Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thursday's Thoughts

Good Thursday All!

Oh, what a difference a day makes. I'm feeling so much better! Still have a bit of headache and an impressive cough, but compared to how I felt two days ago, I'm a different person. Glad that's over!

Now, it's catch up time. Got shopping to do, cards to mail and lists to make. And oh yeah, got to try to make peace between an arrogantly amused man named Dylan Savage and a tempestuous, irritated woman named Jamie Kendrick. If these two don't kill each other first, I think they'll be very happy together. That's a big IF though!

Since I'm running behind here, today's question is uber super simple. What are you reading? Yep, that's it. Tell us what book(s) you're reading this week.

And just so you won't think we're slacking, here's an assignment for this weekend. Since it's getting close to the end of the year, I thought it'd be a good time to put together our favorites for the year. So on Monday, the last day of our contest, let's plan to list our favorite reads for 2010. Won't that make a great Recommend Monday?

Looking forward to seeing what you're reading today.

Also, over on the Romance Magician's blog, Diane Richmond is talking about taking chances. Come over and comment for a chance to win a signed copy of NO CHANCE.

Have a fabulous Thursday all!


Hope said...

OMG Monday's question is going to be HARD...going to think on that one for a while.

This weekend I am planning to read Suzanne Brockmann's TDD series. I just finished Joe and moving on to Blue. I think there are 7 shorter type stories in this series. My good friend Kris recommended them, and so far, I am not disappointed. I do have to fit in Lisa Kleypa's Wallflower Christmas for Marie Force's book club next week. Lots of reading to do, oh how will I make it through ::dramatic sigh::

Have a great weekend everyone.

Crystal (cmac) said...

I read Jo Davis Fire by Trial, Lisa Marie Rice Midnight Run, and now I am reading Kiss and Tell by Cherry Adair. It is a book I won and I am loving it so far. Thanks to my Reeces Peeps for recommending it! After it I plan on reading Kill Me Twice by Roxanne St. Claire. Who knows after that....

Christy I am so happy that you are feeling better! Having the crud at Christmas is the pits. Good luck with Jamie and Dylan! Hopefully they'll kiss and make...up. lol
I am starting my Christmas shopping this week so my overachiever friend not naming names...ahh Hope... will sleep better at night. :) Have a good day everyone!

krisgils33 said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better. That wasn't you on my plane yesterday from San Fran to DC coughing THE ENTIRE FLIGHT was it?? There was some lady 2 rows behind me that just couldn't stop coughing. I was torn between irritation and sympathy!!!!

I kept seeing the cover for JL Saint's Collateral Damage and I had it on my wish list with no plans to buy (my TBR is so dang huge!). It was just one of those books that kept calling to me. I'm about 1/2 way through and it's really good.

Deb said...

I really haven't had much time to read this week. Trying to get as much work caught up with all my clients before I take off for the holidays. It was suppose to start Monday, but now I am taking tomorrow afternoon also to go to one of my uncle's funeral. He had been sick, but only diagnosed with ALS last week. We were all shocked. Christy glad you are feeling better. The book that I have picked up to read and keep getting interupped is one from 2003 that I got at a yard sale. I know it is going to be good. Cindy Gerard's "The Bluewater Affair".
Depending on what time you post tomorrow, I may not get to comment, unless it is okay to do it tomorrow night. And I agree with Hope, Monday's question is going to be tough.

Linda said...

Hi Christy, I am glad you are feeling better!

I just finished reading Kylie Brant's Deadly Intent from her Mind Hunter's series. *I meant to read it sooner but, I had misplaced it. :(

As usual with her books, from the first line, I could not put it down until I finished it.

*I decided to try one of her book when I saw Cindy Gerard's 'thumbs up notation' on the cover. Now they are on my TBR list.

Mary G said...

Hi All
Christy, glad you're better. Hope you're 100 percent well for Christmas. Just finished Kade by Cheyenne McCray & loved it. Just started & am loving Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning.

Shelly Estes said...

Hi Christy -- glad you are feeling better!!

Just finishd Cindy Gerard, and just started Under Fire - Jo Davis. Not sure what will come after this one. Need to wait and see what I'm in the mood for :o)

Jackie P said...

Maya Banks

Alison said...

Christy glad to hear you are feeling better!!

I just started TS #10 Into The Storm. I'll also probably read Marie Forces Fatal Affair this weekend too.

Kara C said...

HOMEWORK? ON THE WEEKEND? JUST AS CHRISTMAS BREAK BEGINS? Good thing it has to do with books. :)

SO glad you are feeling better! My younger son really thought he had strep throat, but he seems to be getting better quickly.

Right now I am reading Somewhere Along the Way by Jodi Thomas. I JUST started it after loving Welcome to Harmony. I'm also reading Carlene Thompson's Nowhere to Hide.

I'm kind of glad to know D&J have not become too tame after their short break from you...

Jane said...

Glad you're feeling better. I'm currently reading "Ethan's Chase" by Bronwyn Storm.

Tanya said...

In the middle of No place to run by Maya Banks! So far the book is flippin awesome!!

Jackie P said...

@Tanya I think Maya's book is flippin Awesome too. :) I am almost through with it.

Elke said...

Hi Christy, glad you feel so much better. I am late here because I got the flu and spent yesterday in bed - not feeling much better today.
I read SEP s "Nobodys baby but mine" and it was awesome and also Maya Banks " no place to run" - I finished it in one day, couldbn´t put it down.
Have a great weekend all!

Christy Reece said...

Looks like there're lots of great reads taking place this week or planned for this weekend! And looks like Recommend Monday has several success stories. Yay!

Can't wait to see what your 2010 favorite reads are on Monday.

I'm still in the midst of recovery. Think it's going to take a few more days before this is completely behind me.

Deb, so sorry to hear about your uncle. Will keep your family in my prayers. And feel free to comment on any of the blogs at any time.

Elke, so sorry you're sick! Sending cyber hugs all the way to Germany. I hope you're much better soon and able to enjoy Christmas with your family.

See everyone soon on Friday's blog!

oklanannie said...

I've been reading DUKES TO THE LEFT OF ME, PRINCES TO THE RIGHT by Kieran Kramer and loving it! Also have a book by Nancy Pickard -- can't think of the title now -- something with LIGHTNING in it! Also have been reading Leigh's Elite Ops series. Whhoooeee! There's some hot scenes in those books! Had to throw back my blankey and cool off!

Fighting the cold and flu - so haven't been on here daily -- trying to catch up!