Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Congrats to Elke! She's the winner of the SECOND CHANCE trivia contest!

Thanks to all who played!

Mark your calendars for August 23, which is our next and last LCR discussion for countdown: LAST CHANCE. Looking forward to chatting with you about Lucas, Jamie and the evil Damon!


oklanannie said...

Can we discuss McKenna, too??? I'm kidding with you . . . your post lists Lucas, "Jamie," and the evil Damon. Jamie definitely played a role but it was the chemistry between Lucas and McKenna that took my breath away. This is the book that introduced me to Jared in such a minor way but for some reason made a major impact on me.

Looking forward to August 23rd -- with great anticipation!

oklanannie said...

Oh! I'm having a gray haired moment -- wanted to Congratulate Elke on being the trivia contest winner!! There were some really good questions!! "Sardines, potato chips, hot sauce and beer!" Ugh - that sounds just gross.


Elke said...

Just read that I won. Wow -thanks so much Christy and thanks for the congratulations Annie . It was fun answering the questions and that last meal really sounds ick .