Sunday, December 19, 2010

Sunday's Question!

Good Sunday Everyone!

Yesterday's question provoked a lot of good comments. Thank you! I loved that most of you are finishers. I vow in 2011 to do a much better job at that too!

Yesterday I went shopping with hubby. After looking at all the toys in Walmart and still not coming up with what I thought looked like anything fun, that I could afford, it prompted me to remember some of my toys when I was growing up. One of my very favorite toys was this thing called a Creepy Crawler set. It had these molds of different kinds of insects and creatures like frogs and snakes and it came with a liquid. You poured the liquid into the mold, cooked, and in a few minutes, you had this wonderful little creature. I would go off for hours by myself and cook and create to my heart's content.

Here's today's question: When you were a kid, what was your favorite toy?

Don't forget that tomorrow is the last day to comment for the contest and it's also Recommend Monday. Be ready to share your favorite reads of 2010. They don't have to be published in 2010, but you read them this year.

Have a fantastic Sunday!


Crystal (cmac) said...

Good morning everyone!

I have to say my favorite thing growing up was my imagination. Growing up (before I started school) the only time I was in doors was if it was raining. I lived close to my cousins and we had 400 acres of woods, creeks, and pasture to explore. We had clubhouses that we made from a fallen tree that we called the Eagles Den. lol We were everything from cowboys and indians to rescue heroes. Everything else you can imagine. We had the fastest horses in country and could run faster than a helicopter could fly. We were an army of 4 that conquered every battle. Needless to say we were tomboys to the extreme. My poor brother had 3 girls to play with, but we could keep up with him and the rest of the boys no problem.
On those dreaded rainy days or snow days. My aunt would bake and drag out the unused barbie dolls. Luckily we had a Rambo action figure for my brother. lol

Mary G said...

Hi All

Love your answer Crystal.

When I wasn't stationary reading a book, I had a baseball glove in my hand. Loved my blue shiny bike that I got for my 10th birthday.

For winter definitely my AM/FM radio & record player and board games. Geez that's makes me feel old. Thanks Christy LOL.

Scorpio M. said...

Hmm...I have to say my favorite was the Texas Instruments Speak & Spell, made famous in the E.T. movie. I loved that toy.

krisgils33 said...

it's so different now than when i was a kid. i had one barbie, a few clothes and a barbie van. not too much else. we were outside alot. even though my daughter has an overloaded schedule, she still has too many toys!!! (most of them she only gets to play with very rarely!)

Hope said...

I too was an outside kid. We lived in a neighborhood where there were tons of kids and when it didn't rain, we were outside and the rule was we had to come home when the street lights came on. Oh those were the days.

BUT, I do remember begging for one particular thing when I was about 7, it was the NEW thing and everyone was getting one. A cabbage patch kid. I got her and she looked like me, her name was Emma (my grandmother still has her along with my cousins cabbage patch dolls too). That year for Christmas, I got her, and 3 outfits, a carrier and a backpack for her and her diapers. I thought it was the best Christmas ever :)

Elke said...

Hi Christy,hi all,
after too days quite out of it with a bad fever I am crawling back among the living. Thanks for the cyber hugs, Christy.
And what a great question for today.

Like you Christal, I spent most time outside when I was a kid. We lived in a tiny village with lots of children to play with and we used to build huts in the forrest to play Indianers or bandits and police. With my sister I liked to act we had horses to ride and we used chairs for the horses and hopped through the room ( our mom was not delightet about that) or one of us had to play the horse and had pantyhose on her head and the legs were the lines ( is that the right word ?)the otheer used to guide the "horse".
Lol I didn´t even think about that game for years - its a really nice memory for me.

Have a nice sunday everyone.

Elke said...

Just checked my post and obviously Iam not really fit -sorry for the bad spelling.

Crystal (cmac) said...

Lol Elke I am glad your starting to feel better. Fever yuck! I hadn't thought about my childhood memories in awhile either. It was nice to go down memory lane.

Linda said...

I rode horses from the point I could crawl. I watched all the cowboys and Indian westerns and mimic their riding styles....everything from running beside the horse and vaulting onto him, standing up on the horse,sitting backwards, riding without a bridle....if I saw it on a western, I learned to do it. I would even read books while horseback riding.
In retrospect, I realize that as a child, I kept God really busy keeping me safe! LOL

Luci said...

When i was young i used to love to play teachers. Had my blackboard and i used to line up all my dolls and teach them. Which is strange because I was def not cut out to become a teacher when i grew up.

Kara C said...

"Weebles wobble, but they don't fall down!" One of my favorite toys when I was really young was a set of Weebles. I even had the RV.LOL!

Jane said...

I loved Play Doh and my Mr. Potato Head.

Jackie P said...

My favorite was Mrs. Beasley. I have pictures of me dragging her around. I also claimed my sisters chemistry set. I loved animals and insects and would set up hospitals.

@Elke, so glad your feeling better!

oklanannie said...

A bright red bicycle that I got when I was 8, a set of homemade stilts that were the best in the neighborhood that my Poppy made for me one holiday season, my first record player (that dates me!), a pogo stick, and games!! We played lots of games in our house -- still do.

Christy Reece said...

I am so glad I asked this question! Finding out your favorite childhood toy gave me such a neat insight into all of you. Some of the toys mentioned brought smiles because I remember how much I either enjoyed mine or how much I wanted one. Crystal, your answer made me laugh. 400 acres to explore and a great imagination. Wow, the possibilities are endless!

Elke, so glad you're feeling better. Take care of yourself. These things seem to like to linger.

I'm headed to begin the blog for Recommend Monday. Can't wait to see your favorite reads for 2010. And remember, it's the last day to comment to be entered in the drawing.

See you soon!

Shelly Estes said...

Christy -- I had a creepy crawler set too!! I also had one that you could make flowers with! It was fun. I also had a toy that was like the playdoh factory, but you used tootsie rolls to make the stuff. That was an awesome toy!! And don't forget the easy bake oven!

Elke, your story reminds me of something we did when I was a kid. We put chairs in a wagon, and pulled it with a jumprope attached to a bicycle. It was supposed to be a stagecoach. It's a wonder we didn't all have brain damage from some of the stunts we pulled with our bikes!! 40 yrs ago no one wore helmets or elbow/knee pads when riding a bike. We just lived dangerously I guess! haha

We also spent a lot of time climbing trees and "exploring" the woods around the neighborhood. For rainy days there were Barbies and Lincoln Logs with plastic horses in the barns we would build.

Jacki, I also had a Mrs Beasley doll - I think it's still in the toy box at my mom's house!

Great question Christy!!

Heather D said...

Hands down, the Light Bright was the coolest toy ever when I was a kid! I played with that thing for hours on end. Thinking about it now, I cant wait to get my daughter one so we can play with it together. I have to wait a while to get the munchkin one. She is still only three and I can only imagine how many of the little colored pegs she would attempt to get up her nose! haha