manager. It had loads of details to take care of but it went by wothout a glitch and culminated in a Maltese meal and after party where I literally danced all night and LOVED it! Hadn't danced in ages!

Am still reading Nora Roberts' wedding books - am in the last book - Happy Ever After.

Also reading Eloisa James' Storming the Castle on Kindle.

oklanannie said...

P.S. Oops - I forgot to tell you about another contemporary romance that won me over in May (you know I've been MIA).

Kristin Brakey, a new author, who graduated high school with my daughter and who also is a good friend, made her writing debut with "Unbridled Holiday." It is on Kindle for $4.99. Give her a peek and see what you think. It's more than a fun romp and I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Here's a preview:

"Brook Holliday has set sail on her honeymoon cruise…only she’s missing a husband. Her fiancĂ© fled town just two weeks before the wedding, and although distraught, Brook departs for the Caribbean with her sister in an attempt to turn lemons into frozen daiquiris. Soon after boarding, Brook meets Scott Webster, an aspiring writer who lives just miles from her back home. Forget cabana boys. He gets her cylinders firing again, but turns out to be traveling with a vixen determined to stake a claim on him. Despite the obstacles, Brook and Scott form a connection and start to date back on land. When both their rocky dating histories catch up to them, however, Brook becomes torn between her attraction to Scott and her need to heal.

Family and friends help Brook reshape her life, but good company and wine can only do so much. The solutions to her personal and professional woes must ultimately come from within, requiring her to face ugly truths and make some bold changes.

Taking place in the Caribbean, Kansas City, London, and Chicago, Unbridled Holiday tells the story of a bride who didn’t make it down the aisle, but ends up in a much better place."

Christy Reece said...

Oh my heavens, Anne! That was a whole month of stuff in one week! Happy Birthday to your granddaughter and congrats to your grandson on his karate medal! I'm sure his support staff was much appreciated. (:

Hope you're feeling lots better!

Will add Today's Yesterday to my list. Sounds like a great and emotional read. And looks like even though you were sick, you got in some good reading time. Hope they made you feel better!

See you here tomorrow for the NO CHANCE discussion!

Christy Reece said...

Wow, Luci, reading everyone's update is making me feel lazy and unproductive. Congrats on the new house! And also on the successful week you organized at work. Having things go off without a hitch is a reward in itself, isn't it? So glad you enjoyed a wonderful night of dancing, too. I haven't done that in years either.

Storming the Castle sounds like fun. Will check it out!

Hope to see you here tomorrow for the NO CHANCE discussion!

Christy Reece said...

Sounds like a great read, Anne! Thanks for letting us know about it!

Elke said...

Hi Everyone,
seems you all had an interesting time last week with lots of good reads too.
I was visiting my parents last week, which was great as I don´t see them very often(they live 800 km south from where I live). I travelled by train and as each tour took 7 to 8 hours I had lots of reading time. I reread the Mercy Street series by Mariah Stewart and two of her FBI series, which I enjoyed reading again.

I didn´t read any new books this week.

Christy, I read the longer excerpt of SWEET JUSTICE on the fresh fiction website and I see that I really wasn´t that far off with my guess about Seth´s arrest. The status of my amazon order told me that SWEET JUSTICEe will be delivered around the of September - which means that I will have to wait two more weeks because we are on holiday the first two weeks in September - talk about bad timing, grrr.

I am looking forward to tomorrows discussion of NO CHANCE.

Christy Reece said...

Hey Elke! Wow, a 7 - 8 hour train ride definitely gives you quality reading time. And I adore Mariah Stewart!

LOL Nope, you weren't far off at all on your assessment of Seth! Can't wait for you to read the entire story. I hope to get some early copies soon and will give a couple away in contests before release day. Maybe you could win an early one! (:

See you here tomorrow for the NO CHANCE discussion!

Kara C said...

Hey all!
I finished Beg for Mercy and loved it! I agree that it is a must read for anyone who likes RS.
I feel a bit conflicted about it being July. I'm happy because June was SO incredibly crazy around here, but I'm a bit sad too because if it's July now, that means August is just around the corner: yet another wild and crazy month for us.
Christy, I had a 'date night'...with my younger son. LOL! We saw Super 8 which he proclaimed might just be the best movie ever. It's been way too long since I've had a date night with my husband. Better get it done before August. :)

Alison said...

Hi All!

I finished my Karen Roseathon...with I Can See You and Silent Scream, which I loved. I also read and enjoyed Toni Blakes The Red Diary, Lori Foster's Savor the Danger and Marie Force's Ready for Love.

Have a good week everyone!

Tara said...

Hi All!

Like Kara I LOVED Beg for Mercy, my recommend for the week for sure!

Sounds like everyone is having busy summers. Is it me or does it feel like it is flying by fast?

Anne, glad your family is feeling better. I can't believe that little lady is already two. I downloaded Kristin's book to read on my trip next week.

Thanks all for the great reccomendations, my tbr pile keeps growing and growing.

Have a great week!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Kara! I hate to wish the summer away too. Guess whether we want it to stay or wish for it to go faster, it'll go the way it wants to go, with or without our approval. (:

I'll bet date night with your son was so much fun. But yes, snag that hubby of yours before summer is over and go on a date night!

See you back here tomorrow for the NO CHANCE discussion!

Christy Reece said...

LOL Allison, when I first read your comment, I was thinking, I've never heard of Karen Roseathon. (:

So glad you enjoyed her books. She is a consistent favorite of mine. Looks like you had a successful week of reading. Good for you!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the discussion!

Christy Reece said...

Hey Tara! I agree, summer is flying by. Wish I could keep a little of the warmth so when winter comes, I could heat things up. LOL Guess we'll just have to read steamy books for that!

See you back here tomorrow!

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